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Why Does the Philippines Have a Pin Mark in the World Map?

The Archipelago

The Philippines is an archipelago. It is composed of more than 7,000 islands and some of it is not inhabited. It was known that they did trading with the Chinese and the Arabs in early years. They got leaders called Rajah and Datu. They have a language called Alibata. In this article you will read about why the Philippines will always have a pin mark in the world map?


Magellan, Rajah Humabon,and Lapulapu

The leaders of natives in the islands are brave and courageous. That is not easy to conquer and yet the Spaniards were able to do it. They got more weapons and they know how to lure some of the leaders to follow them. For over 333 years the Philippines was colonized by the Spaniards. When they established political control over the Philippines some Filipinos did not make it easy for them.

When the Spaniards arrived in the Philippines, which was not the name at that time. Filipinos already have their own government and leaders. When Ferdinand Magellan landed in Cebu, one of the islands in the Philippines he met Rajah Humabon. Rajah Humabon is the chieftain or the leader of the clan. Magellan got the attention of Rajah Humabon by fighting with Lapulapu, one of the Datus ( ruler or prince ) of Mactan.



The Voyage that proved the earth is round

This is the first introduction of the Filipinos to the world. Lapulapu killed Magellan in the Battle of Mactan. The battle of Mactan became world history on April 27, 1521. Ferdinand Magellan the Portuguese explorer funded by the Spanish government died. His voyage was recorded and made the Philippines known to all the world because this was the journey to prove that the earth is round. Some people believe that the world is flat. Even though it was in the bible that the earth is round and explorers need to prove it.

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Edsa People’s Power and Forgiveness

Filipinos are known to be one of the best subordinates in the world. To some it is negative because it is like you the person feels he/she is a lesser human being. Others this is a good example of humility. We have a saying in the Philippines “nagbubuhat ng sariling bangko” (carrying your own chair) . This means being arrogant. Filipinos don’t want to be called arrogant and they wait for somebody to praise them for their good deeds.

The Edsa Revolution or People Power is a good example of people's unity and in a peaceful way. It happens when the Filipino people are already fed up with the things happening around. The world recognizes that a nonviolent revolution can be done. During that time I was in high school and I clearly remembered the rallies. I think it was a time where people wanted to be heard and the world listened.

Philippines won Four Miss Universe Crown

The Philippines is proud of the beauty of Filipinos. It is not only the face that is being judged. The attitude and the ability to communicate. The heart to show good examples to young girls to do something good for the world. These pageants are really a big thing in the Philippines and it helps young ladies to improve themselves. Learn etiquette and values to protect humanity. With all the crowns, the Philippines showed to the world that Filipinos are beautiful people inside and out.

Small Country

The Philippines is small and yet it is known to the world. Even though it is divided into islands and have different languages, they have one national language, the Filipino. They understand each other wherever they may be in that part of the world.

The country offers beautiful beaches, breathtaking views of the mountains. Enchanting flowers and rare animals. Filipinos are not perfect as all humans are and yet they try to be nice to everyone. They are hospitable and friendly.

That makes Philippines always have a pin mark in the world map.

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