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Five Senses Worksheets


Five Senses Worksheets and Printables

Our five senses are vital to living and enjoying ourselves. Use these five senses worksheets to teach children about sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.

To familiarize very young children, even babies, with their bodies, simply touching your nose and saying nose is a good start. As they grown, then touch their nose and explain to them that we smell with our noses.

Repeat this concept with their eyes (pointing to the eye rather than actually touching it to avoid them poking themselves in the eye). Tell them we see with our eyes.

Then go through the motions with ears for hearing, our mouth and tongue for tasting, and our hands for the sense of touch.

To print the Five Senses Worksheet shown here, visit Worksheet Place.

Will You Be Teaching the Five Senses to a Child?

Red roses delight several of our senses.

Red roses delight several of our senses.

What Are the Five Senses?

Here is a list of the five senses and a brief description of each:

- Sight: the ability to see. Our eyes allow us to see.

- Hearing: the ability to hear. Ears let us hear sounds.

- Smell: the ability to detect odors. Our nose smells for us. We smell with our nose.

- Taste: the ability to experience different flavors in food and other substances. Our tongue lets us taste.

- Touch: the ability to feel. All parts of our body are capable of the sense of touch. We usually touch objects with our fingers.

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The Five Senses

This book introduces young children to the five senses. Help your child learn and grow and learn their senses. Use the time to teach colors (such as, roses smell good and roses are red or yellow or pink).

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five senses worksheets.

Sense of sight worksheet. Source:  Worksheet Place

Sense of sight worksheet. Source: Worksheet Place

Five Senses Worksheets - Visit each Web site to print these worksheets.

The Sense of Sight - Help Children Understand How We See

Help children "see" with fun toys that they use their eyes to enjoy. A kaleidoscope offers a fun world to view that changes when they turn the barrel. Binoculars let kids see far away or close up. Read about sight and seeing.

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Name things you hear worksheet. Source:  Worksheet Place

Name things you hear worksheet. Source: Worksheet Place

The Sense of Hearing - To reinforce sounds and why we hear

Our hearing is precious! Explain that our ears help us hear by moving close to a sound (it gets louder!) then farther away (it's softer.). Use a sound machine to listen to different sounds. Pick a peaceful tone and read them a book about hearing.

Sense of smell worksheet. Source:  Worksheet Place

Sense of smell worksheet. Source: Worksheet Place

Sense of Smell - More lessons for teaching the sense of smell

To teach about the sense of smell, you might want to get some scratch and sniff stickers or book to show the different ways things smell.

More ways to teach the sense of smell: Walk outside. Smell the air. Let kids tell you what they smell. Read about the nose and smelling. Mo is a dog who smells the world around him. Read a Mo book to teach how a dog's sense of smell is so much stronger than ours.

List things we taste worksheet. Source:  Worksheet Place

List things we taste worksheet. Source: Worksheet Place

Sense of Taste - Serve a tasty, healthy snack while learning about the sense of taste.

The sense of taste might just be my favorite sense! No, I like them all, but I really love tasting certain foods. Have fun with your child. Let them really enjoy tasting food. Ask them to close their eyes while you pop half a grape in their mouth. Then ask them: What is that food? What does it taste like?

Sense of touch worksheet. Source:  Worksheet Place

Sense of touch worksheet. Source: Worksheet Place

The Sense of Touch - Teach textures with hands on touching

Touch is a fun sense to teach. Use textures around the house to teach about the differences in how things feel. For example, touch a pet (soft, furry), the a hard floor (smooth, hard), a cushion (soft, bumpy surface), rocks (cold, smooth), grass (feathery, soft), and so on. The possibilities around your yard and home are endless!

Volunteer to Help One of the Five Senses - Worthy Causes

Teach the Five Senses to Children

  • Senses
    SENSE OF TASTE- Give the children different foods to taste: salted crackers and potato chips for salty; grapes and raisins for sweet; lemon slices and sour pickles for sour. Taste different kinds of apples. Which apples are sweet; which ones are sour
  • Lesson Plans: The Five Senses (Elementary, Health)
    Topic: The Five Senses: Grade: 1-3, Number of Students: 20-30, Time: 45 minutes-one hour Anticipatory Set: Ask each student to close their eyes and think of a place that he/she enjoys visiting. Then ask them to imagine things that they could see, he
  • Anatomy of an Eye: The Vision Correction Website
    Understand the anatomy of an eye at the web's best site for those interested in vision correction surgeries.
  • The Five Senses Grade Level: Preschool or Kindergarten
    Submitted by: Debbie Haren, preschool teacher, Topic: 5 Senses Length of Unit: 6 lessons Objective: To help students be able to name their five senses and how they used.
  • Five Senses for Kindergarten-Preschool
    Five senses activities, lesson plans, crafts, math, centers, games, writing and songs.
  • Paso Partners | Five Senses - Lesson 1: The Five Senses
    Book: My Five Senses by Aliki Word tags: see, hear, feel, taste, smell, texture Collection of various objects that students can sort by shape, size, texture
  • Paso Partners | Five Senses - Lesson 6: Taste
    Lesson: Mirrors (one for every two students, at least); chart; fruits to cut into small pieces; toothpicks; Q-tips, two for each student; pictures of people eating; pictures of foods people can eat and foods people should not eat;
  • Sense of Touch
    Lesson Pathways is an innovative new homeschool tool featuring curriculum and activities that appeal to multiple learning styles and teaching methods.
  • Lesson Plan: Using Our Sense of Hearing
    In this lesson, students cannot see so they must use their sense of hearing to play the game.
  • Sense of Hearing
    Lesson Pathways is an innovative new homeschool tool featuring curriculum and activities that appeal to multiple learning styles and teaching methods.
  • Sound and Hearing
    In this unit children develop their understanding of the huge variety of sounds and sources of sound they encounter. They relate sounds to their sense of hearing and are introduced to the idea that sounds travel away from a source.

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hsschulte on October 28, 2011:

Thank you for gathering these worksheets. What a wonderful collection. I'll be linking to them from "Teaching the Five Senses."

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