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December's Full Cold Moon 2019 UK

Full Moon December 2019

On 12th December 2019 in the early hours of the morning, will we be blessed with the final full moon for this year. According to, the best time to see the cold moon this year will be around 5:12am

December Full Cold Moon

How Will The Cold Moon Affect Me?

This years cold moon is in Gemini, the sign of communication and thinking. This December full moon will bring with it help in renewing love and strengthening relationships. This time is a good time for open conversations and implementing change where needed.

Many people, including myself find that they struggle to sleep on a full moon. I believe it's because the sky is so bright and the connection we have individually to the moon is more intense during a full moon. We all operate from our subconscious whenever we aren't putting in conscious effort which is more often than you would realise, trust me! Operating from your subconscious leaves you prone to being stuck in habits that are stopping you from moving forward in life.

The moon is the mother influence, she guides you when she's full and close. She saves you from your own subconscious behaviours, she wants the best for you. Isn't that comforting?

Mother Moon


Falling Asleep Under The Full Moon This December

Sleeping is often easier under the Cold Moon than it is under, say, the Strawberry Moon because it's much colder this time of year and we all enjoy being cozy which is essential for a good nights sleep, you can always get more comfortable in colder months... or is that just me?

Here are some tips for sleeping under the December Full Moon this year:

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  • Use the support from the moon to fill your day with small but positive changes
  • It's a good day for fresh bedding!
  • Have a break from technology for at least 30 minutes before bed
  • Read a book
  • Listen to sounds of rain or crackling fire on YouTube as you fall asleep
  • Plan out the next day so you can sleep much sounder
  • If you have been feeling overwhelmed, try and work through some of your pending tasks before the night of the full moon

Any other night-time rituals you have are still essential. Don't forget to charge your crystals, if you have any, under the full moon-light.

Work With The Moon

Becoming familiar with the spiritual meaning of the moon phases can really help your personal development and your quality of life.

How Did The Cold Moon Get It's Name?

The Cold Moon gets it's name from simply being in the cold month, it's also known as The Moon Before Yule, The Oak Moon and The Long Night Moon because it's the closest full moon to the Winter Solstice which is the start of longer, darker nights and shorter, colder days.

The First Cold Moon Of The '20s

The Full Cold Moon of 2020 is estimated to take place on 30th December.

© 2019 Karla Taylor

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