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Why a Lightbulb Makes a Noise When It Breaks Down & Other Curiosities

Why pebbles are put around train tracks

  • Why the flame of fire goes upwards -

As you get water only in the presence of oxygen, besides oxygen, other gases are present in the environment when any If a fire burns in an object or substance, it emits oxygen as well as other gases that are lighter than oxygen, including smoke. All of these gases carry the flame of fire upwards or simply put That due to the rise of these light gases, the flame of fire goes up.

  • Why does the sky look blue -

This is why this troposphere is filled with dust particles. When sunlight collides with this troposphere, then the dust particles present in the troposphere are scattered and shattered. Sunlight is made up of seven colors (Purple, filet (Blue), 311441 - t (Cerulean), Green (Green), Yellow (Yellow), Orange (Orange), Red (Red)) When this light hits the troposphere, the violet blue sky is the most diffused color and this is the reason that out of all the seven shades of light, blue color is visible to us in the light of day, in contrast to the sun when at night If the light does not reach the Earth, then the color of the sky appears black and the stars are seen.

  • Why Leaves of Trees Are Green -

Actually plants use sunlight for food in which plant leaves play an important role. Plant leaves have a green pigment called chlorophyll Due to its presence, the leaves of the tree are green. Chlorophyll helps the leaves in storing sunlight, so plants store the energy stored by the leaves in the form of food, which is why the leaves of the tree are green.

  • Why the color of a severed apple changes color -

Apples are found in particular types of catechins, polyphenols, caffeinein acids, as well as major enzymes such as phenolase, polyphenols, and oxidase in apples. When the apple is harvested, the phenolase and chlorogenic acid present in it oxidize the catechin and chlorogenic acid as soon as it comes in contact with the air, which causes the apple color to turn brown and this is why cutting the apple leaves the apple color Turns brown.

  • Why skylights are installed near ceilings -

We need skylights even after the windows and gates are actually used. If the hot air becomes more, then this hot air becomes lighter after heating and starts to rise up. Skylight is used to take out this air. That is why the skylight is placed near the roof.

  • Why Pebbles Are Put Around Train Tracks -

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The train moves very fast and when the train is moving the tracks vibrate very fast due to this vibration the tracks do not move around That's why the pebbles are put around the rail tracks, they act as spring on the pebble tracks. When the trains pass through the tracks, they are pressed down and when the train passes, these pebbles come back to their place. Another advantage of this is that the bushes do not grow around the tracks. If cement or something else is put around the tracks instead of pebbles, then due to the vibration, they will get in place and the tracks can move around, causing the rail If an accident happens, then this is the reason why pebbles are put around the railway tracks.

  • Why water comes out of air conditioner -

Actually, you can understand the action of removing water from the air conditioner that when we fill cold water in a glass, the water above the glass The droplets freeze and after some time these droplets collect under the glass in the form of water. When the air conditioner runs, the gas produced in it passes through the pipes and water droplets accumulate on those pipes. And these droplets take the form of water coming in contact with the hot environment outside and this water comes out of the air conditioner. This is why the water comes out of the air conditioner.

  • Why does an electric bulb make a noise when it breaks down -

When a bulb is made, all the air inside it is removed and zeroed and when the bulb breaks, the air in the bulb breaks that zero It penetrates rapidly to fill the space. This is why the sound comes when the bulb breaks.

  • Why rust occurs in iron -

When iron is placed in a damp place, iron particles start to react together with oxygen and moisture and this action is called oxidation. Iron particles combine with oxygen to form iron oxide and iron starts rusting. It is necessary for moisture and oxygen to rust in the iron. If they are not present, the iron will not rust.

  • Why does a gun blow backwards -

Actually shotgun is based on Newton's third law. According to this rule, every action has an opposite reaction when abused by a gun. When fired, the bullet exerts the same force as it moves backwards. That is why we get a shock when we shoot or fire with a shotgun.


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