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Timber Wolf of the North Endangered or Not. Also Known As The Gray Wolf.

Timber Wolf

Timber Wolf

Timber Wolf

Wolf Packs Up North

Wolf packs in the north have grown. We are now seeing them around where we live. Our son lives just down the road from us and has had them in his yard. He followed wolf tracks into our driveway.

Last winter we were driving down the highway just about into town when a wolf jumped in front of our car after a deer was on the run from the wolf. The deer ended up in front of the cars in front of us and walked slowly down highway staying close to the cars. Everyone slowed down to let the deer walk close by. The wolf then took off in the other direction. The deer went in the opposite direction of the wolf and was safe for another day.

There is a big gray wolf hanging out near our house. One of the hunters got a picture of him on his field camera. I'm going to try to get the picture on here, but I don't know this person well.

Dead Deer From Wolves

About 5940 deer may be consumed by wolves annually. 40,000 deer hit by cars each year, and about 450,000 deer shot by hunters each year.

Gray Wolf or Timeber Wolf On Our Road

We use to live on a lake and to go into town we had to take a long winding wooded road out to the highway. There was always lots of wildlife on this road. One day I saw something in the bushes alongside the road and I stopped to see what it was. It was a wolf. I rolled my window down just a little and talked to the wolf. He sat right there looking right at me not moving a muscle then he just turned and walked into the woods. I saw the wolf a few more times.

When I got home and I told my husband about him he said:

  1. Must be a coyote
  2. Must be a malamute
  3. Couldn't be a wolf

I said, "NO, it wasn't a dog. I know what a coyote looks like. It was a wolf."


Later I ran into a lady who lived right by where I had seen the wolf. She told me about seeing a wolf around her place. They had spotted it and wondered if anyone else had.

I was thrilled to go home and tell my husband I wasn't the only one who had seen the wolf. I was the only one who had talked to the wolf.

Picture of the gray wolf to the right looks like the wolf I saw. The picture of the wolf in the weeds is exactly like he was looking at me.

Wisonsin Wolf Attacks on Dogs

The wolf count for 2014 was 658 to 687 wolves. Many believe the deer count is going down because of the wolves. Which would mean no deer for many hunting! As of Jan 27, 2012, wolves are no longer on the federal endangered list for this state. The wolf count for 2011 was 800 wolves.Total count in Wisconsin of timber wolves (gray wolves ) (Canis lupus) for 2008 is 520.

The farmers aren't happy about them because they have attacked livestock. Just recently in Wisconsin they attacked exotic sheep. The man had a special breed of mix dog which included Spanish Mastiff which he used for guard dogs and wolves also killed two of the dogs.

They have attacked and killed the wild animals, Pets are going to cross paths with them there is just not much we can do about it. We keep our dogs in an electric fence so they can't get out of the yard, but a wolf could come into the yard just like the bears do. If we're going to live in the country, we have to expect it. There were 17 dogs killed in 2014.

Alpha male and female wolf mate for life. Only the alpha female of the pack has pups.

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Even though they are off the list of endangered you still can't go out and hunt them. I'm sure as the numbers grow there will be a hunting season for them just like for bear.

My family members were born and raised here and they are hunters, but I see no real reason in hunting a wolf they are not food. People won't be cutting them up putting them in their freezer for food for the winter. To me, there is no use in it. If the packs grow to big and too many wolves I can understand needed to control them.

658 to 687 wolves

Singer Taylor Mitchell

Singer Taylor Mitchell

Wolf Attacks On Humans.

There are stories of attacks on humans. While walking in areas where wolves are humans should use caution. The DNR says to throw anything you have rocks or whatever to run off a wolf. If it's a pack of wolves, you're in trouble. They are out for food and don't connect the difference between a human or a deer.

There was a school teacher in Alaska who was fatally attacked by wolves. She was jogging listen to her iPod when the attack in this rural area of Alaska. She was a teacher who traveled around from school to school in Alaska rural areas.

If coyotes can kill a folk singer on a path many people traveled on then why wouldn't a wolf also attack humans. I saw the story of this attack on tv on the National Geographic channel, and they said the coyotes were coyote-wolf hybrids. I see so many stories on the Internet where people will say wolves have never attacked humans. Just not true.

We have a friend who walks in an area where there is wolf pack and we have warned her to carry a gun just in case.

When you walk in an area where there are known packs of wolves precautions should be taken. We have heard the stories around here about wolf packs going after people, but how true they are I wouldn't know.

Kenton Joel Carnegie a 22-year-old man and a student at Ontario University. Killed by wolves in Ontario.

A Sweden zoo keeper was killed by wolves.

Black Wolf

 Timber Wolf of the North

Timber Wolf of the North