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Women Education and Third World Countries

women education? not a topic ever considered to write on , here's what you need to know long with a case-study.

Right to Be Educated, Girls in Third World Countries :(


Women Education

Education, how important is it? Well, for starters almost any well paying job requires us to have quite good knowledge. Personally speaking, I am a citizen of India, which to be said is a second world country. Most of the people of my country have this medieval belief that only men are allowed to work outside home for the living of his family. This is one of the reasons why women education and other related topics are considered seriously by Indian writers, one of them being me. Women are reduced to the status of housewives, who aren’t encouraged to work as employees as they are the ones supposed to be taking cares of their babies. I agree, this has changed a lot and many Indian women have started working. However there are still so many countries where the percentage educated women is less than half that of men.

Not only is women working discouraged, the very right to educated is violated. For any of those girls, who are born in an unprivileged family or a conservative family for that matter of fact, education for them is as important for them as it as for any boy. Those girls however have to struggle to get education, why is it so?

As for the boys, they have this good-calibre, of having the gender- male. Why are some of the communities motivated into thinking this? Being a girl is as prosperous as a boy. My family has never discriminated me for being a girl and have always given me equal rights and respect, but, not all of us are as lucky right? Girls must be given the same rights as a boy, and no single person should be against it. All of us must be educated including both boys and girls. Education must be made compulsory and free for all those who are unable to afford it.

Education and child labour are interconnected, if one isn’t getting educated, he/she is forced into child labour as the only option left for living. Getting back to our topic, education is a privilege for a lot; however it is even a bigger privilege for women, especially those living in the third world countries. All i have said till now is about how much discouragement is there towards women education not only in India but in various other third world countries all around this wide world.

Concluding my topic, i think we must take strong measures to uplift women education in this terrible society that we enjoy to live in. WE WOMEN MUST BE EDUCATED.

© 2020 Anshika Goyal

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Anshika Goyal (author) on May 08, 2020:

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