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Why Do People Hunt Crocodiles?

Crocodile cage-diving.

Crocodile cage-diving.

The American reality show, Swamp People, has shown the world how people living along the swamps of Louisiana hunt down, wrestle, and capture alligators. I imagine this is a bit mystifying for us outsiders, who never come in contact with crocodiles or alligators, and have no clue what those guys are up to. Why do they do what they do?

Let's look at what it's like for those who live near these dangerous creatures and what motivates them to hunt down crocodiles and alligators.

Crocodiles and Alligators Are Dangerous Predators

We're not talking docile deer here, that are "sitting ducks", so to speak. Crocodiles and alligators are known to kill children, men, women, and tourists. In some areas, such as Louisiana where the Swamp People hunt them, there is an overpopulation of crocodiles and alligators, and they creep into people's backyards and terrorize them. Many hunters and their supporters feel it is a public service to keep the crocodile and alligator population down, to stave off their predation and terror.

It should be noted that the most dangerous of crocodiles are found in Africa and Asia. Along the Nile, crocodile attacks are pretty common and many people are killed by crocodiles in that region. In addition, crocodile attacks are common in Borneo and in areas of the southwestern Pacific, such as New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

The American alligator is known to kill people in the Southern US, particularly Louisiana and Florida.

People riding on a wind or air boat, used to travel in the swamp.

People riding on a wind or air boat, used to travel in the swamp.

Crocodile Hunters Make Money

There's some money to be made in hunting crocodiles. People eat the meat of the creature, particularly in the Southern US and in Asia, and also make purses, boots, jackets, belts, and wallets from the skin.

In areas like Louisiana, where poverty is a strong possibility and people live off the land, hunting these reptilian predators is a good living and, basically, a job. It's that entrepreneurial spirit at work.

These guys pay for their hunting licenses and only hunt during the hunting season. They are legitimate businessmen. They sell what they hunt.

Though the business is heavily regulated, hunters are given a certain number of tags, each equal to a "kill", and they either run out of tags or run out of time during hunting season. For the rest of the year, these businessmen must off-set what they don't make to make ends meet by hunting other animals like racoons, squirrels, and other local wildlife.

So, what do they make hunting alligators? It's said that an alligator can bring about $15 a foot. These guys are capturing huge 10 foot alligators, and putting their life on the line to do it, and maybe making about $150 off of it. When you consider they have to have and maintain equipment and maybe hire help, then it seems it's a pretty tough business.

Swamp People Talk About Alligator Overpopulation, How Economical Alligator Trade Is, and Why People Like Them

What About Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin?

Though his show was called Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin did not exactly hunt crocodiles. His parents were conservationists and wildlife experts who ran a zoo, and Steve early on was caring for and even wrestling crocodiles. He went on to run the zoo and, of course, host his popular show about his dangerous search for the crocodile. He went on to found an organization for wildlife conservation and to showcase the beauty of getting in touch with wildlife on various television shows. His daughter, Bindi, went on to carry out her father's work, including a kids show called Bindi the Jungle Girl, broadcast on Discovery Kids.

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