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Women's Anatomy - The 40s and the present

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The women of today! Image

The women of today! Image

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Women in the 1940s.                 Image source:

Women in the 1940s. Image source:

Women have matured with age, indeed!

It is seen that in comparison to their counterparts in the late 40s women have changed a whole lot, of course, for the better.

Changing conditions have favored noticeable changes in terms of height, weight, breasts, waist, hips, feet-size and life expectancy.


While the women in the 1940s had an average height of 5 ft 2in, the women of present have an average height of 5 ft 4 in. Improved diet, warmer conditions and access to better medication has diversified more energy towards growth.


The women in the 40s weighed an average 61 kg while the women of today weigh an average 65 kg. Lesser housework and an increase in consumption of fat, sugar and alcohol and not to forget better transport facilities have contributed significantly to the weight factor of today’s women.


37B used to be the average size in the 40s, it has ballooned to a 38C(+) average size in the women of today. Rising obesity and hormone therapy during menopause are partly to blame for the increase in the cup size.

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Women of today average at a waist size of 34 inches while it used to be an average of 27 inches in the 40s. Lack of exercise and a diet high in saturated fat explains expanding waistlines.


Storage of fat in the waists rather than the hips due to unbalance estrogen levels has brought about a minor change in the women of then and now. 39 inches used to be the average hip size in the 40s, 40 inches being the average hip size in the present.

Feet size

Bulkier bodies added to broader feet thereby almost doubling the then and present feet sizes. An average feet size of 3 and ½ in the 40s has now broadened to a 6.

Life expectancy

Women of today are luckier than their counterparts in the 40s; they survive longer. An average life expectancy of 70.9 years in the 40s now stands at 81.5 years, all thanks to better hygiene, access to better medication and of course nutrition.

No explanation for the shrinking fabric as the women of today gets dressed, though! Blame it on global warming!


rednailpolish123 on October 24, 2011:

The average bra size in the 1940's was a 32B not a 37B. Just a typo.

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