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How to Address an Envelope


You aren't the only one struggling with this.

Technology is quickly advancing in the world today. Email, texting, and social networking sites help us keep up with our friends and family. More and more, kids are going into adulthood without ever learning how to do something as simple as placing a stamp and an address correctly.

Sending mail the old fashioned way is knowledge that we all need, it's necessary for sending documents, packages, and international mail.

It might sound tedious, but addressing an envelope is easy and quick.


Ensure that your envelope is the correct size.

You don't want your letter, bill, or report to be folded up like the notes you pass around in class. If you're sending a regular letter, you probably won't need to do much measuring. For larger items and official documents, you might want a manilla envelope or one that includes bubble wrap for protection.

Add the details.

For small packages, one stamp placed in the top right corner of your envelope will do. If you're sending books or heavier items, you will need to look to your local post office to find out how many stamps are required.

Neatly write your first and last name in the top left-hand corner.

On the next line write your street address. Under your street address place your city, state and zip code. You will do the same thing in the middle of the envelope, but this time you write the information of the person your sending your letter to.

That's it!

All you need to do now is place it in the inbox and send your letter! Remember, it is important to write neatly, and legibly so that your mailman knows where to send the envelope. Now you can easily order products online and send letters to your pen pals across the world!