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Why White People are Aliens


I can explain!

Okay, this may sound pretty crazy for a blog about history, BUT WAIT!I'm going to go through some history until you can agree with me that white people are aliens.

Let's look at non-white societies first. When I say non-white societies I am referring to societies that were completely uninfluenced by Europeans. Because the Europeans are strange creatures that I will get to later.

The Mesopotamians


There was Mesopotamia, a wonderful area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers that was used primarily for farming. These people lived off of the land and had no society-ending issues, like, ever. Their society collapsed because nomads came in and took over. Nomads were travelling groups of people that often end their travelling by destroying a city and staying there. The key difference between them and traditional European whites is that they are satisfied once they no longer have to wander.

The Native Americans


Things were pretty stable in America, since both continents were completely separate from everything that was ever going on in Europe. There were the Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs, who had crazy rituals and their leaders were generally despised by the whole population. Despite that minor issue, their societies survived for long amounts of time and empires fell from one to the other without repercussion. And there were still Native American "Indians" who lived in what is now North America. They didn't have any written language so there isn't any strong proof about what they did, but there are some crucial facts I'll bring up. They lived in small communities and hunted/gathered or farmed, depending on which area they lived in. Most importantly, they lived off the land but they didn't claim to own it. People lived with the land and shared it because they realized something important. Human beings are temporary and the Earth is pretty permanent, so we should consider ourselves guests. White people essentially ran that idea over with a bulldozer and put up a nice apartment complex over it. More on that later.

The Egyptians


Then there were Ancient Egyptians, people living along the Nile River because the Nile River is completely awesome. By "completely awesome," I mean that there were reliably regular, yet not dangerous flooding, which naturally irrigated the farmland around it.


Since Egypt was such a powerful society at this point, they were able to communicate with whatever else was going on at that time. This ability was very rare, and most of the human race were simply just doing their own thing at this time anyway. But a pharaoh named Hatshepsut decided to change things forever by opening up trade. How does that relate to white people? Just wait, me!

Hatshepsuts fatal decision ended the thousands of years of isolationism that Egypt was so good at. They used the Nile for everything and never felt the need to go or do anything else. Once Hatshepsut decided to interact with other societies, they were attacked by other societies, most notably Alexander the Great and the Romans.

The Romans

We're white! All of us!

We're white! All of us!

The Roman Empire was magnificent and contributed impressive feats of art, architecture and science. But their fault was that they got too lazy and greedy. In the coliseum, audiences paid to watch animals and men be slaughtered. These audience members also went home and celebrated great wealth and abundance to a horrible degree. There was a common trend in which people would eat a massive feast, then throw it all up so they could eat another feast. Their laziness and the empires unmanageable size led to German tribes breaking in and taking over. But why did they become this lazy? Because they're aliens? If you say so, me!

Quick History

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Who conquered the Aztecs?
    • Kublai Khan
    • Hernan Cortes
    • Xuan Zang
  2. What was the ship-building capital of the world?
    • Shanghai, China
    • New Delhi, India
    • Venice, Italy
  3. Who conquered the Egyptians?
    • Alexander the Great
    • The Mongols
    • The Xian Dynasty
  4. Who first circumnavigated the globe?
    • King Tut
    • Ferdinand Magellan
    • Genghis Khan
    • The Dalai Lama
  5. Which country first explored America?
    • India
    • China
    • Spain
    • Egypt

Answer Key

  1. Hernan Cortes
  2. Venice, Italy
  3. Alexander the Great
  4. Ferdinand Magellan
  5. Spain

The White Trait

Did you notice a trend in that quiz? World domination, and generally leaving home in search of some greater place, was done almost completely by Europeans. White people have a specific trait that no other race of humans contain. The only other race to travel the world were Asians like Zheng He who traveled the world in search of trade. The Silk Road was a giant system of trade across both Europe and Asia, but people never actually traveled the entire road. The goods traveled from merchant to merchant. No, the only travelers who travel in the desire of exploring the world those fair-skinned folks in Europe.

As a race, we have this urge to leave that is not like any other race. They become bored with the life they have and strive to find some new exciting place. But they didn't realize that you will never be satisfied unless you find that excitement within yourself. Emerson said it best when he said "nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind." And he was so white!

White Aliens

And we're still not satisfied! The explorers found the new world, inhabited it and utilized every possible opportunity given by the nature around us. And yet now we hate nature. The modern man is one who hides inside his house when it's too hot or cold. The modern man travels by flat roads to perfectly designed buildings to earn imaginary value to pay for the neverending need for satisfaction. The fastest cars, the biggest houses, the fanciest clothes, and the newest technology. And it's all because of one group of people that thought they could venture the world, exploring for a land of happiness and satisfaction because they couldn't find it at home. They are tearing the world apart in their unceasing exploration of contentment. Every other society worked with nature, because they belonged here. The race that was not meant for Earth must be the one that searched all over for contentment and, in not finding it, made their own.

You know...

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Boaty on September 09, 2020:

Everyone is an alien, because they lay down to give birth instead of squatting.

Jessie on August 15, 2020:

So much inaccurate historical info here...

I believe there could be aliens such a vast universe. But believe me if there are and they have the resource tech and ability to come to earth theres nothing we got they want. We would seen as almost single cell organisms to them.

Lots of white people have neanderthal DNA. If they have this DNA it makes up only about 4% of their DNA so 96% human.

Neanderthals are a different species. So white people arnt a birth defect. We were a species absorbed by homosapiens. Neanderthals were just as advanced as homosapiens during their period on earth unlike tv would have you to believe. Neanderthals killed off (reason unknown and it dosen't matter). Of that 4% only .001% makes up color. So we are 96% alike and determine we are so different by .001%.

How bout, lets focus on that 96%.

oh on July 14, 2020:

white people are aliens. where did they come from

Glartok the white from planet zolrglock on June 30, 2020:

You know to much, if you keep spreading the truth we will destroy you with are mind control lasers.

Rodric Anthony from Surprise, Arizona on May 25, 2018:

Wow. I hope this was supposed to be funny and satirical. I laugh at your jokes! If you really believe what you have written, then we are all alien now. White people have intermixed with other groups for generations. So, you are me are both E.T.

Dr Dr on January 01, 2018:

I'm a qualified historian. What you have written here is completely historically inaccurate. You clearly have no grasp of history or common sense. I would go into more detail but I believe it would be wasted on an ignorant, racist dullard like yourself.

They say ignorance is bliss... So you must be in a state of permanent ecstasy.

EddieT on December 26, 2017:

I would love the info that Europeans and Asians came to Earth from other galaxies but if they did we will never know as they control the media.

It strikes me as very odd that they both live at odds with nature that they dominate and decimate native cultures upon contact and only see a things worth in its monetary value. I live in Australia an island known to have the natural capacity to support an upper limit of one million humans which funnily was the aboriginal populace around European invasion. Now it’s at 20 million and counting with pollution depleting natural resources an inability to sustain loss of indigenous species at an alarming rate and the violence and Big Brother governance meant to cover up the fact that multiculturalism is not working on a social level and is only a construct of the rich get richer scenario which relies on huge populations.

Also the only way I can rationalise the idea of a class system and the horrendous treatment of those at the bottom by those at the top is that they are indeed different species.

SpiritBird on May 10, 2016:

Any one who needs to stay in a cubed pod with precisely controlled temperature and the need to constantly tweak the natural world/ conquer and neglect all natural surroundings is not from the planet that they are on,lol. Tis simple to see that. ;) Sadly, I feel in my soul that many messed up long ago and tried to erase the information and now we are here doing it again... But I have full faith in the collective consciousness of galactic beings/Earth beings ect. We only become more and more awake. It's only a matter of time before everything clicks, and it all makes sense. I only wish and pray that we all learn to work in harmony no matter who, what, or where we are. Harmony is a golden rule for all. All is One.

Javari Nama on April 18, 2016:

The white man cannot deny that he cannot live in harmony with nature. Anything that cannot live in harmony with nature is not from this planet. That means whites are aliens. That's why they like the word Aryan because it is a reference to Aries the zodiac sign ruled by Mars. It's all about war and what do whites do? War and nothing else. Everyone and everything is an enemy. They are genetically defective and don't realize it. They think might means right. Mars has been obliterated by a nuke and we know who did it. Whites are from Mars. They are martians. They look like a taller version of the aliens from the movies. Now whites are complaining about Jews but Jews follow whites wherever they go and steal their stuff. They are the genetic parasite of whites. Like I've always said all the conflict and suffering in the world is a tribal war between whites and Jews. We need them off our planet. They are not from here and they need to go some place else or we are all going to die......soon.

Lenny on February 13, 2016:

Let us assume for a moment that eerything you are saying is correct. At some point in time, our benefactors may come back, curious to see our progress. If we are their creations, and they are displeased at our progress of keeping the other races down, I would think their punishment would extend beyond whitey. If that is true......

In any event, your white, self hating BS is foolish and more destructive than an army of klansmen and SS stormtroopers combined. Instead, try demonstrating our similarities. Much more productive.

Sarah on February 12, 2016:

To the person who said that Caucasian peoples don't have pineal glands... you may want to fact check a bit. Caucasian people DO have them. They are calcified which shows that having fair skin is actually a genetic mutation.

Martian white man on January 27, 2016:

Its true we destroyed our planet many years ago, we came here on space ships and have remained here ever since. We are all RH Negative and are all telepathic, most of us drink blood and slaughter virgins.

Rly on January 25, 2016:

You are so stupid the fact that you wrote this. "White" people's skin is not white it's the same shade of brown that "black" people have if you think for one secound that we are aliens you are the stupidest man I have ever herd of

Bobby Brooks on December 30, 2015:

Every native race on this planet can withstand prolonged bouts with the sun... It kills white people... Literally burns them up...

human on December 07, 2015:

I believe white people are either aliens or the ir women mated with aliens sometime back.

Why are they invading every land on earth? And why are they indigenous to no land and why are they so evil and why are they greedy for power and why are they smarter than most races and why are they not suitable for this planet. Their skin gets burnt by sun rays easily. You think the creator would punish his people by placing them in a wrong place?

Well if iam wrong that white people are aliens then belive me the governments are aliens corporating with white people for easy conquest of the world.

Hey ? Why is world population ever increasing yet people die everyday? War, ivented diseases, accidents, murders. But still the population is ever getting dense

Ask yourself why and get smart. We have to be aware of who is living among ourselves illegally and confusing us. Once we were happy, lovily and joyous beings,, now its a terror!

Me alien? on December 06, 2015:

I think we are all alien but why dose colored races seem to have history dating farther back than whites? The bible is only 6000 years old but chinese history is 10000 old. Either way nobody was here 20000 years ago

Travis on October 23, 2015:

Oh yeah...I forgot to mention, on the subject of UFOs and alien encounters: I believe the government covers up any proof of aliens, only because, if we watched an alien exit a UFO...we would see a white person. This would send all of the modern world into chaos. Many people wonder why the government would cover up the truth with lies. Well, it's because nobody wants to be seen, or treated, as a foreigner.

Travis on October 23, 2015:

For the past few years, I have begun to believe white people are alien to this planet. Friends have laughed at me for this belief, only until I state a few simple, common sense facts. 1) White people display behavior that is very different from other races. For example: serial killers throughout American history are usually white men. 2) White people lack an ancient history. Why is it that the ancient history of other races are easily found and confirmed through various forms of documentation for literally thousands and thousands of year without any trace or mention of white people? 3)White people have no record of an independently created religious or spiritual belief system. Christianity is considered to be the "white man's religion" by many races. Christianity has been proven to be a combination of many different religions which existed before it was created.

I honestly believe that, some time in the past, white people came here from another planet which they had made unlivable. Once here, they realized that there was no place for them to settle and they began infiltrating our societies of the time. Some white people did so peacefully, others forcefully.

Doesn't anyone else think its a little strange that once white people are written into history, its mentioned that native people looked at them in awe? White people appeared to be strange upon first introduction to EVERY race! Some races feared them as devils or demons, while others believed they were gods. Either way, white people were seen as something foreign to this world. Why doesn't anyone ever question why?

Jagged think on September 09, 2015:

Wow! This is the most fraudulent site I've ever seen. So, ignorant. The Original Egyptians weren't white and still aren't to this day. The ones that lived during the times of the pyramid, were and looked sub-Saharan African. Get your facts straight. Stop giving these gullibly stupid people, this stupid information, just to make them even more stupid.

elephant in the room on April 23, 2015:

I don't usually comment on these things but wow... your views are one sided and well... ignorant. Don't get me wrong, it was not your intentions I'm sure. But, for a full understanding study archeological finds, translations of what was written by the people, study their beliefs and what was happening religiously at the time. To simply discredit or disregard 90% of what happened and why is willfully being ignorant in order to push your own agenda/belief which is the main reason all these atrocities even happened.... are you better than the people you claim to have caused these things or can you actually provide an argument with conclusive evidence to support your claim?

unknown on April 08, 2015:

what about the biological prove of the pineal gland,that only black people have it,and it is responsible for the production of melanin the dark pigmentation on black people's skin ,owkey lets say the white man mutated ,yes maybe that happen, the gland would shrink and stop functioning and not disappear ,if we say it disappeared well might as well accept lamark's law of use and disuse,if not where is it,bear in mind if white man were not on earth we would not know of any disease called skin cancer...

Bakra on December 09, 2014:

Is that why all technology was invented by White people?? What about East Asians, are they aliens too?? What about the Islamic conquest and rape of India? What about the Islamic invasion of Byzantium and the later Turkish invasion of Europe up to the gates of Vienna? What about the Mongol conquests? Are East Asians like Mongols and Japanese aliens too??

my name on September 13, 2014:

Totally agree!! I've had theories on how the white man is actually an alien species that mated with native earthlings. I've always felt different for the fact that i am content with what i have and have no urge to step on someone's back to "get ahead in life". Recently i have come to the conclusion that i am the same as all other natural animals of this planet...i just need my basic food shelter clothing and love...

Joel on July 22, 2014:

what you're thinking of has more to do with bible religions than race, before the bible was a common sorce of spirituality Europeans had gods and beliefs that revolved around earth worship, your theory is racist or just self hating. Re think your hypothesis, take into account what i have just said and tey not to be a dick anymore.

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