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Who Invaded Scotland Ireland and Wales in History

Nell is a huge History buff, and loves to find out the who's and why's behind those Historical events.

The battle of Culloden Scots against Scots Public Domain

The battle of Culloden Scots against Scots Public Domain

The Union Jack Flag Public Domain

The Union Jack Flag Public Domain

Timeline For Scotland. Did You Know?

During the 5th and 7th Century AD, Scotland was invaded by Gaels, who originated from Ireland. This is where the name Scotland derives from. These Irish were called the Scoti. They settled on the West Coast.

Shortly after, the Anglo Saxons from Europe and the Norse from Scandinavia arrived and settled in Scotland. It was the Anglo Saxon language called English, taken from Middle English, or now known as Middle Scottish that is now widely spoken in Scotland. The name Scottis* Now known as Scottish, came from Gaelic, originating in Ireland.

The Kingdom of Scotland was established later in the 9th Century AD.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

World history is marked with so many flaws, and sadly the distrust still goes on today. Many people believe that England has always been at the forefront in the invasion of Scotland, Wales and Ireland. And to be fair, England has done their bit over the Centuries invading various parts of the small Island we all call home.

We all know our history and England comes out looking rather, well 'bad sport' as the old saying goes.

But is it true? Have the English always been the main protagonists of war? Is it literally just our little part of the UK that has taken up arms and marched into other parts of the UK pillaging, attacking and just about making everybody's life miserable? Well no. In fact, England's part in causing trouble is slightly less than history portrays us.

I am not saying that what England did was right or wrong, The actual point is that even today England still gets a bad press where invasion is concerned. So I decided to do a bit of digging.

Were we to blame for the invasion of Ireland?

What about Scotland?

Was it just the English who fought and beat the Jacobeans in the fight against Bonny Prince Charlie? Read on, you may just be surprised.


The Scots believe that the wars between our two Countries over the years have always been a case of us and them. This is completely untrue. Take the battle of Culloden for example. This war was fought by the Highland Scots to bring back 'Bonnie' Prince Charlie, so that he would take up the Scottish crown.

What people seem to forget is that actually the English and Scots were both on the same side. The Highlands of Scotland were on Prince Charles Stuarts side, but also there were Irish, English (Manchester Regiment) and French.

The Government forces were mainly English, but also Scottish Lowlanders, Highlanders and Ulster men, who were Scots and Irish. And strangely, Hessian's from Germany.

The Lowland Scots, who followed the Government forces, hated the idea of bringing over a French-schooled Prince to run their Country. And clan set against clan to stop this from happening.