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Cassatt Artist Study


Impressionist Painter of Women and Children

Mary Cassatt is an excellent choice for your homeschool artist study. She is one of the few women Impressionists, and commonly portrays domestic scenes of women and children.

She was American by birth, but lived for much of her life in France, surrounded by the other great Impressionists of her day.

My nine year old daughter, Sprite, and I studied Cassatt for one term of her fourth grade year. In nine weeks we looked at about 25 of her works and slowly digested her unique style. Our method of studying each artist is distinctly Charlotte Mason in method. After studying the painting for a few minutes, Sprite verbally narrates it back to me. Every now and then we switch roles: I narrate and Sprite listens! It's quite simple and takes only a few minutes each day. But the results are impressive. She can easily identify a Cassatt now -- even one we haven't studied. When I gave her the quiz below, she correctly identified the Cassatt without any trouble.

For more about the basics of Charlotte Mason styled artist study, visit Artist Study Charlotte Mason Style.

Our Cassatt Spine

Another Possible Cassatt Art Spine


I prefer a book in hand when it comes to homeschool, but you can do an entire artist study from the Internet.

Olga's Gallery is a wonderful free resource! Some people choose to download the weekly image and then use it as a computer screensaver for that week. If you'd like to make your own choices or add to this list of twelve, visit Olga's Cassatt gallery (be sure to go on to page 2 for all of them).

These twelve works of art will offer a good sampling of Mary Cassatt's style and subjects.

1. Little Girl in a Blue Armchair, 1878

2. Miss Mary Ellison, c. 1880

3. The Loge, 1882

4. Two Children at the Seashore, 1884

5. Girl Arranging Her Hair, 1886

6. Child in a Straw Hat, c. 1886

7. Portrait of an Elderly Lady, c. 1887

8. Woman with a Red Zinnia, 1891

9. The Boating Party, 1893/1894

10. Sara in a Green Bonnet, c. 1901

11. The Bath, c. 1893

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12. Portrait of Alexander Cassatt and His Son Robert, 1885

Look at one work of art each week for nine to twelve weeks, looking at the piece and narrating it back verbally. Alternatively, a child can do a drawn narration at times.

Of course, if at all possible, go see some of Cassatt's works in a museum or exhibit. A year before studying Cassatt, we were fortunate enough to see one of her works in Memphis, TN.


"There's only one thing in life for a woman; it's to be a mother.... A woman artist must be ... capable of making primary sacrifices."

---- Mary Cassatt

Making our Own Cassatt

For each artist we study, we choose one painting and do our own version or reproduction of it. Here is Sprite's version of The Family. The original follows it.


I participate right alongside my daughter. Why? Mainly because I think it's plain interesting and fun! But it also helps us to bond as we spend time together working on projects. When I open myself up to her suggestions, she is likewise more apt to receive mine. So here's my humble version of A Little Girl in a Blue Armchair with the original underneath.


Suzette and the Puppy

Help From Other Homeschooling Moms


More About Mary Cassatt & Her Art

Mary Cassatt's Artwork

This nice slideshow gives a great overview of Cassatt paintings set to soothing background music.

Smart About Art Series

Mary Cassatt said

"I have touched with a sense of art some people – they felt the love and the life. Can you offer me anything to compare to that joy for an artist?"

Cassatt Printables

  • Mary Cassatt Notebooking Page
    This page (shown to the right) includes three black and white line drawings of her paintings, suitable for coloring with pencils.
  • Four Coloring Pages
    These open in Microsoft Word. Titles include: Mother Combing, Mother Sewing, The Bath, and The Boating Party.
  • Artist Biography Form
    This is a general form that could be used with any artist, Mary Cassatt included. Compliments of Homeschool with Index Cards.
  • Notebooking Pages Free Art Resources
    This link will take you to some general art freebies that you can use for Mary Cassatt.
  • The Boating Party B&W Outline
    A simple outline for helping a child create a reproduction.
  • Full Color Cassatt Notebooking Page
    This is another freebie created by a homeschool mom who is willing to share with you. Her landscape layout has three full color Cassatt paintings at top and room to write at the bottom. A small black and white image of Cassatt herself is in the botto
  • Mary Cassatt Printable Biography
    This fact sheet is a single page biographical sketch with a full color image of a Cassatt painting.

Color Your Own Cassatt Paintings


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Ladylinchpin on July 20, 2012:

I am impressed with this lens. After being a public art teacher for over 20 years, I enjoy that the "masters" are incorporated into a lesson for children. I also used The Bath and other Cassatt paintings as examples of composition for my students. Bravo!

PainMan1 on September 29, 2011:

Another great artist study lens! Great job!

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Well, that was a surprise in that I got it correct! You have presented this topic quite loverly my dear! Such a fabulous TOPIC!

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I will be leading a CM style art appreciation homeschool group. My contribution will be the picture study. This site has been so valuable to me as I gather information about Cassatt. It is my go to resource now for our art study. I plan on using your other links on Monet and Audubon too! Thanks for all your work.

Indigo Janson from UK on March 24, 2010:

What a wonderful resource, both for homeschoolers and for those with an interest in learning more about Cassatt. I really liked the personal touch you and your lovely daughter added to this.

CoolFoto on September 30, 2009:

My sons are adults and we did not homestudy. But, this looks like a rich resource for teaching children art appreciation.

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What beautiful art! Love it. 5*

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Such an inspiration

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Beautiful... what an amazing talent she had! 5* and blessed.

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Amazing job putting all of this together! It is wonderful that you are willing to share your wisdom and experience with the rest of us. Thank you!

anonymous on December 21, 2008:

We're studying Cassatt in January. This is an excellent resource (as usual!) I'm going to add it to my January's Artist sidebar.

Thanks for taking the time to put together such wonderful helps!


groovyoldlady on November 22, 2008:

I was right...HA! Excellent lens. Makes me feel like doing some sketching. Do you think my stick figures will one day be famous?

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Another wonderful Lens! Thank you, Jimmie.


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Beautiful arts.

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Gorgeous lens. Great job. I loved the children's pictures the best.

Wendy Henderson from PA on November 05, 2008:

Hey I guessed right. Not only did I think d was it but I just love that painting. This was a wonderful lens. Great Job. 5 stars!

anonymous on November 04, 2008:

Great page!!! We haven't studied Mary Cassatt by herself, but we did study her along with the Impressionists. I searched my site for "cassatt" and found 3 entries (

One of them is a Cassatt we saw in Colorado.

The 2nd one shows "We also talked about how Mary Cassatt was greatly influenced by Japanese prints. She even had her own printing press! So, we made some prints by etching into some kind of foam paper with a stylus, painting the foam paper one color, and then making a print."

And, the 3rd included some Impressionist resources.

I want to study Cassatt all by herself after reading your page! :-)


anonymous on November 04, 2008:

Hi Jimmie

Our Cassatt study was one of our favourites! You can go and see what we did at if you like.

Lovely lens! I am going to see if my two can pick out the Cassatt tomorrow. :-)



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