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History is such an important subject ~ what we can learn about the past will help us no doubt in the future. To be honest, I never liked studying history or social studies. It seemed way too boring to learn about old dead people ~ who they were, where they went, what they did, when they did it, why they did things, and how they did it! "Who cares?" I thought. Then I matured a wee bit and discovered not only how beneficial it is to know about the past, but that it could also be quite interesting and fun!

The famous words from Miss Frizzle of the Magic School Bus encourage me ~ "Take chances, class. Get messy! There's only one way to find out!" ~ Doing hand-ons activities, learning by doing, visiting historic places, and making interactive projects and lapbooks are the ways I find the most fun, but I'm constantly looking for fresh, thorough, interesting resources for teaching history. Here are some places and things we enjoy in our studies!

General History Resources

History Unit Studies and Materials

All of the following are history unit studies that I have researched and created for my own children over the past several years. New materials and links are always being added as I find them. Most of them contain links to my favorite educational sites, webquests, educational games, worksheets, lapbooks, lesson plans, videos, projects, and many other things that I have found interesting in my online travels. Since my budget is limited, most of the things listed are free or low cost with the exceptions of book lists and materials that we have found to be helpful - many of which may be found at your local libraries. Some, like the Constitution unit, is complete in itself while others are simply a listing of the best sites that I could locate. No, I have not used every single resource on the pages, but have used many in the past and hope to use others in the future.

Some of the lapbook pieces, notebook pages, games, and worksheets that I have created may be found on my page at Homeschool Launch - others are stored at my homeschool blog, J.O.Y. Christian School. They are all free for anyone to use, all I ask is for you to leave me a comment if you decide to use any of them. (My stats from multiple pages tell me that tens of thousands of people have visited them, but only a few comments. It just would be nice to meet you. =D It inspires me to take the time to download others that we have created and used if I know they are helpful!)

Civics Education - United States Government


US Constitution Unit Study
As young future American voters, children need to learn about forms of government, laws, and choices we can make in America. The following is a unit my child...


Election Unit Study
Presidential election years are exciting in the United States because we have the honor of selecting the people we feel are best suited to guide our country....


United States Presidents
Learning about the leaders of a country help one to know the history and character of a people. As we study the presidents, we not only learn about the peopl...


Patriotic Music Lesson
A country's music can tell you much about the country. Music can shape one's emotions, sense of nationalism, and give a feeling of pride of one's home. Our l...

Geography & Maps

  • Outline Maps of the World
    Find all sorts interesting maps to print out for your students along with online games for study.
  • Mapping Tool
    Teaching Latitude & Longitude ~ place a city, state, or zip code in the search box to find the exact latitude and longitude of a location.
  • *Growth of a Nation (1790 - 2000)
    Cool! ~ It's a history movie, interactive map, and timeline. Listen to it as a full movie, as sections, or stop to explore the year, place, or event you want. A larger version is for sale, but this one may be used for free!
  • Geography & Maps
    Worksheets, books, games, flashcards, and dictionary of geographical terms from Enchanted Learning

Study Atlas for Kids

Social Studies Games - Playing games to learn and reinforce are fantastic!

  • Canadian History
    Online Games
  • Star Spangled Banner Game
    Answer questions about the poem Jeopardy style!
  • Presidential Pathways
    66 page teacher guide about presidents - include a fun game called "Presidential Pathways" that the children enjoyed!
  • Games on History
    Game resources from the History Channel - you may want to preview them ahead of time for your students.
  • Interactive History Games
    Many Ancient History Games at School History
  • Social Studies Games
    Online games from Gamequarium ~ Game Categories ~ Olympics, Economics, Canada, US Geography, Black History, Australia, World Geography, Africa, Egypt, American History, Presidents, Women's History
  • Games & Activities
    from Colonial Williamsburg Kid's Zone
  • History Mystery
    Games in several categories from Scholastic
  • Quia Web
    Make your own personal games or quizzes in the teacher section, or, play a game from the student section.

History Reference Materials

Puzzle Maps

Historical Movies & Videos Online

  • History in the Movies
    Find Ancient, Medieval, & Modern Movies ~ Names of videos related to historic events - links to purchase. (I use this resource to give me suggestions what to rent at the library.)

Take a Virtual Field Trip! - Did you say, "Field Trips"? Whaaa hooo! (Remember, think 'Miss Frizzle'!)

Living History Exhibits, Hands-Ons Workshops, and Reinactments make textbook information jump out of the page! Check out your local historic places and events. Or, if you cannot physically go where you would like to, take a virtual tour. Many places have online tours, activities to do at home, and curriculum guides.

History Pockets Are So Cool! - Another way of hands-on learning!

  • Jamestown Settlement & Yorktown Victory Center
    Relive history, learn hands-on about corn grinding, soldiers outfits, canons, and more!
  • Plimouth Plantation
    1627 English Village ~ It is wonderful here! Walk among the villagers as they demonstrate what daily life was like in the 1600's colony.
  • Colonial Williamsburg
    Feel like you are in the 1700's! See the sights, buildings, and people ~ taste the food ~ wear the clothing ~ hear the music ~ make it come alive!
  • Philadelphia
    Visit Philadelphia's Historic District - Independence National Park, The Liberty Bell, Benjamin Franklin's Home, and many more historic places!
  • Boston, Massachusetts
    National Historic Park
  • Valley Forge
    National Historical Park - museum center, movies, tours, activites, costumed actors, online study materials and teacher resources.
  • National Constitution Center
    Learn about the history and meaning of the United States Constitution.

Virtual Fieldtrips

  • Philadelphia
    Take a virtual 3-D tour of old historic Philadelphia and the surrounding area! This was fantastic while studying the Colonies, the American Revolution, and Early America!
  • Philadelphia 360
    Explore Independence Mall with a 360 degree view!
  • Gettysburg National Military Park
    Civil War Page for Kids
  • Midnight Rider Virtual Museum
    We really enjoyed this one! Read the famous poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, check out vocabulary, compare the real ride of Mr. Revere with the poetic version, and more. There are 5 "Halls" to explore, each with information to research and documen
  • Rome, Italy
    Take a virtual trip through the city!

Historical Webquests

These are always exciting to do! There are all kinds of formats for these quests, but most of them give tasks for the students to research. The information will either be listed on that site, related links, or book resources. Some include worksheets, graphs, projects, quizzes, and rubrics.

The coolest ones are where you can travel to a certain time or place, or be a detective searching for clues to a mystery!


God's History ~ His Story ~The Bible


"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth" Genesis 1:1

The primary incredible source of world history is the Bible. It is the most reliable, the oldest, and contains amazing stories of life, death, people, countries, kings, relationships, wars, romance, poetry, and of God's sacrifice of his Son to show us His love for you and I! If you are not familiar with the Bible, please consider reading some of it, or finding a friend to talk about it with. :) I will be praying that all who visit here will learn of God's history and His future for believers! :D

History in the Arts

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