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World War 1 Field Service Postcards from the front

Field Service Postcards from my great grandfather during World War One. September 1915

Christmas Field Postcard - the censors allowed my great grandfather to write a short Christmas greeting.

Christmas Field Postcard - the censors allowed my great grandfather to write a short Christmas greeting.

Soldiers were not allowed to divulge information in letters or postcards about their whereabouts when fighting on the front line in World War One. Field postcards such as these were a form of censorship. The soldiers were only able to cross out pre-typed phrases that were not applicable to them and sign their names.

My great grandfather was however, able to write a short 'Happy Christmas' greeting on one field postcard (pictured) that he sent to his mother while fighting on the front - perhaps the censors were more lenient on that special occasion.

Some soldiers tried to send subterfuge information home via these postcards about their location or details about their deployment. To read about an interesting case of a soldier tricking the censors, click here.

For an example of other field postcards please visit the Museum of Victoria website.

For easier navigation I have listed each letter in chronological order:

  1. Rediscovering my great grandfather, Reginald Trevor: Letters home from World War 1
  2. Background Information about my great grandfather - Reginald Trevor - a soldier in World War 1

  3. 18th October 1914: World War 1 letter - Mother I have enlisted for war

  4. 23rd October 1914: - Preparing to Embark - World War One

  5. 22nd February 1915: We have embarked - World War One letter

  6. 20th August 1915: Letter from Cairo - World War One

  7. 5th October 1915: Trench Rats! World War One letter

  8. 2nd Nov 1915: WW1 Letter - Life on Lemnos Island rest camp

  9. Christmas Day 1915: WW1 letter - Life in the Gallipoli Trenches

  10. World War 1 Field Service Postcards from the front (current page)

  11. 1916: World War 1 letter - Belgian refugees' suffering, experiences in Egypt and France

  12. 3rd Dec 1916: WW1 Letter: Life in Perham Downs camp - England
  13. 18th April 1917: WW1 Letter: Stretcher bearers, ships and shell shock
  14. 14th Oct 1917: WW1 letter: The tedium of 'home service' in England
  15. 22 Oct 1917: Wounded in the Battle of Pozières - the Somme: WW1 Letter home
  16. Postcards from World War One - France

For background information about Reginald Trevor, please click here.


Rufus rambles (author) from Australia on January 12, 2012:

@The Blagsmith: Thanks for your feedback. Yes - it is fascinating to see how soldiers gave messages home despite the restrictions and hardships they endured. It has given me great pause for thought about my own small challenges in life compared to what they all went through.

The Blagsmith from Britain on January 11, 2012:

Fascinating. It is nice to have something a little bit different. Thanks for the insight.

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