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Zelensky has a Lot to Answer to the World and the Ukrainian People

A senior air warrior, graduate from the Staff College and a PG in military studies. He is qualified to write on war and allied matters.



Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy, also transliterated as Zelensky, is the sixth president of Ukraine. I am not going to discuss his life but the effect he has had on Ukraine; moved by a personal ambition and with total disregard of the Ukrainian population he has provoked a war with Russia. I think he did not really want to fight but his naive attitude has led him to become a bunny in the hands of the Anglo-Saxon powers, in particular Joe Biden and in effect he has led his people to death, devastation, and destruction.

Many Western politicians have been referring to the Russian leader Vladimir Putin as a war criminal but people in Asia do not consider him to be a war criminal and the considered view here is that if there is a war criminal it is Zelensky.

One can simply disregard the opinion of the leaders of the Anglo-Saxon powers notably the UK and the USA because these are the countries who believe that no International law applies to them and all the laws apply only to their opponents. No wonder they dropped the Atomic bombs on Japan killing 200,000 people and invaded Iraq on a false narrative that Saddam Hussain had WMD( Weapons of mass destruction). He had none.

To perpetrate their hegemony over Europe they created the enemy ie. Russia and found a convenient stooge in Yelensky; a naive politician who played into their hands and egged him on and the result is a Russian invasion and defeat for Ukraine. Yelensky has brought untold misery on his people by needlessly provoking Russia and the sad part is because of his folly Ukraine is going to pay a terrible price. Five million Ukrainians are already refugees and the granary of Europe destroyed. Large swathes of territory is captured by Russia. Boris Johnson on a recent visit to India admitted that Russia is likely to win this war. This is a telling statement (


Zelensky and death

In the Gita the song divine, Lord Krishna says " The brave wise man meditates on the divine truth hidden in the heart cave and rises above elation and depression. He concentrates his mind on the self. The truth is hard to see, lodged inaccessibly, seated in the hardship and is ancient."

In effect the Lord says the man has to be aware of everything around him and try and read the truth and not be misled into a fantasy. Unfortunately blinded by personal hatred of everything Russian the Ukrainian president played into the hands of the Anglo-Saxon powers.

One cannot blame Joe Biden for meddling in Ukraine because he had an aim and it was perpetuation of the hegemony of his country. If there is blame it will pin on the Ukrainian president who played into the hands of Joe Biden.

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When you see all the speeches he has been making all over the world to the American Congress, to the European Parliament , pleading with the Indian leader Modi one can realize that he was living in a fools paradise. He was asking for no-fly zone; he was asking for so many things and he was expecting that NATO will admit him and go to war with Russia. He was also thinking he will be a member of the EU and poke a needle in the eye of Russia. He got nothing. I do not blame Biden for it as he was doing what he felt was good for America.

The man to be blamed is Zelensky, who in the most callous manner has led the Ukrainian people to death and destruction. All this could have been easily avoided if the simple demands of security by Russia, which by no means is a small power had been accepted but Zelensky was under a delusion and that delusion has now been dispelled with millions of refugees and thousands of soldiers killed and people fighting a futile war by holding civilians as ransom like in the steel plant in Mariupol. They are going to lose. It is inevitable because that is the Law of Karma and the man responsible for it is Zelensky.

One of the principles of war as given in the Gita is the War of Righteousness. Zelenski should have read this magnificent book and realized that what all he was doing was not right. He probably thought himself to be a David who could beat Goliath.

The Russian offensive is moving relentlessly forward and until Yellenski agrees to the Russian terms, he will bring nothing but death and destruction on his people. In such a case Zelensky qualifies as a war criminal and each Ukrainian citizen who died has his blood on his hands.

Ukrainian expatriates in America and Canada and many people there are cheering the Ukrainian people and somebody saying "look one man has shot down six Russian planes, two helicopters" and what not but is that the aim of life that thousands more to die, so that a few in the West can clap?


The future

The war in Ukraine is an abject lesson for people all over the world not to trust the United States. As I've already written in one of my articles the United States has a penchant to fight wars thousands of miles from home and then abandon the very people they are supporting and retreat. I need not recount all the wars but let it be known that each and every war America fought after 1945, they lost and led the country to death and destruction. The same thing is happening in Ukraine and I'm afraid in time to come Taiwan can also expect the same.

Joe Biden by shifting focus from the East Pacific to Ukraine has brought about the downfall of the USA and very soon China will become the super power.

I feel sorry for the Ukrainian people who have been led by a shortsighted, callous and heartless man. I wonder if he can be tried as a war criminal but if Bush and the American generals who Atom bombed Japan escaped, so will Yellensky. In any case his name features in the Panama papers and he's got tons of money stacked up in Virgin Islands, London, and other places. Best of luck to him but the law of karma will catch up with him as stated by the Lord in the Gita

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