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History Lessons: World War 1 Facts For Kids

WW1 Facts for Kids

WW1 Facts for Kids


Kids should learn something about World War 1. WWI is part of world history and kids must be aware of how it occurred, what caused it, who won it, which the participating countries were and when and how it ended. This article lists interesting facts you probably didn’t know about the First World War but it doesn’t go in detail.

There are many useful resources online and in your local library that can teach you more about this devastating global disaster. Those who do not pay attention to history are doomed to repeat it.


World War 1 Facts for Kids

  1. World War 1 is believed to have resulted from the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and his wife
  2. World War 1 started in 1914 and ended in 1918
  3. World War 1 was fought between the allies and the central powers. The allies side were led by the likes of Britain, France and the United States (US) while the central powers composed of Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria etc
  4. World War 1 was the first war that involved the use of chemical weapons like mustard gas
  5. The United States was pushed into the war after one of its ships (Lusitania) was attached and sinked in the year 1915. The U.S officially joined the war two years later in april 1917
  6. The United States was involved in the war for about 8 months before it withdrew its soldiers from the battleground. During that time close to 120,000 of their soldiers were killed and approximately 200,000 got injured
  7. World War 1 is said to have resulted in the death of nearly 8 million soldiers as well many civilian populations. Over 20 million troops were also wounded as they took part in the war
  8. Britain lost close to 60,000 soldiers in the first day of the war alone. This was at the battle of Somme. There were also over 250,000 amputated British soldiers by the end of the war. This was as a result of the various injuries they attained during the course of the war
  9. France suffered the biggest casualty during world war one as statistics indicate that close to 11% of its total population perished during the course of the war.
  10. Close to 200,000 soldiers are also believed to have died in trenches that were full of deadly snakes as well as rats, lice and other harmful organisms.

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