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● Why have I decided to take the Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program?

As a new startup company, I was seeking the best opportunities to learn how I could promote my business, and subsequently making more conversions and more money. I work in the research field and provide research services for customers and small businesses, yet the problem which always encounters me is about marketing and promoting content. I know already marketing is in the core of any business so I already know its learning is inevitable to make my way in the research industry.

What makes things complex for me is that I’m always overwhelmed by a deluge of courses that claim it has the powerful magic to teach my marketing, and you know what? What I gain from all of that is getting my time wasted on bullshit content that makes no sense, and don’t provide any value. My time is being wasted and became more and more nervous because I’m stuck in the same place.

Since that point, I began to ask myself what I’m looking for in the marketing field, which true things I want to learn in marketing, and what method I prefer to learn through, and the answer for me is too clear, I‘m searching for a course which is so cohesive and structured, and most importantly interactive, and adopt practical methods, the practical part is the most coveted component for me

It all happened out of the blue when I was scrolling through the Facebook homepage, and I came across this magnificent marketing Nanodegree provided by Udacity, and there are a dozen things that encouraged me to enroll in the course, but atop of it is: it’s a practical course which means I can learn and apply what I learned at the same time. The second point is that it made a huge difference in the lives of people around me. There are many testimonies on Facebook, LinkedIn that appraise such course and celebrate its impact on their lives; even they expressed their pride in being a part of it.

I also feel this pride in my heart, and I thank Udacity for staying ahead of its competitors by providing this integrated course. I advise all the graduates (or undergraduates) especially those who want to establish their new business or land a new job in the marketing field to not waste time and join this marketing Nanodegree, as it’s incompensable opportunity

So, why do you wait, click on this button, and join our big family


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