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YouTube Settings for Kids You Haven't Thought About


Because YouTube is a platform that anyone can upload videos to, it is full of content that is not suitable for children. Fortunately, YouTube Kids was created. A version made especially for kids and parents to view only content approved by them. Curious about all YouTube settings that are interesting if you have kids? We list it for you.

On Youtube kids it is not only possible as a parent to approve the content for your children, you can also easily set the maximum screen time and apply other filters. This way you don't have to worry for a moment about the content that your child will see.

YouTube settings for kids

YouTube Kids is a version of YouTube that you can install on both iOS devices and Android devices. This app is kept kid-friendly by a dedicated YouTube technical team. The development of new filters and other optimizations make it possible to continuously screen this content to ensure that your children only see what is appropriate for their age. We explain some functions of YouTube Kids to you, which are handy.

Blocking certain content

This app makes it possible to block content directly for your child. This can be done through the device YouTube Kids is installed on. If you create an account for your child, it is intended that you link it to your own parent account. From there you can also adjust the settings of your child's account. Incidentally, this is also possible on the normal version of YouTube if you set 'parental controls' there.

Set a content level and adjust it too

This can also be done on YouTube with parental controls or YouTube kids. There are three different content levels on YouTube Kids: YouTube Toddlers/Preschoolers (0-4 years), YouTube Child (5-8 years) and YouTube Parent (9+ years).

Content is continuously screened by YouTube and classified into these different categories. However, be aware that a video sometimes escapes the eye of the experts. You can immediately block this and report it.

Turn off the search function

On YouTube Kids you have the option to disable the search function. This means that the range of videos will be limited and, among other things, the functions 'recommended' and 'watch again' will be deleted.

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Please note: if you turn off the search function, your child will not be able to search for videos but will only see content from YouTube Kids (and you). If you turn on the search function, your child can search for all videos that are available on the YouTube Kids platform.

Check your child's viewing history

As a parent, it is important to monitor what your child watches and searches on YouTube (Kids). You can easily check this viewing history.

This is how it works on YouTube Kids:
Click the "Recommended" option at the top of the home screen.
Click on the arrows icon to check the videos in 'Watch it again'.

Here's how it works on a YouTube channel with parental controls:
Go to the 'My Activity' page.
Select "YouTube History".
Select 'Manage activity'.
Here you can view all previous activities.

Ready? SET. go! Your child is now all set to watch videos in a safe environment.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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