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Art of life


Impressions on the wondrous ways of existence

It is the constant endeavor of every being, consciously or unconsciously, to understand and integrate their emotional selves to the larger abstract entities around them. At the same time, they- at least we know that humans incessantly seek to gratify this urge - tend to comprehend the root cause of this inexorable compulsion. Art is an expressive manifestation of this endeavor.

Science attempts the same, in the material realm; trying to describe immediate systems, discover their place and mode of amalgamation with larger and more general systems - all the way up to the composition of the universe. At the same time, it also sleuths around to find the basic quantum upon which the material world rests and the manner in which this basic quantum evolved into a universe of unimaginable cosmic proportions.

Philosophy seeks to network these two parallel processes using logic and structured reasoning and including both the rigors of science and the abandon of emotion, while literature records the nuances of these ventures, embellishing the narrative with charming flourishes that makes its reading a pleasure.

The fusion of science, philosophy, art, and literature perhaps, describes existence in its entirety, from a human perspective.

The narrative in verse titled "Art of Life" - and the exhibits that go with it - is my outlook of how such a fusion would be. It comprises four sections - Cosmic Art, Quantum Art, Evolutionary Art and Speculative Art.


All twenty-one exhibits in this presentation have been hand-crafted, mostly out of waste material: cardboard cartons, discarded pipes, throw-away plastic containers, spent pressure cooker gaskets, condemned kitchenware, broken clothes lines and clips, old newspaper, twigs, clay ... in short, a healthy and brimming trash pile; and a few inexpensive items like toothpicks, thermocol balls, plaster-of-paris, matchsticks and homemade glue, thrown into the pool. Eleven months have been consumed from conception to completion.

The exhibits and poetry are best viewed in the order in which they are presented, as they constitute a story of sorts about existence - adhering to the theory of a universe that comes into and goes out of being in definite cycles. It begins with a point about the theme and ends with the speculative notion of where the human-originated concept of god might fit into the scheme of a logical perspective of life.

The Ubiquitous Point - Universal originator


From being the focus of a complex league

or coalescing to form patterns of intrigue,

it pervades every object of cognizance -

real, abstract, elaborated, or in essence.

Such is the sway of the ubiquitous point;

a self-image that creation made to appoint

as the sovereign, to oversee in its stead

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the world of consciousness that we tread.

Its schemes that appear as concord or strife,

constitutes the infinitely diverse art of life.

Cosmic Art


Big Bang - The biggest known "B" of 'em all


Observable and computed facts

seem to incontrovertibly signify

that every plausible idea

invariably extends to dignify

the conception of the Big-Bang

from which emerged the universe

Inflating itself from a point without an

inside, outside, or anything obverse.

From the depths of this explosion appeared

energy, matter, time, and space,

that went further on to evolve into

life and its astounding ways.

To ask, "What was there before this event?"

would be an act quite self-demeaning;

For space would have implied nothing then,

and time wouldn't have had a meaning.

Linearity and Curvature - Galactic Art


For motives mysterious and unknown,

the big-bang caused a seed to be sown

with characteristics of a definite nature

that sprouted to assume a colossal stature.

Of the two main attributes which coerce,

shape, and control the observable universe;

one is omnipresent and almighty gravity;

the other permeates every vacuous cavity.

Linearity seems to be the manner of their actions;

The effects are curvatures: real or abstractions.

In tandem have they carefully fashioned

Being neither detached nor impassioned;

Galaxies: estimatedly about eighty billions,

With a star content in inestimable zillions!

The Solar Ensemble - A close-knit multi-generational family


Our solar system is an average sized group

comprising a star and its planetary troupe;

formed from a single large mass

of dispersed stellar dust;

an element molding the next higher,

when exotically combust.

By a time-scale that we claim to

comprehend, but actually don't;

life as we know it, evolved in small steps

and big leaps, as it is its wont;

the other members of the

assorted solar ensemble

contributing to it, by their

measured celestial wamble.

Maybe, life exists on more than an astral sphere,

to familiar norms, that just do not adhere.

On earth, though, there are many a parallel,

of events reflecting a recognized stellar ravel.

Cosmic Embrace - The courted sun


The universe may appear desolate

with unimaginable empty spaces.

A variety of celestial bodies sparsely

manifesting in occasional traces.

That, however, is only half the truth,

for there is ample warmth too.

One can see countless entities engaged

in ardent acts quiet akin as to woo.

Those that are successful in their quest

live like a family all their lives.

Constantly tugging at each other,

while doing their individual jives.

Their trails in the expanse of space,

if it were possible to lace,

would unmistakebly suggest that

they are in each other's embrace.

Beauty at its best - Firmamental Art


It is not a fortuitous occurrence that

planet Venus is associated with art;

Perfectly symmetrical orbital movements

to it, gravity - in its wisdom, imparts.

Voluptuous whirls; enticing pirouettes;

graceful glides; mark its celestial cruise.

Closer home, our only Moon sports

similar artistically refined traits.

To those who follow the two in their wake

a visual spectacle surely awaits.

In the crescent Moon's pleasing bosom,

a sparkling Venus at rest,

is indeed a view that appositely

epitomizes beauty at its best.

Action Fest - Celestial swordfight


Activity is one thing that never stops

in this immense conglomeration;

every exploit familiar to us humans

has a firmamental replication.

Though the happenings are on

a much greater time scale;

when pursued, the trajectories detail

immaculately every earthly tale.

The romantic and artistic realms

have already been dwelt upon.

One doesn't need to go far to see

where their opposites spawn.

A seemingly innocuous event that

provides a robust representation;

seen from another perspective would

portray death and confrontation.

The Citadel - A futuristic castle in space


The general but inappropriate notion

about the depiction of celestial motion

is that, it is a confusion of curvy tangles

with no straight lines or sharp angles.

The truth is that, it is the time interval of

observation which is the defining issue;

granting striking shapeliness or stark

linearity, as it would be fittingly due.

Artists and architects can both claim

cosmic inspiration in equal measure.

The magnanimity of Time bestows

whatever each of them prefer.

If one point of view offers a design

that fits a demure attire very well;

Another would be just perfect to

build an impregnable citadel.

A Pattern Versatile - Expressions of an innate trait


Versatility is an intrinsic feature

of all fundaments of creation;

sub-atomic particles and a fertilized cell

being two examples of this affirmation.

One could also say this

of certain forms of abstract art;

viewers comprehending in them,

themes that are diametrically apart.

Celestial movements too display

a similar fascinating characteristic;

stimulating minds to see their patterns

as symbols of their personal mystique.

The accompanying exhibit was construed

to be the depiction of a human womb;

an unfurled parachute; a bird of paradise;

an intricate motif on an emperor's tomb.

The Tranquility of home - Returning to roost


Recorded history is witness to the

human penchant of utilizing the Moon

to express every manner of emotional

outpouring, mainly those that we croon.

From the joy of consummated love

to the distress of unrequited affection,

Earth's lone satellite serves to articulate an

array of conflicting moods to perfection.

The motivation for this predilection

is not very difficult or far to seek;

The Moon's apparent eccentric behaviour

has a veritable stirring and sensitive streak

that swings from its glorious completeness

when it graces a blemishless dark sky;

to its periodic total disappearance, eliciting

earthlings to voice many a gloomy sigh.

Quantum Art


The Sub-atomic Soup - Causality cooked in a cauldron


The origin of life upon earth is attributed

to the brewing of an organic soup,

with lightning substituting for fire

and swirling winds playing scoop.

There must have been a similar act, much

earlier too, at the time of the 'Bang,

when creation brewed a sub-atomic broth

from which matter as we know it sprang.

The wee bits of wonder, whizzed, whirled,

and zoomed about at incredible speeds;

shaping and breaking composite particles

according to instantaneous needs.

This tango of the infinitesimal and the

infinite, continues incessantly around us.

Cocooned in the apparent safety of our

world, of this play, we remain oblivious.

Tell-Tale Trails - Sleuthing inside a bubble chamber


Physicists may well imagine themselves to be

adventurous and pioneering sherlocks;

the quantum world is inhabited by entities

as perilous as the snake and as wily as the fox.

Yet, like the concord and harmony seen

in any system that is ecologically stable,

here too one finds sensible denizens, who

help, such hurtful tendencies, to disable.

What is fascinating about the work that

goes into unraveling this subatomic play

is that one never gets to see the players;

only trails linger, their presence, to betray.

The diminutive artistes have roles that

vary greatly in content and duration.

Some are inertly around for an eternity;

others face a femto-second of sensation.

Quirky Quarks - An atom in bloom


Matter is largely made up of quarks: so says

the standard model of Quantum Physics.

They change their attributes continually,

following a regimen rivaling calisthenics.

Switching states that physicists describe in

terms of charge, spin, color, and flavor,

which makes lay-persons to almost believe

that quarks are yummy things to savor.

In a way that is the truth, for if quarks

constitute air, water, rocks, and dirt;

they are equally part of what goes into

cooking up a lip-smacking dessert.

Three of them go into making neutrons

and protons; and two to build a meson,

where after pairing up with anti-quarks

momentarily, into oblivion they are gone.

The Super-Duper String - String suspended existense


"How minuscule can 'infinitesimal' be?",

may perhaps remain a question eternally;

sub-atomic particles are now postulated

to be manifestations of 'Strings' - in theory.

Objects with dimensions of Planck length,

which is ten power minus 33 centimeters;

their range of vibrational modes bestow

upon particles, their unique parameters.

Envisioned to act in eleven dimensions,

we get to see their effects only in four;

it stands to reason however, that we must

have the innate ability to imagine more.

When the universe reverses its mode of

expansion and subsides at the "Big Crunch",

all that remains to restart the process is a

single little string packing a colossal punch.

Quantum Clairvoyance - Celtic entanglement


Entanglement, though existentially blissful,

is also an impediment to perceive the beyond.

This idea applies to the emotional realm;

the quantum world too has a correspond.

It is the primary characteristics of the subject,

distinguishing it from its classical cousin.

Yet, parallels subsist in conventionality, by

suspicion, though confined to a garrison.

If one of two entangled objects separated

by a great distance were to change its state;

the other would be aware of this at super-

luminal speed and mimic its mate's trait.

If the mechanics of the process of telepathy

is shrouded in the mists of ignorance;

so are the technicalities of quantum tele-

portation that borders on clairvoyance.

Evolutionary Art


Organized Organisms - An intangible entity inhabiting an abstract domain


Technology has granted us a new

perspective to view and appreciate life,

stressing that organisms aren't just organic;

with other life forms too, existence is rife.

Some real, others abstract, still others

inhabiting the shades in-between.

All sharing a common trait: an algorithm

that binds them to a definite routine.

Composed using simple logical operators,

their size can span a considerable variety;

from those for unpretentious viruses to

behemoths that display impropriety.

Their physical manifestations - if real,

or their observed effects - if insubstantial,

need not necessarily be commensurate

with the bent of logic they emulate.

The Miracle-Monger - The Omnipresent Virus


A comparable denizen of the organic realm

is that potent trivial thing hard to whelm;

wrongly conferred a virulent sobriquet

and assigned a wholly deceptive dossier;

it merely lives out its algorithmic existence

as everything around does in persistence,

that revolves around the twin motives

of self-preservation and propagation;

negating the need for either prolific praise,

or as accorded now - utter condemnation.

It must however be said to its credit, if

acclaim and censure are truly called for,

that they are programmed to be as much

beneficial to humans, as things to abhor.

They are the essence of sanctity of rivers;

perhaps, even the power of miracle-givers.

Coded Intelligence - Inconceivable complexity from undemanding simplicity


"Random" and "Chance" seem to be

words behind which to conveniently hide,

when our understanding is under threat;

a sea of incomprehension there is to tide.

However, when it is time for a truth to

be revealed for an evolutionary cause;

complexities are bared and understood as

aggregates of ridiculously simple laws.

For eons, ants and termites have had a

set of rules hardwired into their brains;

applied to build their palatial abodes with

baffling tenacity and gooey clay grains.

The dawn of awareness stimulates man to

employ the same principles to effect

magnificent edifices that are inherently

sound in structure and aesthetically perfect.

Everyday Evolution - Architectural thoughts


Evolution is neither an archaic happening

set in the mists of geological time;

nor is it restricted to anatomical changes

obligated by an adverse clime.

It happens all around us, here, now, every

instant; and is the essence of existence;

encompasing material forms as well as

abstract phenomena in its persistence.

Our attempt to understand this write-up

too, is a process of ongoing evolution;

pushed, and propelled by a host of controls,

both fixed and those subject to alteration.

If our reflections are expressed as structured

drawings showing thought nodes and flow,

it may expose the reason why we shun

certain stimuli, while at others we glow.

Speculative Art


Soul Search - A slice of the soul matrix


The notion of a soul has long been dwelt

upon, hypothesized under various guesses.

Granting it immortality with no enduring

locale, or a range of definite addresses.

If analyzed in the backdrop of the

currently verifiable convictions of science,

these hypotheses fall well short of being

able to stand up to the rigors of logic.

The explanations provided are either utterly

absurd or seem to be plagiarized from

juvenile stories that have a healthy mix of

fantasy, whim, and medieval magic.

The quest remains, however, to account

for that elusive and perhaps illusive, view;

of the distinction between the living and

the dead that experience insists to be true.

The Big Bang has been described by a set of

variables; its progress to the Big Crunch by

a definite algorithmic process set in time.

It is but logical to deduce that everything in

this system would draw from such a scheme

and evolve within its limiting rhyme.

The grand cosmic play is only an expression

of this universal algorithmic soul;

The attributes of the parametric variables and

the flow of the plot, determining its goal.

An individual soul would then be a subset

of these attributes driven by a subroutine;

Unique in itself, trivially significant, and

appearing when due, upon the scene.

Time Transcended - A handful of space-time


Causality too, as with the concept of a soul,

has been a much-speculated idea for eons;

with a surfeit of justifications for it; the

adherents for each, inexhaustibly burgeons.

In the framework of time it is generally

perceived as a blend of cause and effect;

granting a sense of control and influence;

the impulse to expect; the urge to prospect.

If it were possible to transcend space-time

and look down at the fabric of existence;

a vast multidimensional network will be on

view with events and processes packed dense.

A scenario where there is neither cause nor

effect; just happenings as functions of time;

where duality morphs into something

indefinable, and being is perhaps sublime.

Shackled God - The most intriguing human creation todate: almighty yet helpless


That the cyclic process of cosmic birth-to-

bust is timeless, is how science envisions;

M-theory indicating that it is the period

between successive membrane collisions.

The membranic attributes at impact

determining the traits of the universe to be;

which in turn decide the features of the

algorithmic hordes; their role and pedigree.

Seemingly, there is no role here for god

except as the creator of this awesome plan;

that is if all this is looked upon as "creation"

which god would need to constantly pan.

However, if existence is deemed to be "an

anthology of happenings in perpetuity";

god, even if there was one, would be just a

figurehead; shackled and lost in obscurity.

Visitors' Comments


The natural yearning of artists after all,

is to showcase the consequences of their inner call.

That others deign to see them, is approbation enough,

though authors are steeled for an occasional rebuff.

I trust that the presentation is considered with a view

to mildly condemn, or to mutedly applaud - if due.

© 2011 Ram Ramakrishnan


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