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Essay: Why Jose Rizal became Our National Hero of the Philippines

During the Spanish regime, we can say that only few Filipinos have the capability or have the courage to fight the perpetrators. Among this few brave men, why Rizal stood out and became our national hero although they have done the same thing for the country – to free us from the Spaniards.

Before we compare Rizal from other heroes, let us first look at his background. As we all know, Rizal came from a middle class family and if they will be compared to other Filipinos, we can say that they are wealthy. They rent a land in Calamba, Laguna by which they get their money for their expenses including the money for Rizal’s education. He studied in various schools in Manila like Ateneo and Letran. Not only that, he also pursue his study abroad especially in Spain. During his stay in various places like Germany, France, Belgium and etc. he met many scholars and friends who helped him pay the fee for printing his know famous novels, the Noli me Tangere and the El Filibusterismo. These two books are important during the first revolution in Asia because it is the eye opener for the Filipinos that this is now the right time to fight for their independence.

The books of Jose Rizal showed the real situation of the Philippines during the time of the Spaniards. This is also related to what happened in Calamba where their land and properties where forcefully taken by the Spanish authority along with other Filipino families. This also represents the struggle of the nation against the abuse of the colonizer.

Even though death awaited him if he will return to the Philippines, still he chose to go back to the Philippines because the real battle was in his homeland not in the Spain. He was exiled to Dapitan where he experienced one of the colorful chapters of his life. It is a good example that there is hope for every small town in the country. He taught children and still manages to identify species of different newly discovered organisms.

To sum it all up, Rizal is different from other Filipino heroes because he fought in a different manner. He left a legacy, his writings and especially the two books, and he fought with his pen. He chose to return to his motherland rather than to be safe in Spain or in other country maybe because he wanted to share the pain his country have. Even the Katipuneros wanted to save him from execution but he refuse. The fact that he accepted death without hesitation, for me this showed how he really wanted to open the eyes of every Filipino that we should fight for our freedom. If his death is the key to spark the flame, he did it for us.


marvin buaron on November 20, 2017:

thanks it helps me a lot.

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