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How to Make a Four Corner Minibook


All it Takes is a Square!

Have a square of paper? Then you can easily make this minibook. Because of how it's folded, the four corner minibook is also often called an envelope book.

Make it large or make it small depending on how much content you want to include in the book. Attach the back of the four corner minibook to your lapbook or let it stand alone as a one day project.

Directions for Making a Four Corner Minibook

also called an envelope book

Cut a square of any size. This minibook works well with any thickness of paper -- from copy paper to cardstock. Keep in mind that the closed book will end up being half of the size of your original square.


Find the center of the square. You can also lightly draw the center lines with a pencil.


Fold each corner into the center.


The book closed -- use the flaps to write your title or to label what's under each flap.

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The book open -- add your text or images inside.


It easily divides into four diamond shapes for four bits of information.


Variations of the Envelope Book

create the book with a square shape orientation or with a diamond shape orientation

use various colors of paper

use small squares for tiny envelope books

fold the whole book in half to create a triangle shape

Four Point Book - from Live & Learn

Envelope Book Poll

Minibook Resources

Envelope Book Guestbook

anonymous on April 26, 2010:

The Live-n-Learn video, makes a different kind of book (like an actual envelope) than the ones in your pic.

But love the lens anyway!

julieannbrady on October 30, 2008:

What an interesting lens with great step-by-step pictures! I like the green colors too. Actually, the folded over picture reminds me of a fingers game that we used to play -- don't remember what it was, but it looked rather like that. ;)

groovyoldlady on October 27, 2008:

Again, very groovy!

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