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Jealousy: A Killer of Social Relationship

Akhtar Malik is a freelance writer with a specific interest in social psychology

A person may be jealous of someone who has more wealth, lives in a bigger house, has a precious car, or enjoys much more fame. Why does a person envy someone? Why doesn't one come to terms with the people around him who are living better and more luxurious lives? The answer may not be very simple for many people, but it is not very difficult to find out one.

Jealousy is a negative sentiment. This manifests when a person feels threatened by the worth of someone. A person may face this syndrome at all stages of life. From childhood conflicts to romantic grudges and even team rivalries can have the element of jealousy.

A reasonable degree of jealousy is acceptable. It encourages a sense of competition with an enhanced spirit of surpassing others. Jealousy is a strong emotion. Depending on the situation, it can be both positive and negative.

However, when the sentiments of jealousy cross a certain limit it is severely harmful. The jealousy can become a psychological disease. Such a person should be hated but should be treated as a patient. A person who remains jealous of others tends to develop harmful negative thinking. The person may consider the competitor as his potential enemy.

We observe this phenomenon of negative emotions in everyday life. This applies to all fields of life, whether business, jobs, or even in a studentship. The covert campaigns of defamation, leg-pulling, character assassination, and mud-slinging are very common practices that can be seen in all societies of the world. At times even a person affected by the virus of jealousy may resort to physical assaults. Sometimes the competitors are physically eliminated and removed.

One has to be very careful not to let that emotion prevail over him when it comes to making important decisions. This is because jealousy is one of the strongest emotions that can make a person uncontrollable when one is repeatedly thinking about the same perceived losses. The disease of jealousy eats up a person from within. This syndrome adversely affects his mind and nervous system.

Jealousy mars the human relationship. Jealousy can lead people to become possessive and even potentially abusive. Jealous partners can begin obsessing and even showing trapping behaviors. They can become so overpowered by these concerns that they find it difficult to think with a positive view. Obviously, jealousy has the potential to strangulate any relationship.

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You can control jealous emotions with due effort. Take note of your Jealousy thoughts and attitude. If you really want to change something you have to recognize it first. Take stock of your past life and find out when and how any deficiencies and feelings of insecurity entered into your life. The jealous emotions do have some source. They cannot breed in a vacuum. After identifying these feelings, caution yourself that after all these are just thoughts. Try to be the master of your feelings and do not let your feelings prevail over you.


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