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What’s Singapore Math? - Why Singapore’s Children are so Good at Math!

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Some people may be wondering what is Singapore Math? Well, it is totally a new kind of math for children that has led the human kind in math mastery for over a decade. Children that study Singapore math perform better than other kids. The series of topics in Singapore math was carefully created after the study of children development by the president of Singapore Math Jeffery Thomas. He studied the latest behavioral of children after traveling to schools in several countries which include Japan and Canada, to evaluate the effectiveness of different math teaching methods.

Singapore math President primary goals was to move away from mere repetition -learning and to focus instead on teaching children how to know math by problem solve. The textbooks were produced and influenced by educational psychologists by an American Jerome Bruner. He put forward effort that people learn in three stages: by using real objects, then pictures, and then through symbols.


What Is Singapore Math? It is a Curriculum constructed on fundamental mathematics teaching methods used in Singapore Initial. It started in the small island country and had become popular due to Singapore's consistent top ranking in International Mathematics. The United States children rated ninth and eleventh, correspondingly, while Singapore was evaluated in the topmost three in fourth- and eighth-grade math scores.

Parents do not have to be strict on their child, but when they have high expectations of them, and they are rubbish at math, they search for ways to better their skills because every child can be good at math. That where Singaporean, helped bring Singapore math to help a child learn in whatever area they are struggling. After children are taught Singapore math, they have been known to turn into “learning machines,” able to… understand just how math works, like times table, problem solving. long division, fractions, and ratio.


A native Singaporean name Thomas and his wife, Dawn bring Singapore math to the United States in 1998. They publicize the workbooks and schoolbooks for the United States market by way of their company. At present Singapore, math is a shared function of the primary curriculum at schools in 40 countries. Every mother remains worried about the performance of their kids in mathematics and other required subjects.In my case, I was worried about my little girl’s ability to solve numerals. She was not good at numbers, and she was anxious about that. Now, all these are passed.

Today, she tops her class in mathematics. I hope you do not get a feeling that I am exaggerating or building up a story. All these have happened in my angel’s life in reality. Right from her kindergarten days, she was not comfortable with numbers. I have tried several workshops, online tutors and combined studies with her friends. Unluckily, none worked efficiently. After trying all these routine strategies, I came to know about Singapore math program from my old friend. This program changed my daughter’s, and son fear on numbers, and they started to learn maths, rather than memorizing.


Those who have not heard about this program will surely have few doubts and queries like what is Singapore math, will it works for your child and how to teach Singapore math. Even I was not unaware of it initially. It was my friend who suggested this program. I started inquiring about it and started surfing about it on the internet.

Initially, I was unable to gain any sort of confidence. However, I was convinced enough after reading many success stories. I spoke with many parents, and they cleared all my remaining confusions on how to teach Singapore math.

I decided to talk about this program to my daughter and son. My daughter Lori finds it strange at the beginning. However, she was very keen to know more about it, as she needs to better her grades in maths. My son, Larry, waited to see what his sister thought of Singapore math.


What is Singapore Math? How does it differ from other traditional methods? She needed to know about this in details. So I logged online and showed her some articles, photos, and videos. I explained to her the 3 step processes of this program- concrete, pictorial, and abstract.

“Will it help me in dealing with those scary numbers,” Lori asked. She was bit doubtful even after viewing those photos and articles.

“It will honey! Children who are weaker than you started solving problems with ease. You got the caliber! All you need is an ignition. Mama is sure, this will work”, I motivated her.

“Mama, I need to signup then,” Lori said. My words had encouraged her.

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She started working on this program and worked hard. I taught my elder son how to teach Singapore math, and he began helping her from then onwards. Although at times, I take out time to sit with her and help her out. It actually worked well, and she began to improve in math.

Gradually she started enjoying solving mathematical problems. Her grades improved, and her teachers were amazed at her drastic improvement. She began helping her friends, who have got the same problem with numbers. She would recommend them, Singapore Math quoting her story. When they ask her “What is Singapore Math?”, She replies with a confident smile and says “Singapore math is something which has changed my fate.” Many of her friends too joined this program now. I feel a sense of satisfaction when she mentions about the success stories of her friends after joining this program.


My Son- A Struggling Student Who Learn to Overcome Fear of Math

My son, Larry, is currently the topper in the class. However, initially, he had some serious issue in grasping the concept of mathematics. He was facing this from his primary classes. Like other children, he eventually developed hatred towards this subject but was performing well in all another subject splendidly. I was worried about his mentality towards the subject as he always kept on refusing to do his math lessons.

Finally, I got rid of that tension. Now I can say that Larry picks up his math lessons quite quickly and excels in this subject just like any other subject. Now you must be wondering what the reason behind Larry’s magical transformation is!!


His problem with math started from his primary class itself. He could not even remember the numerals or tables. He refused to do the Math homework, which eventually led to reducing his grades and later on he started hating the subject.

Teaching kid’s math is really a tedious process, and I have tried my level best to overcome his Math phobia. I tried becoming a math teacher to my child even, but it did not really work out well for him. I hired math tutors to help him out and even tried to engage him in interesting math workshops. One of my friends suggested me to purchase him interesting mathematical puzzles and games.

As all my teaching kids’ math techniques went in vein, his math teacher finally suggested me a fabulous solution and also gave me some valuable tactics on becoming a math teacher to my son. His teacher told me about Singapore Math Program and how it will make his mathematic studies easier and enjoyable


To be frank, I was not at all convinced at the beginning. However, his teacher was pretty much confident and had his own unique way of teaching kids’ math. Then I thought why not to give it a try. I borrowed the study materials from him and read through those thoroughly.

While Larry was busy playing his favorite computer games, I brought this subject. I did not mention about the Math Program instantly. Rather I told him,” Larry, would you be interested in participating in a quiz competition that may fetch you a computer game set?

Now Larry became really curious, “What??! Quiz competition…Really?? What is the topic, Mom?” He asked eagerly


“Well, it is referring to a Math quiz competition. They have brainstorming questions. Only intelligent students can succeed in it. Since you are good at quiz competitions, I thought you would be interested” I answered.

“But Mom, you know that I am terribly weak at solving math questions,” he reverted.

“Don’t worry Son; I have bought a perfect guide that will surely help you in answering the questions. It is called Singapore Math Program. “

“Let me try this out!” I want a new computer game set! He took the book and started studying it carefully.

The rest is history! My son started showing his interest in the subject, and he became the topper in the class. He even amazed me by becoming a math teacher to his sister and friends!


Most children find maths boring and some find themselves falling asleep while doing their homework. However, the question is, are we ending up with smarter children after investing in this math program? Even in the digital age, the answer to this question is wrapped in a surprisingly analog package: the teacher. If your child finds maths boring? It could be because maths involves doing the same thing over and over. It is time to seek help.

Forget the flashcards and number drills because they are also doing the same thing over and over. If you want your child to love maths, then stop allowing the same old boring things to take their interest away. Show them something different like the exciting part of math. After reading this article, your children will find maths entertaining, and this entertainment will promote their math skills.

What is Singapore Math

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