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What Is The Adarna Bird?


Adarna Bird (Ibong Adarna)

Have you ever heard of the Adarna Bird?

Well, for those that have not, don't worry, neither had I. As a lifelong birdwatcher and ornithologist I was a little surprised at that, but when I discovered that the Adarna Bird is a mythical creature from an epic piece of Philippine literature it became very obvious why I had not come across it in any bird book.

As befits a mythical bird, the Adarna Bird is described as being fantastically beautiful and possessing a fabulous and varied song which has magical qualities. To me all birds have magical qualities but here in this lens you can find out exactly what supernatural powers the Adarna Bird has, get an idea of the story and take a look at Adarna Bird material which has proliferated around the web.

If you prefer to look at real birds as opposed to mythical birds then maybe this page will satisfy you: 10 Bird Video Clips You Must See.


The Adarna Bird; A Collection Of Magical Facts

The legend of the mythical Adarna Bird tells that it is a very beautiful bird with a very long tail. It has metallic colours which change to a more beautiful shade after the bird defecates!

"Considering how often birds defecate, the Adana bird must be like flashing Christmas lights. Birds have to frequently defecate in order to keep their body weight low to be able fly and avoid predators at any moment."

The legend of the Adarna Bird also says that it has seven fantastic songs that can make anyone fall asleep and cure all ills.

"Many real birds have a variety of calls which can declare territories, warn of danger, contact others, be a sign of affection etc. basically birds have language. Perhaps the bird with the most fabulous voice in real life is the Lyrebird".

Unfortunately, the Adarna Bird possesses a harmful magical power - its droppings can turn a human into stone!.

"As if getting covered in bird poop isn't bad enough."

Here Are Some Adarna Bird Books

There are a few books available on which are based on the story of the Philippine legend of the Adarna Bird.


Adarna Bird / Ibong Adarna Story

The Adarna Bird is an epic piece of Filipino literature.

The Story in Short

It tells the story of three princes who are sent by their father, who is the king, to catch the Adarna Bird so that the king can hear the bird's magical song and be cured of his illnesses. The youngest prince, Don Juan, was successful in capturing the Adarna Bird. However, on their way back to the palace, the three princes encounter many further adventures and mysterious incidents. Of course, there is romance in the story with a marriage to a beautiful princess.

A longer and more detailed synopsis of Ibong Adarna can be read at the website of Tanghalang Slu: Center for the Culture and the Arts.

Ibong Adarna

Adarna Bird/Ibong Adarna Trailer

As one would expect from a well-known piece of epic literature, there are many dramatisations of the Adarna Bird story. This is a trailer for an animated version of the story of the mythical Adarna Bird from The Philippines.

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Adarna Bird Art

Adarna Bird Art

Adarna Bird Art

Whilst doing research for this web page I came across a lot of interesting images; this is by far the most impressive artwork featuring an artist's impression of an Adarna Bird.

Prints of this artwork are available for $12.95, just click on the Adarna Bird artwork to take a look.


The Habitat of the Adarna Bird

The Adarna Bird could, apparently, only be found on the slopes of Mount Tabor. I cannot find any reference to a Mount Tabor in The Philippines, only one in Israel: Mount Tabor, Israel.

The Adana Bird seems to be very particular in its habits, only being found in the Piedras Platas (silver stones) tree in the evening where it sings it mythical songs and poops on people's heads! During the daytime the Adarna Bird disappears to some unknown part of the forest - perhaps it migrates to Israel?

With these peculiar habits it is no wonder that the Adarna Bird is a mythical one, with this sort of ecology it would be doomed to join the list of extinct birds.

Adarna Bird Popsicle Stick Puppets

A cute version of the Adarna Bird story by schoolchildren using puppets made out of popsicle sticks - nice idea. Some more uses for old popsicle sticks can be found here: How to Reuse Popsicle Sticks

Adarna Bird T Shirt

Adarna Bird T Shirt

Adarna Bird T Shirt

Limited edition T-shirt with original Adarna Bird design: Adarna Bird T-shirt at Design By Humans

Adarna Bird Trading Card/Trump Card

Adarna Bird Card

Adarna Bird Card

The Adarna Bird has its own Pantik trading/trump card game: Adarna Bird Trading Card. I used to have similar games to this when I was a boy; my favourite was the top trumps cowboys!

Another Piece of Adarna Bird Artwork

Make custom Glitter Graphics

Another interesting piece of artwork based on the story of Ibong Adarna can be seen on this gallery: Adarna Bird Art.

Was The Adarna Bird News To You?

Did you know what the Adarna Bird was before reading? Did you find what you were looking for here? Please leave a comment or question.

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