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Free Worksheets for Kids to Practice Writing Their Phone Number

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Rotary Dial Phone


These Worksheets Can Be Used in Homeschool

In our homeschool, we were currently working on Kindergarten concepts, such as memorizing our telephone number. I spent a lot of time online searching for free, printable worksheets for my kids to practice. I didn't get a lot of good search results from Google, so I scoured the web and hours later, I had this collection free worksheets. Below you'll find both phone number writing, memorization, and dialing practice.

Telephone Number Worksheet

write phone number

write phone number

"My Phone Number Is... " Worksheet

Practice Writing a Phone Number and Sentences

Type in your phone number and this worksheet generator at the HandwritingForKids website generates a page that says, "My phone number is (111-111-1111)," with their number included of course. Kids practice writing the entire sentence.

Phone Number Worksheet from Handwriting for Kids

Writing Phone Numbers

Phone Number Worksheet for Kids

Phone Number Worksheet for Kids

Keypad Phone Number Worksheet

Worksheet for Kids to Practice Writing and Dialing Their Phone Number

This worksheet allows kids to practice writing their phone number. Next, the child practices locating the numbers on a standard phone keypad.

Phone Number Worksheet for Kids

Martians Discover a Phone

Worksheet Old Style Phone

Writing Your Phone Number

Writing Your Phone Number

More Dialing Practice

Another Worksheet to Encourage Dialing Practice and Phone Number Writing

This is another worksheet, like the previous one, to encourage dialing practice and writing the phone number. Have kids practice their home telephone number, or mom and dad's cell phone number.

Dialing Practice and Writing Phone Number Practice


Phone Number Coloring Page - and practice writing phone number


Kitchen Phone Worksheet - for Kids to Practice Writing Their Phone Numbers

Writing Your Phone Number

Writing Your Phone Number

This worksheet is available in .PDF format from Kids can practice writing and dialing their number on the keypad. The phone image on this worksheet looks like an ordinary kitchen phone for realistic practice.

Kitchen Phone Worksheet

Learn Numbers 1-10

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Worksheet Generator for Kids to Practice Writing Their Phone Number

Worksheet Generator for Kids to Practice Writing Their Phone Number

Phone Number Worksheet Generator

Customizable Worksheets for Practicing Phone Numbers

These worksheet generators allow you to type in the child's phone number. It generates several lines to practice writing the number over and over again. Just click the icons to access the full worksheet.

Writing Telephone Number Worksheet


If you prefer, you can let kids practice writing their cell phone number.

My Cell Phone Number Worksheet

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WriterJanis2 on February 23, 2012:

Very useful information. Thanks!

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What an important skill to teach and worksheets will certainly reinforce kids in learning to write their phone numbers...I think this is the first time I've seen this subject covered!

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Great ideas. I am going to pass this lens along to my daughter. My grandson starts Kindergarten in Septmeber

Peggy Hazelwood from Desert Southwest, U.S.A. on July 31, 2011:

Great ideas! I have an old rotary dial phone and my grandkids love pretending with it. I should work with my grandkids on learning their phone numbers.

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