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Greek Classics for Children


Ancient Greek Civilization Resources

Any study of ancient history would be incomplete without a stop in Ancient Greece.

Why Study Ancient Greece?

Western Civilization owes a great debt to this ancient society --the seeds of democracy, mathematics, philosophy, theater, and art.

The great classics of this period, including the Greek myths, The Iliad, and The Odyssey, have remained foundational works of literature for hundreds of years.

All educated Westerners should be familiar with these stories since so many other works of literature and even our very language include allusions to them.

There are a lot of great resources for studying Ancient Greece. I've compiled the best ones here. Some are free, online things. Others are retail. But the good news is that many of them are in the public domain and FREE. Whether you want a living books approach or want to make a lapbook (or maybe both), you will find some excellent materials hidden in the links below.

Living Books for History - About Ancient Greece


History is an amazing subject. It can be made deadly dull or wonderfully thrilling depending on the approach taken.

Using living books and biography to teach history makes these foreign, ancient civilizations come alive. Children may not have the maturity to comprehend political movements and philosophical paradigms, but they certainly can understand and remember a good story.

Teach children about Ancient Greece through the stories of this time -- about gods and goddesses and about heroes and kings.


Free Printables About Ancient Greece - for notebooking or lapbooking

Here are some of the best free printables on the Internet. Examine which ones would fit well with your unit study.

  • Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
    Design a Greek pot online and print it out!
  • Highland Heritage
    A unit study about Ancient Greece with suggested books, activities, writing assignments and more. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for PDFs of shape books, notebooking pages, and worksheets.
  • Notebooking Nook Freebies
    Look for Ancient Greece freebies in the ancient history section such as Legend of the Trojan Horse and The Rise of Athens and Sparta.
  • Ancient Greece Printables
    Several attractive, lined papers for notebooking and some printable Greek coins!
  • Ancient Greece Coloring Pages
    Quite a few images from theater masks to women to warriors.
  • Karen's Whimsey
    Look at the menu to the left side -- Ancient Past/Greeks -- for a plethora of public domain images, many suitable for coloring pages.
  • Mystic Mills Free Coloring Pages
    Nice coloring pages for many Greek gods, goddesses and heroes.
  • Greek Alphabet
    Notebooking Pages offers these free Greek alphabet strips in both upper case and lower case!
  • Ancient Greece Board Game
    Wow! This is an amazing FREE resource --"Digging Up Greece" is a super high-content game about ancient Greece! The game board is a giant map of Greece, artifact cards show actual artifacts and ruins, and (multiple choice) question cards quiz you abou
  • Ancient Greece Paper Dolls
    Paper Dali (named after the great artist Salvador Dali) offers incredible FREE black and white paper doll templates to save, print, and color. Use these for narrating the great books you read aloud or for lapbooking or notebooking.
  • Midisegni Coloring Pages
    This site is in Spanish, but you can easily figure out what myth is being referred to. Look at the list on the right side for some cartoon style coloring pages of Greek Myths.
  • Greek Paperdolls
    Free printable doll plus five outfits from Liana's Paper Doll Blog.
  • Homeschool Share's FREE Ancient Greece Unit & Lapbook
    A complete unit study plus lapbook templates.
  • Activity Village Ancient Greece Printables
    Medusa, Apollo, a hoplite soldier, ancient coins, and more.

Ancient Greece Lapbook - First Grade

We love to use lapbooking in homeschool. It's a great way for creative children to record what they have learned. The slideshow below has pictures of my daughter's first grade Ancient Greece lapbook.

For ideas when planning your own Ancient Greece lapbook, look at this PDF from Mr. Mepham.

For more lapbook pictures, visit


Ancient Greek Art - Free Printable Notebooking Pages

If you're studying the art of Ancient Greece, these three sets of notebooking pages will be an asset to your curriculum. These free printables are offered by The Notebooking Fairy.

Look for

  1. Ancient Greek Art Notebooking Pages
  2. Ancient Greek Architecture Notebooking Pages
  3. Ancient Greek Pottery and Sculpture Notebooking Pages

Greek Myths

Your study of Ancient Greece should include stories of at least some of the major myths. If your children are like my daughter, they will want more and more of these fanciful tales.

If you are a Christian struggling with whether or not you should teach myths, read these articles:

Lexi on Christians teaching myths


The following four books are great choices for beginners to learn about Greek mythology. Two of them are free and in the public domain.

Usborne's Greek Myths

Gods and Heroes - by Robert Edward Francillon

The Baldwin Online Children's Project has dozens of texts in the public domain that relate to Ancient Greece.

Public domain text for Gods and Heroes can be found at these sites:

1. The Baldwin Project


3. Google Books

Audio Greek Tales

I'm a huge fan of audio learning! Why? First of all, it seems painless. You can listen as you do other tasks -- chores or crafts. Also it's entertaining in a way that engages the imagination (unlike television's visual stimulation). Supplement your study of Ancient Greece with some audio stories.

For some great FREE MP3 downloads, visit Storynory's Greek Myths page. You will find retellings of these exciting stories: The Homecoming of Odysseus, Circe the Beautiful Witch, In the Cyclops Cave, The Wooden Horse, and Troy. You can also preview the full story text before you download.


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