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Women, an Entangled Tale of Sacrifice

Women, an entangled tale of sacrifice

Women, the life that holds the ability to blossom another life. The one who gets entangled between responsibility and versatility. The life of a woman from her birth to death gets twirled, twisted, and diversified. The journey when it gets started decides its fate itself.

Why is the plight of women in India so difficult? Social change takes much longer than legislative change—whereas laws can be changed from year to year, changing social frameworks can take generations.

Women suffer the wrath of many situations in life, and this is the reason they are viewed as the epitome of sacrifice. According to society, girls are apparently born with a set life-plan: to have children and look after other households.

Women bound in shackles, stereotypes, and constraints are still in the clutches of societal norms. The journey of sacrifice in the society of a woman goes wide enough in the long journey called life. That begins as:

Being in the race- A fighter

The possession of a miraculous nature to fight back comes from the very existing form of human-the sperm. Being in the race to fight for survival teaches us the art of survival even after birth. The prolonged race then results in an embryo. The very first form of a living baby

In the developing stage: A Giver

During the development of an embryo, the lump of muscle while growing itself helps the mother to recover. The repairing tissue released by the baby during its growth automatically fixes an injury or disease caused to the mother carrying it in her womb.

Being Born: A Bone or Curse?

The process of birth includes the birth of questions. As the family decides the fate of a newborn, alive or not. The decision made decides the destiny of a baby—to be alive, buried to death, or to be sold or abandoned. It's a tough one to decide, isn’t it?

Growing up with siblings: A Caretaker

Caring like a mother Growing up with siblings, daughters tend to carry the legacy of a mother. The legacy of caring gets carried away until death parts them apart.

Developing understanding: Being Empathetic

At a very tender age, a child understands the word sacrifice. That can be a sacrifice of a toffee, a doll, a dress, etc. The depth of understanding begins to grow with the beauty they carry.

Being in love, a knot of sacrifice: The transformation

The sacrifice of your former home, your surname, and unrevived cherished memories - a knot to a new bonding of sacrifice welcomes with a partner to deal with goods and odds.

The beginning of a new journey: Embracing the cycle of sacrifice

The journey then gets dragged manually to the epitome of the cycle, where the journey of sacrifice gets seeded and watered with patience and selflessness.

Thus, life continues with the cycle of birth and death, and so with sacrifice, revolving around it with constancy.

A life enticed by responsibility till death sets it apart. In the societal monolog, women, over a long period of time, have been idolized as being the ones sacrificing for good. Isn’t that weird enough to think about?

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The changes that a woman undergoes over her lifetime are neither less considered nor assumed to fall into the category of consideration. The flaws are embraced with taunts, the sacrifices as duties, and the changes that go unnoticed and are greeted as "good for nothing". Yet, against all odds, we stand upright with confidence and vigour to face the challenges with a smile on our faces.

The adaptable mindset of society reflects how they accept women. Women are mostly admired and crowned with a "barely know anything" crown everywhere, whether in the workplace or at home.

In fact, women are incapable of truly they are, as women don’t possess the ability to care for themselves. They do not know how to eat in the first place, can not get rid of responsibilities for their own sake, and many more.

This may raise a question in everybody’s mind like "why do they sacrifice? Nobody had asked them to do so... and so on.

As the saying goes, "old habits die hard." The women of our society over generations and centuries have embraced the taboo of sacrifice. And simultaneously, the world contributed to its judgmental assumption of sacrifice in every way possible.

Sacrifice, a word with different aspects and perspectives, is something that everyone comes across the thought of. In its broadest sense, the term "sacrifice" can be classified as follows:

Society: "Women don’t work!" "Women are meant to sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of their family," "the opinion of a woman hardly matters," and what not.

In the society of both men and women, the term "sacrifice" varies. How does that vary? Who is to decide what the true meaning of sacrifice is? How to get rid of the obsession with women's sacrifice?

The answer is by changing the "Thought", the thought to change the stereotype of sacrifice.

Sacrifice isn’t all about bragging about selflessness by strangling your own happiness for the sake of sacrifice. It’s all about enabling self-growth along with others.

Sacrifice in the true sense means sacrificing one's ego, anger, rage, obsession, inhumanity, and the entire package of negative thoughts and aspects.

Sacrifice is to grow together embracing each other.

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