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World Is a Stage

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When we are watching a movie in a theater, we know that we are witnessing well-scripted, produced, directed, and acted performances about people trying to make friends and find love while attempting to face and solve uncommon problems. Even though they are make-believe, sometimes, we can identify with some of the characters and their predicaments in the movies. We cannot help but wonder how we will react in some of their situations.

There is a saying that the observers always have a better picture of what is going on than the participants. We are the observer when we watch a movie but a participant in the game of life as we go about our daily activities. We may not be aware that our life is also well-scripted, produced, directed, and acted. But, the script is written in our DNA, Nature is the producer, physical laws are the director, and everything is playing a unique part and important role.

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Author's work


The movie is made following what is written in a script. The script is usually written based on the writer's life experiences and or imagination. Each person lives one's life following one's unique mental and physical capabilities which are written in the chemical codes of the person’s DNA.

From the movie script, we can tell how the characters and the story are going to develop and how they will end. A person’s DNA determines what the person will be (eye and skin color, gender, intelligence, etc.) and who the person can be (athlete, scholar, musician, murderer, schemer, etc.).

From the movie script, there are cops and robbers, friends and foes, heroes and villains, professionals and factory workers, etc.; they all are playing an important role to help the audience to understand the storyline. In real life, each person will find and fulfill one’s role instinctively and for some, the role will find them instead. Either way, life is not possible without the participation of people from all walks of life.


The movie's producer is responsible to estimate and determine the cost of making the movie. The cost includes hiring the actors and extras, editor, cinematographer, director, and other technical personnel, and the locations of the scenes to be taken place. The better the planning and preparation, the better the chance the movie will be completed on time and within budget.

To tell the life story of a person, Nature is the producer. It plans and prepares every scene and location for each person to play in. It also provides the necessary resources for each person to find and fulfill one’s role. In the movie, only the main characters’ story is told. Nature makes sure that everyone’s story is getting told.

Some people’s lives may not seem significant like the president of a country vs. the office janitor. But, their roles are all unique and important for the office janitor’s future generations maybe the president of a country.


In a movie, the director determines how the story is to be told. The director:

1) Instructs how the actors are going to perform in carefully staged scenes,

2) Attempts to create a make-believe world with drama and realism, and

3) Connects every role to one another with meaning and purpose.

In life, physical laws are the director that determines how the story on Earth is to be told. A person’s role is molded and shaped by the environmental changes and the surrounding people both of which are controlled and affected by the natural forces – sunshine, rain, earthquake, weather, hurricane, etc.- that are in turn regulated and guided by the physical laws.

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In a movie, a person can only say and do things with the acknowledgment of the director. In life, a person can say and do things whatever one desires except:

1) They must not violate the laws of the land,

2) They must follow the public’s rules and regulations,

3) They must be respectful and trustworthy with friends, and responsible and caring in the family.


In a movie, knowingly, everyone is playing the assigned role the best way they know how to tell a story in a make-believe world. In life, unknowingly, everyone is playing the assigned role to their best capability to make a story work in the real world:

1) To be a physician, one has to possess a keen mind to grasp the complexity of how the body functions and how to fix it when it does not,

2) To be a physicist, one has to possess a mind that is capable of deep and logical thinking to solve the mystery of the physical world that can only be understood and explained with mathematical equations,

3) To be the president of a country, one must be a good communicator, be able to understand civil problems big and small, be comfortable in the spotlight in front of strangers, etc.

We can learn to be a teacher but not a scholar. We can be trained to fly an airplane but not an astronaut. We can study to balance a book but not a mathematician. We can only do things that we are capable of.


We only live for one life. In a movie, we can watch and learn what kind of lives is possible, how other people live their lives, and why some people’s lives turn out the ways they do. Most importantly, we watch and learn that:

1) All characters’ lives have meaning and serve a purpose,

2) All characters’ lives are interconnected in some ways directly or indirectly,

3) Each character has a life of its own and is free to choose what to do each day. But the paths it chooses somehow all end up in the same destination, etc.

For the story to work, each character in the movie does not know that one is acting for a part, one's life has meaning and purpose, and how one's life affects or is affected by the surrounding people. The same scenarios can be applied to us in the real life. It is then not hard to comprehend that we can be characters (just like the movie) acting out a part to tell a story with a cast of millions on a stage as big as the world.

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