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Why Is Everyone Scared of Artificial Intelligence?

i am a long-time avid technologist. i began my tech career in the Apple world but moved to Enterprise Solutions later.


Artificial Intelligence is an arrogant human construct.

Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead—a famous quote by the first American Adm. John Paul Jones. So here we go, let's begin our journey now. Artificial intelligence is an arrogant human term to describe human-created intelligence. It is arrogant because we define the creation and the meaning of the concept of intelligence. To push beyond that is arrogant for other reasons as well. Human beings don't own intelligence. We put the word into practice. An artificial implies that it is not necessarily something real. An artificial Christmas tree holds ornaments and lights just as a cutdown evergreen tree does. An artificial tree lasts a lot longer, is ultimately better for the environment, and is in a fire hazard after about three weeks. Artificial can be a negative word. It means not real sometimes. So artificial intelligence is an arrogant human term used to describe intelligence created by humans.

Artificial intelligence is a phrase that has been in the modern lexicon for the past 5 to 10 years. Maybe a little longer than that since now that I think about it, the Terminator movie came out more than 20 years ago. Science fiction writers grabbed hold of the term and artificial intelligence many years ago, and there is so much great science fiction works to discuss the reality of artificial intelligence. As I mentioned in the movie, the Terminator focuses on artificial intelligence whose original intent was to prevent war. An artificial intelligence program designed to control weapons systems and prevents human will. Eventually, artificial intelligence realizes that the easiest way to prevent war is to remove humans. Skynet began to create terminators. And, of course, the terminators went out to kill humans.

The more modern movie, then Terminator, is Ex Machina, artificial intelligence that quickly proved smarter than humans. Or in particular smarter than humans that were around it. I managed ultimately to free itself. What that would mean for the world would have to be done in a follow-up movie. At this point, The studios never made an Ex Machina 2 or return of the Ai, but the machine's reality was smarter than the human. Artificial intelligence created by humans the AI quickly were able to supersede the human. Human beings have six senses. Artificial intelligence could plug into millions of senses. The input and capabilities generated by that amount of information processed quickly would result in faster decisions, a longer-term view of the universe around it, and ultimately something dangerous for the humans in its path.


Movies portray AI as dangerous!

Another more modern movie than Terminator is the movie chappie. In the movie Terminator and the movie Ex Machina. The primary messaging of the two movies is the concept of anti-human robotic intelligence. Non-human intelligence was "created" on purpose in both movies. Where in the other two movies, the intelligence, not benevolent, chappie ultimately is. A machine created to replace police officers, armed with all the required technology. In the movie, he was blessed with intelligence by happenstance. But like a human, the intelligence was childlike. It began innocently. It attached to loved and cared for the humans around it. That does present to of the specific styles of artificial intelligence that sites fiction writers have shared with us over the past 70 or 80 years.

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Remember that my original tenant was that the phrase or term artificial intelligence was or is an arrogant human application. We don't own intelligence, and in many cases, we could argue that humans don't always use intelligence. But based on the three movies I've shared, and by the way, there are sold many more that I could share, the reality is that AI scares people. It represents something new, in part because the media has portrayed runaway AI for many years. And now, in part, many people fear AI because they may lose their jobs. I suspect we will find that artificial intelligence will take on roles that humans are at risk for in many cases. And artificial intelligence will be able to protect itself but at the same time to do that dangerous job. Where humans get injured or killed, the artificial intelligence would defend itself faster than the human could.

I'll bring the article back to where I started, the arrogance of artificial intelligence. Really and truly, it is simply robotic or human-based, or computer-based intelligence. It isn't artificial in the sense that it is certainly an intelligence while humans create it. The one evolution the artificial intelligence designed for itself was replicating and moving on the television show person of interest. In the movie chappie, artificial intelligence demonstrated love very quickly in the movie. In the movie the Terminator, the Terminator was able to break its programming and realize that it had to help John Connor,

In fiction, as in life, we apply the characteristics that we seek in others, including artificial intelligence but in this case, let's call it computer intelligence. The reality of the situation is that computer intelligence is going to happen. It is already in the world today. I think the reality of where we are as a world will determine if we build chappie or Skynet. I hope for. Friendly artificial intelligence that doesn't find human beings to be a threat.

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DocAndersen (author) from US on March 20, 2021:

The value of AI for humanity is huge!

Dr Billy Kidd from Sydney, Australia on March 19, 2021:

I embrace AI

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