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Why I Aspire to Be a Financial Advisor

Nyamweya is a Kenyan scholar who has done many years of research on a diversity of topics

As soon as I am through with my education in the UK, I intend to put the new skills and knowledge I will have acquired into good use back in Kenya. Therefore, my immediate short-term career goal as soon as I return to the country will be to use my new qualifications to search for a job that is commensurate with my master’s degree course. The position I already have in mind is that of a Personal Financial Advisor as it is a financial/economics advisory role, a role that I am very interested in. I will also seek a job as a Financial Analyst, Budget Analyst, Management Analyst, and any other related job. I anticipate that getting my first job after returning home will not be too difficult given my existing professional experience and the master’s degree I will have obtained. Moreover, since I have already built excellent relationships at NIC Bank, it will be the first place that I seek employment from. In whatever new job I will have secured, I will be able to put into practice everything I will have learnt in the UK.

My medium-term career goal is to establish a consultancy company where I will be providing expert advice on all things business, finance, accounting, and economics. This will present an admittedly daunting yet rewarding challenge to me as it will be the first time I will be stepping out of formal employment into running my own business. This I plan to venture into after about 5 years of employment. By this time, I expect to have gained enough knowledge and skills, and should have saved enough capital to sustain my business for at least 1 year. This one year grace year period will allow me to roll up my sleeves and build the necessary foundation for the business from the ground up before it becomes profitable and sustainable on its own. I quite look forward to this challenge.

I will give myself about 10 years in this capacity so as to develop my skills, expertise, and also a strong network of professionals in the corporate world and government before eventually applying for a senior position such as Chief Financial Economist in the National Treasury. This is my ultimate long-term career goal. By this point, I will be in a much better position to use all the information I will have accrued from my education and work experience to provide the requisite expert advice thither government and government bodies need.

All of these plans coalesce with everything that the UK currently engages in Kenya. The UK has quite a healthy economic relationship with Kenya, even in the face of Brexit. It continues to export goods from Kenya and make significant investments into the country. For instance, in May 2019, the UK government committed to funding various high impact projects across the nation, investments that are worth Sh14.5 billion (approximately £113,655,360). This came after a proposal for the establishment of a UK-Kenya Economic Development Forum, which shall be meeting biannually.

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