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Petitioning Asclepius For Healing Magick

We follow the wisdom paths of our ancestors embracing a nature-based spirituality. This solitary practice comes out in art, craft and word.

Who is Asclepius?

Asclepius is a Greek God who rules over healing. His emblem is associated with medicine today. He carries a staff which is entwined with a snake. As the son of Apollo he is also a healer like his father.

Asclepius had 5 daughters. Some of them seem very logically associated with a deity of healing and medicine. Aceso (Healing Process), Iaso (Recuperation), Panacea (Universal Remedy) , Aglaea (Splendor), and Hygieia (Hygiene).

Apollo, Chiron, and Asclepius

Fresco created 1st century AD

Fresco created 1st century AD


Asclepius' mother died before his birth. There are various myths In Greek mythology often providing conflicting accounts of what happened. Sometimes a deity will be attributed as the son of more than one God. Asclepius is most frequently said to be the son of Apollo. There are 2 popular versions of the story. The most popular account attributes Asclepius' birth to Coroni.

A crow informs Apollo that Coroni has wedded Ischys. Angered by this information Apollo curses the crow and changes his coloring from white to black. Apollo kills Coroni. She is burned on a funeral pyre. Inside her womb Asclepius is ripped out and rescued. Apollo takes Asclepius to Chiron. Chiron is a satyr who may be familiar to astrologers as the last bridging planet to other galaxies.

Chiron raises Asclepius. He is taught the ways of healing and hunting.

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Magical Working

When you are in need of healing Asclepius is an appropriate God to evoke. You may petition him to help you get through a medical issue. There are many ways to do this. We are going to perform a very simple healing rite.

You will need:

  • Lemongrass Essential Oil
  • Yellow Pillar Candle
  • Self Igniting Charcoal
  • Parchment
  • Lavender Herb
  • Ink
  • Quill
  • Relaxing Music
  • Quartz Crystal

This spell is very simple. You merely burn the herbs and essential oil to create an atmosphere which will put you into the right mental state. The candle can be lit and meditated upon. You can carve a sigil appropriate to this working into the wax. Whenever I do this kind of spell work I use sigils associated with the Runic alphabet. This is because Runes are very easy to carve into wax. Spend some time writing about the issue you wish to receive healing about. There is a quartz crystal which you can use to help you feel better. I have used this technique for more than a year to help myself when I am not feeling well. In my life I have a quartz point which cost about $25 to purchase at a store downtown. This healing crystal was worth the investment of $25. Quartz helps strengthen our bio-magnetic field. It helps us shield off negative outside influences. I use my quartz crystal anytime the pain in my body is too intense. When I am in need of sleep I will hold the quartz crystal to keep away stressful thoughts.

When you are ready to write your feelings out you might wish to have music on in the background. You can write about the circumstances surrounding your illness. I always write until I feel an emotional release. This is when I decide to stop writing when it is for a healing purpose. You might wish to write about what you would like to see happen. Healing can be different for various people. You might wish to describe what this wonderful health would feel like once you attain it. Depending on how serious your illness is, you might want to look at how wonderful your life would be once you are released from your suffering. If it is a life threatening illness you might write about you beating the odds of your condition and how inspiring it would be to survive.


Quartz Crystal Points

In my own personal healing quartz crystals have played a big role. I use quartz frequently. It has worked the best for me. Many people have advised me to use different stones when I tell them what my problems are. Sometimes the stone that works the best for us is not the one which people would recommend. This is significant in my personal journey. Quartz is one of the best stones out there. I like it because it resembles ice and it has a very cooling influence. With my illness I feel an excessive heat inside my body. I like quartz the best.

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