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Practical Mathematics from Calvin and Hobbes for Kids Math


Math and Wisdom in Calvin and Hobbes

I am a great fan of Calvin and Hobbes. I consider one of the greatest comic syndications ever written. Although the characters seem like for children, the underlying philosophy about life, faith... are for adults. It is a novel by its own right. There are few that come close to its sophistication.

I had the oppurtunity to teach math to children a few years back. Before we were deployed to different schools, handouts were given to us to help us reach out to children. The handouts were simple tips on the importance of math, homework and paying attention to class using comic strips from Calvin and Hobbes. The powers that be were hopeful that we could impart these to the chidren. I absolutely love the experience.

While searching throught the internet to find the necessary clips (much better than scanning and cropping from the original books), I found a website that featured the very points used in the handout given to us.

I'll be sharing them through this Hub as I believe it ecapsulates the the necessary wisdom a parent should impart to their children with regards to homework, math and school.

Pay Attention in Class


Do your own work when you’re supposed to.


Help each other out when you’re supposed to.


Some help from parents is okay.


Learn why things work—don’t just take them on faith.


Make sure you really know the material.


When you get stuck, draw a picture to help solve the problem.


Try your best on new concepts.


“x” Is a Variable, Not a Multiplication Symbol.


Watch out for trick questions.


Put forth your best effort and show all your work, even if you can’t get the answer.


Don’t make excuses.


Don’t procrastinate.


Keep up with your work so that your parent-teacher conferences go well.


Remember, you’ll need math in the real world.

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Is your kid too cool for School?

Any violent reactions?

bieber4ever on February 27, 2011:

this site is okay. but i don't like this video

ChrisAdkins on July 06, 2010:

Always good to see a little Calvin and Hobbes. If I ever go back to be a math teacher I will use these.

nadp from WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA on January 25, 2010:

As a fellow math teacher, I was very pleased to see your hub devoted to math education.

elliot.dunn on November 30, 2009:

i had to be careful with this one. i started laughing in class! i wish school had a greater respect for math atheists haha.

bspider on September 01, 2009:

I just love Calvin and Hobbes! I have a web site dedicated to teaching math to kids, so I found these little gems very entertaining. Thanks for sharing this with us "hubbers".

sashwini [baby gal] on July 27, 2009:

cool !!! iteresting

Sheila from The Other Bangor on January 20, 2009:

The Calvin and Hobbes cartoons have been my favorites for many years now -- as all the books of theirs I own attest. Thank you for explaining math so cogently! This is a great hub, I'm still laughting. . .

SiddSingh on January 20, 2009:

Hi NT,

A wonderful, hilarious hub! Perhaps if I had studied maths in this manner, I would have done better! I wish I had a maths teacher like Hobbes!

The Trick Question was wonderful!

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