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How to Teach the 5 Senses to Kids

I love to share lesson plans with other teachers and homeschooling parents.

5 Senses Book


Teach Children the Five Senses - Sight, Smell, Touch, Hear, Taste

We use our 5 senses in scientific observation. For this reason, most kindergarten students learn about the 5 senses. The sense of touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste are important to observing the world around us. Help children learn to discuss these senses as they document what they observe in the world.

Lesson Plans for Teaching the 5 Senses

Teach Kids about the Five Senses

Objective: The child will be able to identify each of the 5 senses and understand that each sense can be used alone or in combination with their other senses.

Ask the children if they know what part of their body they hear with? see with? smell with? taste with? and feel with? If they don't know, tell them the answer. Give them examples of things that you smell, like a flower, and say, "we smell a flower with our ____." Let the child fill in the blank. Repeat this activity giving examples for each of the 5 senses.

*Smell: Flowers, perfume, cookies baking, cinnamon (or other spices)

*Taste: Sour, sweet, salty or spicy foods: Chips, candy, honey, pickles, lemons, hot sauce

*Touch: Explore rough, smooth, soft, and hard textures with your hands

*Sight: Play "I Spy" and constantly reinforce the idea that the characteristics used to identify the objects are seen with they eyes, or sense of sight. (Have the child close their eyes and observe that their other senses are still working, but that they can no longer use sight.)

*Hearing: Make a book and paste pictures of loud, soft, high, and low sounds.

Each of the 5 senses has an individual lesson plan listed below, if the child is struggling to understand one of the 5 senses, you can follow the lesson for that sense, to ensure they understand it.

Specific Lessons for Each of the 5 Senses

  • Teaching Sense of Touch - The Five Senses
    The way things feel when we touch them helps us learn about the world around us. Soft, hard, cold, warm, wet, and dry are just a few of the words we use to describe the way things feel as we touch them. Teaching kindergarten students to explore...
  • Teaching Sense of Taste to Kids - Five Senses
    Taste is one of the five senses that children begin to learn in Kindergarten. Exploring the sense of taste and how it helps us identify and make observations is a key component of science. Because science requires us to make skillful observations...
  • How to Teach Kids Sense of Hearing - Five Senses
    The five senses, including hearing, are usually taught at the kindergarten level. Here are some resources to make learning about the five senses fun and easy. Activities, worksheets, games, books are just a few of the ways to make hearing more fun...
  • Teaching Kids Sense of Sight - The Five Senses
    In Kindergarten science, children need to become aware of their 5 senses and how they use these senses as observations skills. Teaching children sense of sight is easier than you think. Below are a few fun ways to get kids thinking about their sense.

Books on the 5 Senses from Amazon

These children's books reinforce the observations of the 5 senses and help children understand that these senses can be used individually or together.

My Favorite Book to Teach the Five Senses to Kindergarten Students

More About Teaching the Five Senses on YouTube - Educational Videos on the 5 senses

Excellent teaching videos about the 5 senses:

5 Senses of the Human Body for Kindergarten Students

Explore the 5 Senses with a Boy created this 5 sense video where the boy experiences the world with his 5 senses. He watches TV and sees rainbows with his eyes. He hears music and a ringing bell with his ears. He uses his nose to smell burning wood and a flower. He uses his tongue to taste food including a lemon (sour) and a candy (sweet). He uses his hands to feel a brush and cold ice.

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Learn about the Five Senses

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