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Everything ESL Teaching


If you want to be an ESL Teacher, this is the site for you!

There are lots of ideas on this site that will help you with your ESL Teaching, including ideas that will assist you in your ESL Lesson planning, ranging from fun ESL Warm-Up games to grammar and vocabulary learning activities. If you want to improve your skills as an ESL Teacher, there are lots of ideas for professional development and suggestions for further reading.

If you're interested in Teaching ESL Abroad and especially in South Korea, I have lots of helpful advice for you on how to get that job, including the most coveted university teaching positions. Read on for Everything Related to ESL Teaching. It's your one-stop source for teaching English abroad or in your home country.

Interested in Teaching English at a South Korean University?

Frugal Living for ESL Teachers

Enjoy your life Teaching English in South Korea

  • Don't Waste your Time on Jeju Island, South Korea
    Jeju Island is one of the most beautiful place in Korea and should not be missed. But, don't waste your time at the tourist traps. Advice from a seasoned Korea expat is here!
  • Hiking in South Korea
    Amazing Hiking can be found in beautiful South Korea. With over 70% of the country being mountainous, there are literally thousands of trails to explore. Bring your hiking boots with you!
  • 10 Fun Things to do in South Korea
    Don't waste your time in South Korea doing things that won't make lasting mem0ries. Only the fun things to do in South Korea at this site! Advice from a long-term Canadian expat.

39 ESL Speaking Activities for Teenagers and Adults

ESL Speaking Activity: Role-Plays

Thinking about Teaching ESL in South Korea? Don't miss these sites!

ESL Speaking: Give Feedback

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Travel the World and Teach English

  • Top 10 tips to Travel the World on a Budget
    That's exactly the situation I've been in for the past few years but I've traveled to over 25 countries, usually on a very tight budget. I've been paying off students loans and working overseas at a job that gives me a lot of vacation, but not a...
  • How to get an ESL Teaching Job
    ESL Teaching can be a rewarding, fulfilling career. Here's all the information you need to help get you that first job teaching English.
  • Top 10 ESL Teaching Myths
    There are many beliefs about teaching English overseas that are simply not true, such as you can come with $100 in your pocket or you don't need to know the local language. Myths dispelled here!

ESL Speaking Activity: Just a Minute

Logic Puzzles,Trivia, and Speaking Activities for ESL Students

Games and Activities for your ESL Classroom

  • ESL Vocabulary Activities
    Studies show that if you know 1000 words in a language, you can function in about 90% of oral communication. And usually, this is the main goal of many of our ESL students. So teaching Vocabulary Words is key to helping our ESL and EFL students...
  • ESL Warm-up Games and Activities
    All English as a Second or Foreign Language classes need a good warm-up activity to gets brains working and bodies active. Here are my top choices for ESL and EFL Warm-up games for kids to adults.
  • Fun ESL Activities for the Classroom
    English as a second or foreign language lesson planning made easy with fun activities and games to help your students learn English. Make ESL class interesting, active and fun.

What are your thoughts on "Everything ESL Teaching?"

BenGlickman on July 03, 2013:

Excellent lens! There is a lot of information here. If you are looking for a job, I would also suggest checking out ESL101: You can search for jobs by country, including Korea. ESL101 also has a resource library here:, where you can download lesson plans and teaching material and add your own for other teachers to use. There are also helpful FAQ's here, covering topics like government programs, recruiters and TESL/TEFL certification:

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