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Indian Airforce and Its Top Five Aircraft

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In the world we currently live in, each country has to, unfortunately, take measures to secure its safety and integrity. Especially a country like India which has faced all forms of invasions, infiltrations, and repeated security breaches.

Every country aspires to have a top-notch military air force and navy. In war, military and air force play an important role. In a war, a country is highly dependent on its air force. Soldiers have to face enemy firing constantly and they also have to move forward to capture land. They ask for aerial support. The air force distracts the enemy and this batch of soldiers finds it easy to both capture land and to defeat the enemy.

The Air Force also plays a vital role in hilly regions. They can do anything and everything required to win the war. Moreover, they also have the capability of supplying ammunition, food, more troops, and the best thing is that an injured person can be airlifted from the warzone in a specialized military helicopter which also serves as a hospital and his life can be saved.

Air Force also has an important role to perform during natural disasters.

The Indian Air Force was established on 8th October 1932 and its motto is ‘ Nabham Sparsham Deeptam’ taken from the Bhagavad Gita. On the Anniversary let us talk about five modern jets of the Indian Air Force . Remember that all these top-notch aircraft need highly skilled and committed pilots to do full justice to their super-sophisticated features. A salute to these Bravehearts!

Sukhoi SU 30 MKI

This is a twin-engine multirole, heavy, all-weather, long-range fighter aircraft. It was designed and built by Sukhoi in Russia. Indian Air Force has around 260 Sukhoi fighters. Each Sukhoi is capable of a top speed of 2,120 kilometers with a range of around 3,000 kilometers. This aircraft is considered as a 4+ generation aircraft. This aircraft is capable of carrying a vast range of missiles like air to air missiles, air to ground missiles, laser-guided bombs and can also carry the super dangerous, super destructive BrahMos missiles. The Indian Air Force successfully tested BrahMos missiles in the Sukhoi 30 MKI recently.

Sukhoi SU 30 MKI

Sukhoi SU 30 MKI


This could be the first time you are hearing the name called Tejas.

LCA stands for Light Combat Aircraft and this aircraft was developed and manufactured by HAL {Hindustan Aeronautics Limited}. It has very high manoeuvrability and the reason behind this extreme manoeuvrability is the delta wing. Delta wing is a kind of wing which increases manoeuvrability in any aircraft it is added to.

This aircraft has a top speed of 2205 kilometres an hour and has a maximum range of 3000 kilometres. It weighs around 6500 kgs and currently, Indian Air Force has a total of 324 Tejas aircraft in different variants.

Recently, HAL also developed an MK-2 variant or an advanced variant of Tejas aircraft.

This is a 4.5 generation, single-seat aircraft with the advance avionic system.

Light Combat Aircraft Tejas

Light Combat Aircraft Tejas

Mirage 2000

This aircraft was manufactured by Dassault, a French company.

This is a single-engine fourth-generation fighter aircraft with a top speed of 2336 kilometres per hour and has a range of 1550 kilometres. It weighs around 7500 kilograms and has a Snecma M53 engine.

The Indian Air Force currently has around 45 mirage aircraft and Vajra is the name given by the IAF for the mirage 2000. Vajra means Diamond in Sanskrit.

Mirage 2000

Mirage 2000


The Mikoyan MIG 29 is a twin-engine aircraft developed by the Soviet Union.

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Each MIG 29 has a top capacity speed of 2400 kilometres with a range of 1430 kilometres.

Indian currently has around 60 aircraft and some also have been upgraded with aerial refuelling system.

After the upgradation, they have moved from 4th generation to 4.5 generation. India was also one of the first countries to place an order for these set of fighters.

This fighter was extremely useful to India during the 1999 Kargil war between India and Pakistan.

After the upgradation of the aircraft, their avionics system has also been improved. Their radar has been upgraded and now the MiG 29 can perform as an all-weather multirole fighter aircraft.

In this aircraft, we can attach many modern missiles.

And finally, the aircraft has become more lethal and dangerous after the upgrade.



Dassault Rafale

At last, it is time for looking at the newest and most lethal toy of the Indian Air Force , the newly recruited Dassault Rafale.

Rafale fighters including the Sukhoi fighters have become a game-changer for the Indian Air Force .

Rafale fighters have the capability of performing 5 sorties in 24 hours.

The Rafale is also equipped with 3 deadly missiles – Mica, Meteor, and Scalp. These fighters have been modified and advanced. They have been specially made for the Indian Air Force.



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Preeti from India on October 26, 2020:

Great article

JC Scull on October 16, 2020:

Hello Sowrabha,

Very interesting article. I just read that India and Lockheed Martin will be building an F-21 fighter jet which is a variant of the F-16. Unfortunately, building the capability of India's armed forces in today's global political environment is a necessity. I hope the need to use these very powerful weapons never arises.

sowspeaks (author) from Bengaluru on October 15, 2020:

Hi Kalpana! Agree on that one for sure! Thanks for stopping you.

sowspeaks (author) from Bengaluru on October 14, 2020:

Hi Vikram, thank you for that wonderful remark and yes will try to write one on Aapachi helicopters as suggested by you.

sowspeaks (author) from Bengaluru on October 14, 2020:

Hi Danny, agree with you on that one. Definitely Rafale has improved the capabilities of the Indian Air Force and updated it.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on October 14, 2020:

Interesting and I know more about the Indian Airforce. Informative and well-researched in detail.

sowspeaks (author) from Bengaluru on October 13, 2020:

Namaste Chitrangadaji, always look forward to your take and inputs. When I see these men putting their country before self I feel so stirred with emotion. So, I can complete relate and resonate with your feelings as well.

Glad you enjoyed you details. Have a great day!

sowspeaks (author) from Bengaluru on October 13, 2020:

Hi Eric, glad that you liked it. Thanks for visiting as always.

D.NAGENDER on October 12, 2020:

Excellent. Only today able to know abt INDIAN AIR FORCE. THANK YOU MAM FOR THIS DETAILED NOTES .

greg cain from Moscow, Idaho, USA on October 12, 2020:

Great article, sowspeaks. The Indian Air Force has an impressive fleet of fighter aircraft in its arsenal, and you've done justice to demonstrating that in this piece. Impressive work researching and putting this all together. Well done, and thanks for sharing it with all of us.

Kalpana Iyer from India on October 10, 2020:

So grateful we have these powerful beasts in our kitty!

Vikram Brahma from Assam, India on October 09, 2020:

Very interesting article, my friend. In fact, i just enjoyed reading it. If possible please write about helicopters especially Aapachi, it's my favorite.

Danny from India on October 09, 2020:

India Air Force has some best aircraft in its arsenal and by adding Rafale it has catapulted the firepower more.

Beat king on October 09, 2020:

It's nice

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on October 09, 2020:

Excellent and informative article about the Indian Airforce. Just to think about them, makes an Indian proud. Good of you to salute them on their anniversary, through your article.

Thanks for providing this valuable information about the Indian Air Force and their top notch Air crafts.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on October 09, 2020:

This is quite interesting. Nice writing.

Anuradha chiripal on October 09, 2020:

Nice article

sowspeaks (author) from Bengaluru on October 09, 2020:

Hi Ankita, thanks for the kind comment. Take care.

Ankita B on October 08, 2020:

Interesting article Sowrabha. Thank you for sharing.

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