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World’s Most Intelligent Person – Intelligent People – Highest IQ Ever Recorded

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Kim Ung Yonga

The world’s most intelligent person is not the world’s richest person such as Mexican telecom mogul Carlos Slim Helú with a net worth of $73 billion, Microsoft founder Bill Gates with a $67 billion fortune, Spain's Amancio Ortega with a net worth of $57 billion, Berkshire Hathaway boss Warren Buffett with a net worth of $54 billion, or Oracle's founder, Larry Ellison, with a net worth of $41 billion. The world’s most intelligent person has been speculated to be Kim Ung Yonga of Korea.

At the age of only four years, Kim Ung Yonga could solve integral calculus problems. Kim Ung Yonga mental scale had an IQ of 210 which he scored at Stanford-Binet test. At 3, Kim Ung Yonga could speak Japanese, Korean, German, and English languages fluently.

Kim Ung Yonga - The world’s most intelligent person

Kim Ung Yonga - The world’s most intelligent person

Normal Social Skills


Kim Ung Yonga was born on March 8, 1962 to parents who were both professors. Kim attended Colorado StateUniversity where he obtained a Ph.D. in Physics at age 16. Upon return to South Korea, Kim decided to switch from physics to civil engineering where he also obtained a Ph.D in civil engineering.


As a child Kim portrayed normal social skills just like any other average child.

Marilyn vos Savant - The world’s most intelligent woman

Marilyn vos Savant - The world’s most intelligent woman

Marilyn vos Savant

And just like any other title, every country would want to have the world’s most intelligent person. Among many others who can be given the title of the world’s most intelligent person is Marilyn vos Savant. Marilyn vos Savant was born August 11, 1946 in USA and is of German and Italian ancestry. Her IQ is very controversial and has varied between 167, 180, 195, 215, and 230.

Marilyn has been writing the column “Ask Marilyn” where she specializes in solving puzzles of logic and mathematics together with answering questions about philosophy, physics, politics, education, and human nature.

Christopher Michael Langan - The American's most intelligent man

Christopher Michael Langan - The American's most intelligent man

Christopher Michael Langan

Another contender for the title is Christopher Michael Langan. Langan was born in 1952 and is reported to be one of the smartest persons in America.  Lagman IQ has been been measured at between 195 and 210. Langan has his own theory of the relationship between mind and reality and which he calls the "Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe”

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More Intelligent People

1. William James Sidis with an IQ ranging 200 to 300

2. Johann Goethe with an IQ of 225

3. Hugo Grotius with an IQ of 200+

4. Thomas Wolsey with an IQ of 200+

5. Engineer Philip Emeagwali with an IQ of 190

6. World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov with an IQ of 190

7. Sir Isaac Newton with an IQ of 190

8. Francois-Marie Arouet (Voltaire) with an IQ 190

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9. Ludwig Wittgenstein with an IQ 190

10. Leonardo da Vinci with an IQ of 180

11. Actor James Woods with an IQ of 180

12. Buonarroti Michelangelo with an IQ of 180

13. David Hume with an IQ 180

14. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with an IQ of 180

15. Blaise Pascal with an IQ of 171

16. Microsoft Founder Paul Allen with an IQ of 160

17. Martin Luther with an IQ of 170

18. Michael Faraday with an IQ of 170

19. Galileo Galilei with an IQ of 165

20. Albert Einstein with an IQ of 160

21. Charles Darwin with IQ of 150

22. George Washington with an IQ of 140


Biltov on May 24, 2018:


gunika on January 27, 2015:

it is very easy

Christopher V. on February 12, 2014:

My own experience with I.Q. results and idea of intelligence/giftedness leads me to believe that the tests are as much a hindrance as a benefit (if not more so). I am a highly aware, philosophically astute and critically capable person whose is talented in a multitude of areas with an average I.Q. (110). I am constantly surprised by the level of critical ignorance and limited rational abilities of others (including every single college professor I have ever worked with) and yet I am socially dysfunctional and as far from my own personal definition of success (the only definition that actually has value; though such value is still subjective) as possible.

I could be an anomaly, though I believe that it is more likely that these tests are structured in such a manner as to allow a multitude of variables to adversely affect a score (e.g. mental illness, insecurity, anxiety, waking up on ‘the wrong side of the bed’ the day of the test, etc.) and that they do not effectively cover the full spectrum of what could be reasonably defined as ‘intelligence’ (e.g. a person who has impressive mathematical/logic-oriented skills, a sharp memory and a quick wit can be rationally inept, have a shallow level of awareness and/or have poor critical thinking skills yet still score high on an I.Q. test).

And I am pretty sure that it is impossible to test dead men.

PS: I am sorry if I seem pretentious and reactionary; as someone struggling to find a place in this society I find this subject matter unsettling to say the least.

Cheers and Godspeed.

Mike Fuller on December 07, 2013:

According to the Cox Index ( the most extensive research into the I.Q. of past genius ) The Poet and Politician Byron ( 1788 - 1824 ) has had an I.Q. attributed to him of about 180 on the Stanford-Binet scale!!! Due to the Flynn effect this translates today in 2013 at about 158 on the scale!!! which is about 1 / 7000. On this scale 145 is genius level. Byron was one of the most intelligent of all poets. as intelligent as the top Mathematicians, Physicists and Philosophers of his day. He was also a Libertine, heavy drinker, drug taker and was believed to have been Bi-Polar. Suprisingly ST Coleridge ( 1772 - 1834 ) English Poet, Critic and Philosopher who had a Universal Knowledge Unequalled by any Thinker of his day and was also believed to have been Bi-Polar scored 175 on the Cox List!!! Yet he was the Leading Intellect of the English Romantic Movement!!! Most Nobel Prize Winning Theoretical Physicists score 160 or above on the Stanford-Binet scale!!!

Mike Fuller on September 22, 2013:

I tested my I.Q. to be 144 on '' on the Stanford-Binet Scale.

I could have done better as I was shattered when I took the test and

in addition to that took too much time, when I could have done the test

faster. So I could have easily scored in the 'Genius' range. However my

I.Q. if I scored about 149 on the Stanford-Binet Scale would only be

about 1 / 1000, so there are 7 million people in the world, today in

2013, with higher or much higher I.Q. And in the history of the world

something like ( I think ) about 45 million. So where are so many of

these people on the list!!! Of course the list would be far, far too long.

On other test I've scored 'Above Average', 'Average' and 'Below

Average' so I can't boast too much!!! But it's all interesting to a point

But to quote John Lennon ( 1940 - 1980 ) 'Nothing to get hung


Cheers - Mike ( Fuller )

Mike Fuller on September 20, 2013:

Has anyone mentioned Kim Peek 'The Real Rainman' he has

memorized over 12,000 books. Sadly he's dead

but I'd imagine his I.Q. would not be phenomenal. I think WS Gilbert

( 1836 - 1911 ) was exceptionally clever, although unsuccesful as a

Barrister. 'The General's Song' from The Pirates of Penzance'

( 1880 ), 'The High Aesthetic Line' from 'Patience' ( 1881 ) and

'The Nightmare Song' from 'Iolanthe' show a remarkable skill in

construction, without seeming contrived!!! Was John Stuart Mill

( 1806 - 1873 ) on the list, who like Kim Peek could use both sides

of his brain independently, was reading Ancient Greek at 3 and aged

8 was reading Plato ( 429bc - 347bc ). Research into Past Genius

at Stanford University has produced an I.Q. figure of above the

ceiling of 200 on the Terman Scale, as with Swedenborg and

the German Poet and Polymath Goethe ( 1749 - 1832 ). The most

exstensive research into the I.Q. of past genius on the Cox Index puts

Goethe top at 210!!! and Liebniz ( 1646 - 1716 ) second at 205!!!

I have never seen or heard of an I.Q. rating for Hildergard von

Bingen ( 1098 - 1179 ). She may not be up there with the

Leonardos and Goethes of this world, but it would be intresting to

produce a figure for this Writer, Composer, Philosopher and

Polymath to see as such a remarkable woman how she stands against

the likes of Hypatia.

Cheers - Mike ( Fuller )

Mike Fuller on September 20, 2013:

I think the Historian Dr. Lucy Worsley ( b.1973 ) should be top,

she is clever, but above all I think I fancy her!!!

Iury on June 10, 2013:

oh, sorry, now i saw sir isaac newton (just 190 for the founder of modern science, biggest scientist and biggest theologian of all times?)

Iury on June 10, 2013:

where is newton? Montaigne talks about how intelligencee is overrated...

vbnkfd jdfrgj d on May 27, 2013:

this site is

Coddy Clinton on March 26, 2013:

that is true whow there are superb and i think that basing IQ test mostly on imagery and mathematics is pready good

ali ahmed on March 18, 2013:


Mahaveer Sanglikar from Pune, India on March 05, 2013:

Is it fair to calculate IQ on mathematical and linguistic skills, and on General knowledge?

Jason Matthews from North Carolina on February 23, 2013:

I learned a lot from this hub. Thanks for sharing!

Slaven Cvijetic from Switzerland, Zurich on February 19, 2013:

You could have included Goethe too in more smart people. Okay, you may not know him, because he was a German who lived in the 18/19th century, but check him out. His IQ is said to be somewhere from 180-230.

Naren on January 07, 2013:

Are people so interested in studying. I guess i'm not. But always stood first in class and university.

Jerryx on November 15, 2012:

I say it again and i will say it all the time Where Is Stephen Hawking?

biltov on November 14, 2012:

its good one. this hub gives me encourage,,,, whenever im bored i read it,, and i see myself smilling,,,,,thanks alot the author,,,,i think you have to do research about one great man from Somalia,,whom i think,, is among the most intalegent person in the world,,,,,, he is SAYID MOHAMMAD ABDULLE HASSAN ( MAD MULLAH),,,he fights against the British,

Chistina Jhonson-Voors on November 09, 2012:

One of the most intelligent persons I personally I know is the Marques de Ferreira Duke the Cadaval.

Born in Florence Italy 10/11/1942,I worked for him as a private secretary for many years besides his companion and friend.

A man that spoke 9 languages,built entire companies from the ground up,

designed and invented several wind mills,recycled glass,metal and created Green Earth Recycling and Solar Energy in several countries in South America.

Married 5 times and no children he has the hard task to leave an immense fortune to someone able to follow his steps.

A super intelligent man with an I.Q. of 189 and several P.H.D's,Sciences Fellow with 4 doctorates titles and several more in Physics,Marine Biology and Human Non Verbal Communications as well as Space,Stellar travel and the formula to debunk neutrinos and the String Theory as begging to the Universe.

He studied the plausibility of space travel via Worm Holes and Space Continuum.

A mind to reckon with par the the very best scientists anywhere and a member of the U.N. fighting for the rights of children.

He has opened several free orphanages,hospitals,schools,and possesses an incredible amount of the finest real state worldwide.

yanki on November 09, 2012:

It is good topic, I like to read such stuffs, however I am surprised that the late prime insister of Ethiopia, MELES ZENAWI is not there. You know guys many people do not know him, maybe he was from Africa/Ethiopia. He was incredibly intelligent, in my humble opinion, he must definitely be one of the greatest/most intelligent people of all time.

salim on November 05, 2012:

good information

pascal umeh junior on October 28, 2012:

he deserves it

Chetan Boozer on October 21, 2012:


papao on August 28, 2012:

i thought Sho Yano is the most intelligent people in the world....he finished college when he is 9 years old.

Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on August 23, 2012:

Some very interesting data you have collected. Are you one of these (no need to answer)? When I was still teaching I had some really bright children whose IQ is measured may or may not reflect that. I had one child whose IQ was 186; he was a sixth grade student. He was an interesting child because he was interested in everything. I had a young girl who had the same numbers and she was not interested in anything. I would be interested in knowing what became of them (I knew them in the 70s).

Ask Marilyn Marilyn has always been a favorite of mine. I am so glad she is on the list not that I am surprised.

Thanks for sharing it with us.

peter rose on August 20, 2012:

i believe you can only really measure a persons true intelegence when you measure both emotional and interlectual of a person , as it is only the whole of any thing, any person that is a true measure .

Mahaveer Sanglikar from Pune, India on August 04, 2012:

Interesting Hub, thank you for sharing.

Grace Marguerite Williams from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York on July 13, 2012:

This is an excellent hub. I already knew about James Woods and Marilyn vos Savant. However, I did not know about Kim Ung Yonga. Fascinating piece!

Gothicio on July 09, 2012:

Leonardo da Vinci would be my assumption. A universal genius in every respect. There was nothing that he could not accomplish if he put his mind to it.

Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz invented Differential Calculus completely indepdent of Isaac Newton. Leibniz also made rudimentary discoveres on the modern day binary system used by computers, centuries ahead of his time!

Most certainly these two rank up there for me.

josh clint c.gerra on June 26, 2012:

your so most intelegent man in the world

Yashvi on June 11, 2012:

it's really fascinating and inspiring seeing such great people exist... and giving the world their remarkable presence..:))

Dulan on June 07, 2012:

IQ test is the most suitable measurement for choose the intelligent person according to researches. so according to this site, Engineers are the most intelligent than others.

anirudh mackar on May 24, 2012:

wondering the name of thomas alva edison is not there

anirudh mackar on May 24, 2012:

i guess the most intelligent person is thomas alva edison who does not appear in the above list but had given us the most significant inventions

Prosoon on May 18, 2012:

It's really very good.I have enjoyed it very much.

ala on May 17, 2012:

hi guys im a 12 year old female for the past couple of months my IQ has increased normaly i would get between 180-190 but now i started to get 200-300 is that normal because of what i read people who have these scores are geniuses i just want to ask becuse most girls in my class get score like 100 and i have no boys in my class and i understand IQs and i know 300 is preety high

ala on May 17, 2012:

hi guys im a 12 year old female for the past couple of months my IQ has increased normaly i would get between 180-190 but now i started to get 200-300 is that normal because of what i read people who have these scores are geniuses i just want to ask becuse most girls in my class get score like 100 and i have no boys in my class and i understand IQs and i know 300 is preety high

gayathri on May 13, 2012:

It is very good but who did thhis job i really handsuf to such aperson who did it

Ngnancy2o on May 12, 2012:

Ithink i disagree with the fact that people that know mathematics are inteligent people with some high IQ,there are espert in other relevant courses of life,i think nobody is perfect in this life but i believe that we are all gifted and unique,so i will beter brighten the corner i find my self.

lashin dude on May 09, 2012:

if tings could turn around and ican be like kim

KIM UNG YONGA on May 03, 2012:


Robert on May 01, 2012:

IQ's between family members can vary as greatly as any other trait. I have 3 siblings one barely in the above average the other two in the well above average group. And myself according to IQ tests a genius. 150-200 on the Stanford(taken 3 separate times at 8, 16, 24). There are also families with identical twins one of which is solidly average and the other is exceptional. you are born with a certain amount of intelligence potential but environment also plays a factor, as well as ones perceptions of events.

dagny roth from Neverland on April 19, 2012:

Why does intelligence have to involve math? I could be really smart....(shrug) nice hub and voted up! Very interesting.

ngureco (author) on April 18, 2012:

@Atul Raj,

Everyone else is seeing Charles Darwin had an IQ of 150, not 15. Check your PC display.

SADRO on April 18, 2012:

you know sometime test is not accurate measurement of personal ability

we can respect the ability of some body by seeing what is invited by him, even if an idea.

Atul Raj on April 18, 2012:

Interesting, I enjoyed reading this.

By the way, I think you have a typo for #18. I'm pretty sure you meant that Charles Darwin had an IQ of 150, not 15. Just thought you'd want to know.

vincent c. on April 11, 2012:

this is interesting.i will still need to no more on this.

Acim Malik on April 08, 2012:

Kim ung Yonga..... Im ur new fan..:)

very interesting topic...

Thanks to the one who wrote/typed this.

student on April 07, 2012:

I was really shocked and surprised about the most intelligent Kim ung yonga............. on April 06, 2012:

thank you for this most people i what be amount them plc iam from nigerial

josef lestert on April 04, 2012:

i think am one of them

lestert on April 04, 2012:

it's really awesome

Alexis on March 21, 2012:

So an IQ of 140- an estimated IQ, no less- is sufficient to make it onto the list?

A list of intelligent people should include the highly intelligent people. An IQ of 140 is in the 99.8th percentile, which is very high, but that is pathetically low compared to the others on the list. Surely there are more intelligent people who could be on that list?

King Lee on March 18, 2012:

For more information it doesn't matter what a bright u have but inside u have no spirit of God that's become a nonsense things to u. I believe that this kind of person will be the most influence by evil.Because most of the bright people they don't believe God. They forget that every thing of what we have now or before are came from GOD.All the thing that we should is always be thankful that we have a vital knowledge to gain and to think of what are the things surrounds us.Talking about intelligence we are all belong with this kind of matter.

TheDudeski89 on March 09, 2012:

A High I.Q. is not synonymous with true intelligence.

Aku Terrence on February 27, 2012:

Great to these people,I have have not seen any African is it that they don't do IQ test? I have hope for them.

darwish on February 11, 2012:

this information i got from here is so great and i wwould like to know more about this great persons so i expect more guidelines.......... friends

Seeker on February 10, 2012:

I read somewhere else that Galileo's IQ was 166 but this article says 165. I don't know who is right. Which IQ test did Galileo take? was it the Terman or Weschsler etc..? or maybe one of the Mensa tests

Joe on January 30, 2012:

Would be interesting to know how it was possible to know the IQ scores of people who died prior to when testing began, in the early 20th century.

Mr See-Kin Noledge on January 30, 2012:

I have a very important and serious question to ask. Do you know if there are any list of Double Doctorate Holders, Triple or mebbe even if there is a person with quad Doctrate holder in the world ?

So far, Ive personally know 1 Double doctrate holder. Im just wondering if there was a published list of the most highest or highly academically qualified persons in the world. TQ

AG on January 26, 2012:

does being an intelligent man is hard?

Stobals on January 18, 2012:

Most people have never taken a "real" IQ test that is administered by a licensed psycologist.

Internet IQ tests are only scams. Besides true geniuses would never try to measure their intelligence with an IQ test.

sheila on January 18, 2012:

if he's so brilliant & his worth in billions,then why not do something useful with it like creating world peace?surely his genes can help him do something for humanity.Seem to me these geniuses are just regular people & if bill gates is so smart what will his IQ do for him in iraq on the battleground? Its all baloney!

O_M on January 16, 2012:

Pretty High stuff. But Ramanujan should totally be on there.

Ron on January 15, 2012:

This is informative. I want to become intelligent like them

ganges de gal... on January 06, 2012:

hmmmmmmm difference betn a talented person n a genius.........

Uma Maheswar Nakka on January 05, 2012:

Good knowledge sharing. but now Vishalini a 10 years old girl from a small district called Palayankottai, Tamilnadu, has been declared as the girl with highest IQ level in the world. She has been tested for IQ level and found that her IQ level is 225 at the age of 10 years.

mahendra on January 04, 2012:

realy great persons

Kieran Volbrecht on January 03, 2012:

Where is Mozart? Leonardo da Vinci should be higher.

sarah ab on January 02, 2012:

how to become a clever man

Jason Adelba on December 31, 2011:

Have you guys heard of Iqbal Saleh whose IQ on Bibet scale is 233?

shohin on December 27, 2011:

than you

kumar on December 25, 2011:

i do not understand how came w bush

vaisali on December 18, 2011:


Bhekinkosi on December 14, 2011:

Gary Kasparov the chess player i think he has an IQ over that which was mentioned also Leonado was a jack of all trades, he sholud have had a higher IQ....

JUBAER on December 11, 2011:

awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! i am one of them reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

vishal jain, india on December 07, 2011:

good can we be one of them???????????????????????????????

me myself n i on December 07, 2011:

let this individuals write the Gre subject test and let me get their score expecially physics.

james on December 04, 2011:

mas matalino aq dyan

KinGpato on December 04, 2011:

9c 1 quyz..buh ah xpected "EINSTEIN" 2b rated amonq d quyz wif d best "IQ.s"...please enliqhten me

Fakhra on December 01, 2011:

Stephen hawking @rehan Younas

Rehan Younas on November 24, 2011:

Please tell me the name of the person who has got most number of Ph.Ds

anyasi patrick on November 22, 2011:

it is good to be smart

izzariah on November 12, 2011:

thanks a lot hub

iQ_tester on November 02, 2011:

I have just tried an iQ test and being a teen, I have scored 181 which I think is pretty good, hopefully one day I'll be up there with them and then be able to help more people:)

alamkhan on November 01, 2011:


jason on November 01, 2011:

I agree a lot with what lela said. Micheal Jackson and his brothers were proof of that. There lives were so strict and ordered that they became superstars at a time whenit was very difficult for blacks to become famous. eVEN AT MY AGE OF 39 MY i.Q HAS INCREASED ABOUT TWENTY POINTS FROM AGE 17 BY THE AMOUNT OF READING,STUDYING PLANNING AND HELL FINANCIALLY THAT i WENT THROUGH. iT MADE ME STRONGER MORE ALERT AND SMARTER EVEN IN MATH WHICH PREVIOUSL WAS MY WORST SUBJECT..

Yusuf on October 31, 2011:

it doesn't matter what your I.Q but what contribution have you made on the world advancemen. Kim youga and marilyn with the highest IQ have not write a hypothesis let alone get a Nobel prize award. But Estein, Newton, with low IQ have their name written on a Gold, even Niel bour, paulins that their name is not found on the list are ever living scholar. I wish i have negative IQ but have my Name existing like that of Newton and won the Nobel prize in physics.

Ollie on October 30, 2011:

Just to William James Sidis iQ is based on the old Iq test not the modern Iq Test

Papicha on October 30, 2011:

I did not know IQ tests existed at the time of George Washington

.:UntilThen:. on October 18, 2011:

This is cool...I did not know the Korean man had one of the highest IQ...I am pretty sure there are other highly intelligent people in the world not been acknowledged...but we all know that God Almighty is the all wise..all knowing..and most intelligent One...He is sovereign in other words...whether you agree or disagree..

laura on October 16, 2011:

mark zuckerberg should be in the list

Ben from UK on October 12, 2011:

Very interesting and provocative article. The issue of IQ has always aroused interest and will always be so. It's important to point out that intelligence is a potential. We've all been endowed divinely speaking. For me whether you have a high or low IQ it's important that you strive to reach your potential and help others on the way. Moreover, you should know your creator who have blessed you with wisdom. With your IQ get wisdom from above.

An interesting article in every way!

billy on October 12, 2011:

Dave, Langan *has* applied his mind to actual problems. His Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe (CTMU) constitutes the logical framework for a Theory of Everything.

Masanja Masanja on October 11, 2011:

there are many genius people with high IQ than mentioned above in Tanzania but we have no one to see them...pls welcome to find out

Dave on October 10, 2011:

Sorry, I don't consider vos Savant or Langan for example to be the smartest. How is spending a life writing articles for the Sunday paper, or farming, demonstrate superior intelligence? I actually have more respect for the IQ test than many as far as predicting/defining raw intelligence. But imo "smartness" can also only be demonstrated by "results". Someone like Newton or Heisenberg or Turing had plenty of results.

Someone like vos Savant, Langan--they haven't applied their supposed genius to actual problems, haven't made any contributions to science, haven't had any of their theories peer-reviewed, because they haven't made any.

If "intelligence" includes even one iota of "effort" or "ability to use it to find new things out", then people like vos Savant and Langan fail the test.

Obviously some, perhaps like Langan, certainly like Sidis and the later Turing, find their social conditions or personal attacks too detrimental and withdraw from society. This is a decent "defense" of their not contributing as much as they possibly could to science/invention.

But someone like vos Savant and Langan? What is their excuse? Obviously, they need absolutely no excuse if they don't care about advancements. If Langan is happier on a farm or vos Savant writing columns, there is no great fault with that. But solely in the cold context of demonstrating great genius, they've fallen short.

Rana Amir on October 09, 2011:

Very nice

doug on October 03, 2011:

I thought that bill gates was the founder of microsoft...

jesu oja on September 29, 2011:

where's my name huh? hehehe...great hub!!!!! very interesting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

marko on September 29, 2011:

lol and where is tesla, the most brillian man ever lived, the dark secret of usa?

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