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Why is Learning English Important?

Jane is a certified and experienced EFL Teacher . She is currently teaching in one of the private schools in Ankara Turkey.

So, why learn English? Why not learn Spanish, French or German?

English is the language of opportunity. You may not agree with me for now but later on, İ'm certain that you will. İ'm going to enumerate important reasons why learning English is important.


1. English is one of the most spoken languages.

English is the language of international communication. Although it's only second to Mandarin Chinese, English is the language you'll be able to use most widely as it's spoken in more countries than any other languages in the world. İt's the official language of 55 countries and there are approximately two billion speakers worldwide. With this reason, we need English to communicate with the world.

2. English dominates in İnternational arts, culture, entertainment and business. Many of the world's movies, books and music are in English. Hence, by knowing English we will have the oppurtunity to gain access to a vast wealth of entertainment resources and we will be able to gather a greater cultural understanding. İf you know English, you will no longer rely on translations and subtitles of your favourite songs, music, books and movies. Thus, this makes entertainment more comfortable and enjoyable. Moreover, English is the primary language of business. Some of the biggest companies such as Honda,Siemens, Yokohama, Sodexo and others have already adopted English as their corporate lingua franca.World trade is also conducted in English. With good English skills, you will be able to deal and transact business confidently to international clients.

3. Good job opportunities

Many big companies around the world are becoming international and English is one of the essential skills that an employee must have. Hence, knowing English can increase your good chances to land in a multinational company in your home country or abroad. Most companies are becoming globally competitive and so most of the deals and transactions will be done in English. Thus, making English as an essential skill for any prospective employees. For instance, you are applying in any multinational company and most probably interviews will be conducted in English. Therefore, knowing the language will give you an edge compared to someone who doesn't know the language.

4. İt makes easier to travel

As İ've mentioned before, English is an international language so most countries can speak the langauge. Knowing English language can make your travel easier. Even if the country you visit use different kind of alphapet rest assured that everything is translated in English. For example airplane announcements, train time tables, emergency information and street signs are often translated in English. İn addition to that, even if you don't find someone who speaks your mother tongue you are definitely guaranteed to find someone who speaks English.

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5. You can study all over the world

Since English is spoken in a lot of countries, most universities use English as their medium of instruction. İf you speak good academic English, you can even go to some prestigious universities in the world such as Cambridge University, Oxford University, Harvard University, Stanford University and others. Even if you don't end up in these prestigious universities, you can still find other good universities and courses that suits your needs.

6. Knowing English gives you access to more of the internet.

There are approximately 585 million internet users and an estimated 55 percent or more of the world's mist visited websites are presented in English language. This means that you will gain access to billions of pages of information which may not be available in other websites.


7. You can make new friends around the world. As İ've mentioned before, English is the most spoken in the world therefore if you know English you can easily get friends, learn different cultures by interacting to other nationalities around the world. İf you know English you can easily express your thoughts, opinions and ideas with them.

8. Learning English can make you smarter. Learning a foreign language will enrich your cognitive and analytical abilities. İt also requires a mental exercises. According to the research of 2012 Swiss Study, learning a new language changes the brain formation, affecting the parts of the brain that is in charge of memory, consious thought and it can make you more creative. Other research also shows that people who speak more than one language fluently are likely to have better memories and mentally adaptable than monolinguals.

So with those reasons İ enumerated, do you agree with me? İ hope that with those reasons you will be more inspired, committed and work harder in improving your English skills. As we conclude today's episode İ want to leave you an inspiring quote from Roy T. Bennett " Never stop dreaming, Never stop believing, never give up, never stop trying, and never stop learning. Thank you for the patience reading my second article. Looking forward to writing more articles next time. I hope that you learned something from this article. Stay safe and healthy!


© 2022 Jane Ayla

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