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Conquest of Our Own Selves

Everyone of us has a life in the vast universe of lives. Each of us has a life which is unidirectional, and it is evaluated on the basis of time management. That is, the more we beware ourselves of its essence, the more efficient we get to be.

If we can understand the immense value of time and its unidirectional aspect, the mind will eventually put forth new opportunities that are extremely profitable to evaluate the time we have at present as well as in the future.

Everyone's time is in one's own custody. So, we should rather be serious about it. We should be solemn about the utilities of time. One should calculate one's time efficiently, so as to get as productive as possible. Because, it is not going to halt or be back for anyone.

We should think more effectively so that we can monetize our times as much as possible. This is basically the most important and grave asset in one's life. So, we should never be careless of our moments that are either passing or approaching.

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