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How You Get In A Pickle And How To Get Out Of A Pickle


Setting Up To Get Into A Pickle

The most important thing that you have to know in order to get into a pickle is that you must start from a positive position . If you are not in a positive position before you get into a pickle then you are probably already in a pickle or worse yet, in a jam. So there you are holding your positive position when along comes someone or something that really gets your goat. Before you know it you have got your dander up. Once you get your dander up, you are all set to get yourself into a pickle. The next thing that you have to do is get off on the wrong foot. If you start off on the right foot you will end up somewhere but it won’t land you in a pickle. If you truly what to get into a pickle it is imperative that you start off on the wrong foot. You may possibly take this wrong foot and stick it in your mouth. Once you have done that you will expect the other party to just get over it. However, the other party was already in a pickle before they met up with you. They are not going to let go of being in a pickle easily. You must keep in mind that those who are in a pickle tend to like company as evidenced by the fact that pickles hang out in jars.


Pickled Persons

Those who are in a pickle are often feeling pretty upset before they even came in contact with your positively positioned self.   Upsets are emotional, they contain lies or unknowns or misunderstood something or others and those who have upsets generally go about upsetting others.  Hence the phrase, “misery loves company”.   So there you are, your cheery, positive self going about your business when along comes this in a pickle person to upset your apple cart.  Anyone who has ever tried to eat a pickle and an apple together already knows that they are not suited to each other.  Your positive self will probably try several methods of helping the other out of their pickle but this will help not one bit.  The negative in a pickle person will view the positive person as opposition.  Why?  Because positive is opposite to negative.  Even if you try to agree with the negative in a pickle other they may well insist that you do not understand, you couldn’t possibly know what “its” like or some such other blather.  Before you can even get a word in edgewise they launch themselves into trying to get the upper hand.  In  a worst case scenario the in a pickle person will agree with you what you are saying or doing and then argue with you as though you were the one holding the negative position when they arrived on the scene and they were in a positive position.  Now the more you try to agree with them, the worse it will get.  Why?  Because by now the need to be right has become the prime directive and you are both clinging for dear life to the need to be right.   Upsets make life worse.  Now the situation is really getting out of hand.  You would like to get out of Dodge but that would be giving in.  It could even indicate to the other that they did indeed get the upper hand.  That you are indeed, heaven forbid, wrong. 


Totally Pickled

Sometimes when you get in a pickle such as this it takes a long, long time to get over it. Sometimes people never do get over it. Sometimes it destroys relationships, goals, dreams, plans and creations. It destroys your set ups and you become very up set and now you go around upsetting other peoples set ups. Sometimes it gets so bad you just want to get in the sack and pull the covers over your head. In order to keep yourself from getting into a pickle, sometimes one pickle right after another it is vital that you be honest, that you are knowledgeable in the areas of life that you operate in, and that you seek to clear up any misunderstood term, definition, understanding or communication. Failure to do this can get you into something far worse than getting into a pickle; it can get you into a real jam. Some of us are sitting in such massive upsets that we try to solve them by getting totally pickled. Then we have to join clubs and get up at meetings and say, "Hi my name is Joe and I am a pickle. It takes a lot of time and energy to get into a pickle and far less to stay out of one. Many are called but few have chosen!


This Way Out Of A Pickle

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Sneaky on March 21, 2019:

Does anyone know how to get out of a pickle related with Bananas?

thegrammakitty on May 08, 2017:

Think I will get pickled more often.

raisingme (author) from Fraser Valley, British Columbia on August 24, 2010:

It would be just dilly if you if you visit my hubs but as for becoming a stalker pickle - I think you are just right the way you are. Thank You very much for the visit and the comment.

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My Mother's Child from Southern United States of America on August 24, 2010:

I'm in a bit of a pickle right now. I need to get some work done, but your writing style has me roaming your hubs. Could I become a stalker pickle? Heaven help me. I will return upon occasion though.

raisingme (author) from Fraser Valley, British Columbia on June 24, 2010:

Glad you enjoyed it and yes, I did have fun with it. If I hadn't got into so many pickles I probably never would have got into the weeds (as in cigarettes!)

mysterylady 89 from Florida on June 24, 2010:

I loved the fun you had with language. I just read your comment to RunAbstract. Good luck at quitting smoking. I need to quit, too. I rated your hub up and funny!

raisingme (author) from Fraser Valley, British Columbia on June 22, 2010:

Well Nell, I am just tickled that you enjoyed it!

Nell Rose from England on June 22, 2010:

Hi, ha ha ha ha ha brilliant! Now I am in a pickle! no, I mean literally! I am a pickled person, in fact I am so pickled within this pickle, that I need a drink to get pickled! lol loved it. cheers nell

raisingme (author) from Fraser Valley, British Columbia on June 20, 2010:

Feel free to visit any time!

RunAbstract from USA on June 20, 2010:

LOL! Since I was "weaned on a pickle" I can totally relate to this article. I will return for more. ;D

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