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Wild Animals Fight

Watch the Aggression among Animals

Most of the wild animals have a natural instinct to defend themselves. That is why there are fights among animals and they show their aggression either to dominate others if they are more powerful or many a times to protect themselves against any poaching while they are enjoying their prey. The fights may even be limited to the jurisdiction domination and it may take the shape of a fierce battle for survival resulting in physical damage or even death of one or more of the fighting animals.

As all of us cannot see it live in wildlife but we can certainly have a glimpse of animal aggression in the images that follow.

Meerkats fighting

Meerkats are small animals, living normally in burrows. They are very fast in burrowing but mostly very social, living in colonies. There colonies are normally guarded by one of the members of the colony. They also fight with each other, but many a times they are not so furious and sometimes it looks like a friendly match, specially in captivity.

Northern Elephant Seals fierce fighting

Males of Northern Elephant Seals fights are normally very furious and sometimes brutal resulting into bloodshed and injuries. The fights between males are normally to establish their supremacy while settling harems. Dominant males take the lead and chase away those who are weaker. They will snort while threatening each other and also produce loud clapping sounds.

Gold dust day geckos trying chase away one another

Bright green or slightly yellowish green geckos normally feed themselves on insects and nectar. Though pleasant looking the males are quite aggressive and normally do not tolerate the other males when in captivity. They would normally chase away the other males and in the process can hurt the other males and sometimes the female geckos as well. They are normally found in Madagascar and Comoros.

Ring-tailed Coati show of canine teeth

Found in the jungles and rainforests of South America, Ring-tailed Coati has black bands running across its tail. These small mammals live both on ground and trees but sleep on trees. They are fierce fighters when provoked. Their canine teeth are very sharp and their jaws very strong. They all use their scratching paws for self defense.

Blue Wildebeest - Fight of muscles

Famous for living in large migratory herds, the Blue wildebeest also fight a fierce battle. The peculiarity of their fight is kneeling down and using force of horns which normally are curved upward and then inward like parentheses. Being robust and muscular with front-heavy appearances, these wild animals with relatively slender legs do show very graceful strides in their movement on occasions other than fighting.

Hippos Fight - Heavy mammals might

Hippos live in freshwater lakes and rivers and their fights are normally very fierce. They are one of the largest mammals, very heavy and aggressive by nature. They use their canines to defend themselves and harm others who attack them. They also fight over their territories.

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Monkeys Fighting

This may be a commons scene at various places including zoos and also in residential areas in certain countries where monkeys roam about freely on roof tops and trees. Some religious and historical places in India have plenty of them. We are all fascinated by this species and the usual reasons in this case could be jurisdictional or might is right. Weaker ones are overpowered and chased away by the stronger.

Animal aggression depicted

Depiction of animal aggression has also been found at public places. Above picture depicts a Bloodhound slaying a Deer in a Park at Versailles

Fight for prey is a frequent occurrence among Lions

Lions are also called social cats but they do pounce upon each other in the event of interference while enjoying their prey. Their aggression is also visible in defending their young ones, both by the male and the female. The video presents a very vivid picure of their love for their cubs through the aggression they show time and again to protect them.

Aggression by Lions for protecting their cubs

Watch different animals fighting and see who wins. It may always not be the mighty.


John Paolo Magdaluyo from Philippine on April 15, 2013:

looking forwards for more of your hubs! keep it up!

Sukhdev Shukla (author) from Dehra Dun, India on April 15, 2013:

PaoloJpm, you have made the right observation. It is the threat which triggers aggression and it is something very common with the wild animals. Thanks for commenting and have a nice day!

John Paolo Magdaluyo from Philippine on April 15, 2013:

Interesting facts about animals. I just want to point out that aggression can also be shown towards humans in a way of threat and disturbance in their natural habitat. Moreover, we also have our domesticated animals which pertains to our pets mostly are dogs. Wherein, dogs feels that they are being threat in a simple stare at their eyes.

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