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Why Is Knowledge Wealth?

Adekunle Akinmade is a committed reader, an instructor and a researcher who read for facts - finding to get people liberated from ignorance.

Why Is Knowledge The Oxygen You Need Most To Survive? below article to find out!!!


Every human being needs Oxygen to keep himself or herself alive. The Carbon - Dioxide of another Man might be your own Oxygen.

That is...The book/books written by another Man or Knowledge acquired from another Man might be your own breath which you need to get Oxygen to live - if not you are dead.

Gold, Silver and other Gems are hidden under the Soil but not so with Information/knowledge.

Information or knowledge are kept hidden inside a book. A book is a hidden place where informations can be excavated. It takes a committed reader or researcher to bring them to the fore.

Ignorance can make someone to do what the knowledge person will do in just one minute in two months and still not get it.

Everybody likes a Positive Transfigured People because they have what money can not buy i.e Knowledge.

And Those Who Does Not Read Has No Advantage Over Those Who Can Not Read.

Take note!

This Is Just The Beginning!


Why Is Knowledge Wealth?

If You Don't Have Anything Inside You - You Can't Get People Connected To Your Network.

When you have the right informations or knowledges that people needs to get out of their predicament or to solve their problem - You will definitely sell or be valuable, because you have what they are looking for and they have the money that you need. They will definitely exchange their hard earned cash for your knowledge. That's why they said Knowledge Is Wealth.

Read and make research about whatever your nation lacks and make a necessary provision for it. The real unemployment comes into existence because of inability of some people to read and scan their environment in order to detect what people are in need of and eventually supply those needs.

How Do You Activate Your Brain? Read below.


The Culture You Must Build.

One of the best culture you must build that have the capacity to educate your mind, heart, and brain is "Reading".

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Reading is a road to citadel of the three Pillars of Success - (Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding).

Habits of Reading is a magnet which magnetise productive infomations that will surely magnetise success when it is practiced

Readers are the Instructors of The World - the Path - Finder who the non - readers will be asking the way to the city of informations, employment and achievements from.

Reading makes you Current, Timely and Detailed - The Only Way You Can Activate A Brain That Is Dormant Is Through Reading.

Reading transform your ignorance to knowledge while knowledge will eventually transport you to the next level when it is applied.

You are therefore incomplete without reading because "Reading Will Help You Leading".

You can not become an Inventor while you are Sleeping, you can only be an Inventor by "Diligently Read And Search For Informations". Necessity in searching or reading for informations is the mother of invention.

Read For Facts - Finding Is The Key.


What Kill People Most!

What Kill People Most Are:

Ignorance...(the most deadly virus that kills people most).

• Lack of knowledge and inability to learn from the mistakes of others. It could be knowledges of what your Healthy Diets should comprises of, or knowledge about the world, things of the world including Man...i.e lack of knowledge of what the body system of Man is made of etc.

E.g Most problem the world has today comes from the inability of it's occupants to learn from the good and bad behaviour of their Ex - Leaders and Fore - Fathers.

Their informations can be read from books written about them. One can not come across such vital informations with non - challant attitude towards reading.

If one is not informed - then one will be deformed and when one is deformed as a result of ignorance, then there is a little such can do under excruciating pain.

What Is Education?

Education is the knowledge gained by a person after studying or reading a particular subject or after experiencing lessons in life that provides an understanding of something.

Education is also the key to unlock the golden doors of freedom.

• Education is learning what you didn't even know you didn't know. It is the process of acquiring knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits.

• Education is not only derive from school - one can be educated in any facet of life. Your mind, heart, brain needs to be educated rightly


Why Is Education Important?

1• Education Flushes Ignorance Out Of Someone's Life: Ignorance can make someone to do what the knowledge person will do in just one minute in two months and still not get it.

2• Education offers Future Leaders: The children are the future of tomorrow and also pillars of the nations. In order to develop a country and the world the future must be secured and the children are the right tools to build the nations with their knowledge and education. The children will stand out as future leaders to develop the nations from all issues.

3• Education Brings Productive Results: The more increase in population, the more the needs of the people, e.g there are companies that requires a large number of employees in order to achieve increase productivity.

4• Acquisition Of knowledge: Education gives us knowledge about the world, things of the world including Man and at the same time changes the world in to something better.

5• Education will not leave you the way it meets you. It will definitely add more values to your life.

6• Education does not only gives us a book knowledge but also gives different kinds of knowledge in different skills such as drawing, singing, painting, medicine etc.

The Engine Room Of Every Attitudes.

One of the most important part of human body aside brain that needs to be properly educated with the right knowledge is the "Heart".


The Heart of Man is the Engine Room of Every Attitudes. Human Heart is the most important part of human body with little attention to develop it. Poor Heart Makes Poor People, Quality Heart Makes Quality People, i.e Good Thinking - Good Product.

The reason why there is violence everywhere in the world is because some people's heart have been wrongly educated.

Our heart produce Imaginations, Revelations, Memories, Attitudes, Habits, Behaviours, Actions and Achievements. Whatever we feed in to our heart and practice is what we become.

Be Wise

Thank you

Adekunle Akinmade

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