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Frog Art Center

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Art Projects for the Frog Unit Study

Art for your Frog Unit Study from how to draw frogs to painting, clay, sculptures, origami, frog cakes, Moche, Totem Poles and much much more...

Children thrive with a hands-on. creative learning experiences that help them illustrate all that they are learning in the Frog Unit Study. These multi-sensory experiences make concepts about frogs and their habitat come to life. In this lens we will look at art from various cultures, art for illustrating nature study books and three dimensional art to display a deepening knowledge of a frog's ecosystem.

Painting a Frog - Paint a Green Frog

Frog Watercolor

Frog Watercolor

Paint a Frog Green - Art Class for the Frog Unit Study

It's time for Art Class for our Frog Unit Study. Today we will learn how to mix delightful froggy green colors.

Set out lots of yellow and some blue and let the kids mix the colors to make various shades of green.

Large paper covered in shades of green can be cut into frog or vegetation shapes to create bulletin boards, collages or other froggy art projects.

  • Frog shaped templates can be available for the children to trace around and cut out.
  • Frog shaped cookie cutters are also good for tracing.
  • Plants, leaves and grass can be cut free form from the left over scraps.

Mixing Frog Green - What Color are Frogs?

Exploring the Color Green

Children sometimes don't realize that there are many shades of green. Set out blue and yellow paint and allow the children to experiment with mixing the colors to make green.

Use the mixtures to paint on frog-shaped card stock. When dry compare the shades. Which shades of green most remind you of a frog. Use these green paintings to cut out frog shapes and make a frog collage.

Green Frogs

Mixing Shades of Froggy Green - Frog Paint

Great Green Tree Frog

Great Green Tree Frog

Mixing a Froggy Green

When it comes to art supplies you don't want to scrimp. The best materials create the best art. Watercolors are wonderful for mixing all those beautiful shades of froggy greens.

  • Mix the light underbelly of a Leopard Frog.
  • Mix the dark greenish brown of a wood frog.
  • Mix the pale green of a spring peeper.

Use watercolors to paint frogs.

Frog Painted with Coffee - Paint a Frog

Paint a frog with Coffee

Left over coffee can be used for painting pictures. You can vary the shading by adding a bit of water or allowing some of the coffee to dry a bit concentrating the coffee color.

Experiment with your strokes adding shading.

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What fun to paint a frog with coffee.

Japanese Style Painting of a Frog - Use pen and ink for Painting a Frog

Frog in Japanese Painting

Frog in Japanese Painting

Hanging Scroll of a Frog

This is a hanging scroll of a Frog from the Edo period (1615-1868). in Japan. It was done in ink on paper. The original can be seen at The Ruth and Sherman Lee Institute for Japanese Art.

Set out long strips of paper grocery bag paper, ink and paintbrushes. Allow children to experiment with painting frogs similar to the one in this painting.

Drawing of a Frog - How to Draw a Frog

How to Draw Frogs Video - Adorable Cartoon Frog

Set up a computer in your art center where your children can watch this video as they learn to draw frogs.

  • Place the art table near a wall covered in cork board.
  • Post series of drawings that show step by step how to draw frogs.
  • Create a an index card file of sample drawing for inspiration
  • Set up a computer with simple how-to videos showing various techniques
  • Provide a can of drawing utensils such as pencils, charcoal, markers, and crayons
  • A bin of recycled computer paper can be stored under the table

When children are finished drawing they can either post their picture on the board or recycle it.

How to Draw Frogs - Frog Sketch

Teaching Children How to Draw Frogs

Laminate and post a How to Draw a Frog poster above the art table. It will give shy artists more confidence, inspire more details in stick figure artists and encourage more illustrations in writers who believe that they can't draw.

Some kids love to color in coloring books. I like to encourage them to use tracing paper to help them learn the shapes of the frogs and then to start drawing the frogs on their own.

Frog Habitat Collage - Create a Frog Habitat Collage

Frog Habitat Collage

We never throw away our paintings. Paper that has been painted on can be used to create amazing collages. Practice mixing froggy green. Try splatter paint techniques over dried green paint. Once that is dry, cut out frogs, leaves, reeds and rushes. Arrange these pieces into a frog habitat college.

Frogs in the Nature Journal - The Art of Drawing and Painting Frogs for your Nature Journal

Nature Journal

As your drawing and painting skills improve you will be able to add frog art to your nature journal. The more accurate you can draw and paint frogs the better your scientific data will become. Try to observe frogs on a daily basis and as you do, use your abilities as an artist to show the science you are learning.

Notice the way K. Nuth of the Virgina State Parks Staff drew and painted the above frogs. What shapes did he use? What shades of green did he use to draw and paint this bull frog?

Origami Frog - How to make origami frogs!

Origami Frogs

Origami Frogs

Paper Craft Frogs - Origami Frogs

Click on the link below to learn how to make origami frogs. My kindergarteners and first graders learned quickly and had them hopping all around the room. We measured how far each would jump, tried different kinds of paper and made a museum display of the prettiest ones.

Print this picture out on card stock. Cut and fold it to make a frog. Make frog eggs by drawing black dots on Lima beans.

Roll dice to find out how many eggs are in each mother frog. Put that many into the frog.

Variation: Roll two dice and add or multiply.

Articulated Frog

Articulated Frog pattern

To find the Articulated Frog pattern click on this link and scroll down to Color Me Frog. Have the children color and cut out a picture of a frog. Use paper fasteners to create movable parts.

Talk about how a frog's joints move in the same places as the Articulated Frog. Compare a frog's body to a person's body.

Are You a Frog? What are the Characteristics of a Frog? What makes a frog different from you and I? Do we have any similarities? What do we know about frogs?

Life Cycle Of A Frog - Claymation

Carve a Frog!

Clay for Making Frog Art Sculptures

Fimo or Sculpey make dough that is colorful and easy to work with when you would like to try your hand at creating frogs from clay. After watching the amazing video from Claymation my children spent hours creating their own scenes using Sculpey clay. What story will your children create while making frog art?

You might like to create your own unique Frog Totem by using three frog puppets. Just stack them and then sew their hands in the correct positions. If your children would like to make a frog totem that they can constantly rearrange, try putting them together with large paper clips.

Frog Totem

Frogs are used in art from many cultures. The frog below comes from the Tlingit tradition of the Native People of the North West Coast of North America.

Research the clans of the Northwest and then make your own totem poles. Frogs are one type of animal typically found in Totem Poles. You might make totem poles from cardboard boxes stacked one above the other.

  • Alaskan and Pacific Northwest Coast Totem and Wildlife Art-Frog Totem II
    Traditional and contemporary native American and wildlife art inspired by the pacific northwest and Alaska. Frogs generally represent good luck to the Northwest Coast peoples and it was not considered wise to demean or injure them.
  • Totem Pole
    Totem Poles were carved from trees by Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest. Poles represent a family's history, and the animals that are important to the heritage. This Totem Pole has the Thunderbird, the Frog meaning great wealth, and the Bear,
  • Freddie - Frog Step Stool
    This step stool could be used for young children to better reach the sink or possibly as a book shelf for frog stories. This friendly frog could be the fabled Prince waiting for a kiss! Or maybe he's just waiting around to help with brushing teeth a
  • Frog Book Box
    RCJ specializes in customized and unique products for the library, school, and child care and office industries.
  • Frog Bookshelf
    Teamson Kids - Children's Book Case - Frog Solid Wood, Hand Painted Frog Bookcase, step stool, chair and waste basket. This frog themed bookshelf could be used to display books and other items that would be found at the different levels in the pond.

Moche Frog - Frog Sculpture

  • Frog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The Moche people of ancient Peru worshiped animals and often depicted frogs in their art.
  • Figural vessel in the form of a Frog
    This stirrup spout vessel depicting a life-like frog attests to the Moche artist's awareness of the natural world. Such careful naturalistic portrayals of animals are common in Early Moche ceramics. This rotund fellow with his alert wide-eyed gaze a

Frogs Around the World

Understanding of the art of other cultures becomes more personal when the children are able to create works of art in the styles of the cultures they are studying. Here are the materials needed to make your own frog vessel while learning more about the Moche culture who made the original Frog Vessel.

Pre-columbian Gold Frogs - Gold Frogs from Costa Rica

Pre-columbian Gold Frog

Pre-columbian Gold Frog

Costa Rican Gold Frogs - Pre-columbian Gold Frogs at the Costa Rican National Museum

Costa Ricans are proud of their heritage so when I visited the Natural Museum I was not surprised at how much they love to show off their collection of gold frogs.

Pre-Columbian Gold Frogs - Costa Rican Pre-Columbian Gold Frogs

Pre-Columbian Gold Frog from Costa Rica

Pre-Columbian Gold Frog from Costa Rica

Gold Frogs

When Columbus landed in Costa Rica on his fourth voyage to the New World he saw the native people had many items made of gold. He named Costa Rica or Rich Coast because of this. I wonder if he saw any of the gold frogs?

Paint your frog Gold! - Spray painting

Spraying Gold Paint

Spraying Gold Paint

Golden Frogs - Make your own Gold Frogs

Make your own gold frogs.

1. Push clay or pour Plaster of Paris into the molds.

2. Let the frogs dry.

3. Spray with gold spray paint.

Use these frogs as math manipulatives, game pieces or in a multitude of other imaginative ways.

What kind of a frog artist are you?

What kind of frog will you create today? - Creating Unique Frogs!

Pop-up Leap Year Frog Cards

Pop-up Leap Year Frog Cards

Creating Frog Themed Art

It is amazing what artists design when they decide to create a frog. Fill your home with frog statues and paintings to inspire you as you develop more and more ideas for creating frogs. Unique frog designs that can inspire you to take that leap and try new artistic techniques. Imagine the possibilities!

Save the Frogs Art Contest

Save the Frogs Art Contest

Save the Frogs Art Contest

When is the entry deadline for the Annual Save the Frogs Art Contest?

Frog Art Contest

The 2012 SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest will opened on January 15th and runs through October 15th, 2012. All ages and nationalities are welcome to enter the contest. Schools and homeschoolers are encouraged to participate on the 5th Annual Save The Frogs Day (April 28th 2013)!

Who can enter?

Anybody! Save the Frogs encourages students and teachers to get their art classes involved. Homeschoolers are invited to participate as well. They encourage amateur and professional artists and graphic designers to take part. The more countries represented the better!

The contest is free to enter!

The Frog Wins Again - Cartoon Frog

Frog Wins Again!

Frog Wins Again!

House Under The Frogs in Bielsko-Biaua, Poland - Frog Art above the Door

House Under The Frogs in Bielsko-BiaÅa

House Under The Frogs in Bielsko-BiaÅa

Frogs of Poland

Frogs can be found all over the world and have inspired many different artists in many different countries and cultures. These frogs sit atop the doorway to a house in Poland. How casual and relaxed they look! A couple of frog friends sharing in 1795, sharing a pleasant afternoon.

One day we decided to take the idea of these frogs and set up our block area to resemble the frogs over the doorway. We made the doorway from large wooden blocks and used a couple of stuffed animal frogs as models. We dressed the frogs in doll clothes. Then we gave one a guitar and the other a glass of water.

We used these frogs as models for painting. We set up an easel and children were encouraged to paint the frogs during rotation centers.

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This lens is included in the Best Review - Top 10 Frog Pages - Games and Activities for a Frog Unit Study

Evelyn Saenz (author) from Royalton on October 08, 2010:

This lens is included in the Best Review - Top 10 Frog Pages - Games and Activities for a Frog Unit Study

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Yvonne L B from Covington, LA on March 11, 2010:

Some of your froggy lenses have been featured on our new Bullfrogs of Louisiana ( ).

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