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Why Are INFJ Personality Types Psychic?

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Myers Brigg personality INFJ is the most likely one of the 16 personalities to show signs of being a mystic. This is also the most rare personality according to the personality test. It's the four components working together in their oddities that cause this effect. Introverted + intuitive + feeling + judging = someone who is inward, great at seeing patterns and applying them to the past and future, someone who connects with people, and one who has a sense of timing and orderliness. These traits are what causes this effect. Now, psychic is a broad term -- what exactly is happening in the INFJs mind?

The INFJ is naturally empathetic toward others and deals with a great deal of energy since their primary functions are to 1.) introvertedly draw in information intuitively and 2.) extrovertedly draw in emotional juices. Unlike their cousin ENFJ ( who leans more into their emotions) all that electric energy is going inward, causing them to be introspective. INFJs will not recognize they are weird initially, but after awhile hearing it from so many people, they begin to realize they might have unusual responses to normal situations in life. This will probably start happening in childhood, but most kids are not going to have access to Myers Brigg knowledge.

The INFJ does well to understand their personality because it is one of the more complex ones. The NF branch of personalities are for the most part... rare. They're all about idealism and supporting humans. ENFJ and ENFP are super extroverts because they both extremely like people and their personalities allow them to draw to others. INFJ and INFP have it a little harder in this department -- because they love people, but may need to find solitude frequently. Plus, they can go days, weeks, even months without socializing and be okay. They're still at heart more charged by ideas than people, but their ideas are strongly about people.

INFJ personalities are constantly taking in information about people. Since they don't live inside anyone else's brain and only have their personality for their whole life they don't realize that how they perceive people is unusual and not everybody who looks back at them is doing the same mental processing. INFJ's are hunters for human emotion and thought. As kids, they'll pick up on who likes them, and they may be baffled why the other person can't pick up on their returned affections. As an adult, they could walk into just about any room of strangers and be able to start map making the social connections they see. But they'll try to keep this to themselves... and they may not even know what they are doing. They'll figure out quickly who likes who, who hates who, and who loves who. Not only that, but as they absorb more of the situation, they'll know how to ask the right questions or coax people in conversation unknowingly to give them the kind of information they seek. Great skills to have if you're going in for an interview.

With this in mind, INFJs are constantly making and seeing connections in human interaction. They compare human interactions they see across the board and they often have great memory -- partly because of how their personality is wired. Seeing all these patterns helps them to know how things are going to go down. They may want to prevent you from a bad situation or can tell exactly where good things are going to happen because they've done the best kind of social math you can find. Now this is where things can get frustrating. INFJs when they really adore someone, whether as a friend, mother, father, spouse, etc., they'll confide in you what they are seeing, and they'll be directive. They can see how the cards are going to fall in advance, and they want you to avoid trouble, but everyone has freewill to do what they want. Crossing an INFJ at this point is incredibly frustrating to them. It's like a grown man constantly answering 2 + 2 as 3,928. It just flat out doesn't make sense why you would do that. Of course, an INFJ can be wrong, and if mature, they'll own up to that. But before that -- they'll have to grow into those shoes and get a feel for when they are wrong and when they are right.

INFJs are by nature cerebral, private, and charming. They listen a lot -- and they want to speak, but they'll want to make sure it's at the right time. They can be a bit obsessed with timing, which can be their trump card... but it is also how they can shoot their selves in the foot. Sometimes you have to jump into the game and call shots as soon as possible, not right at the edge.

The way INFJs are constantly taking in information will likely cause them to be lucid dreamers or deep dreamers. All of this personality cognitive influence goes down into the subconscious. They often like to dream, as long as they're not getting nightmares. These dreams are often just carnivals of entertainment, but sometimes can lend information that will happen or closely fits with what's happening in the present. Sometimes without all the distraction of awake life, INFJs can really see what's going on in their dreams. That's why a lot of INFJs are into dreams, and may check out how to interpret them.

INFJs are also likely to be strong readers and writers. They are well versed -- and this can lend to the mystic like quality. The way they are archiving information helps them to see how things operate on a social level. They really desire for peace. Many of the most well known peace makers are this personality. INFJs are somewhat like the prophets who would speak to the kings. An INFJ can get so into their visionary world that it can overwhelm them and cause a huge outpouring of emotion. You can arrive at this point by manipulating your body some, such as with the aid of alcohol or sleep deprivation. I don't recommend INFJ personalities getting too keen on alcohol, this personality can fall prey to addictions and alcohol is not a good mask for the natural giftings you have. Don't go bonkers with your drinks! Ever.

As for sleep, INFJs need to make a conscious effort to keep up with it. These are very cerebral creatures who can in the blink of an eye forget their bodies. They forget if they are sore. They are the type of people who run into poles and walls because they are so deeply into their minds -- that sometimes they don't see the present world around them. Rank sleep higher than eating. INFJ need their dreams. If you're needing the INFJ to loosen their lips -- sleep deprivation works. But you may see an emotional Phoenix.

INFJ personalities come off meek because they're trying to hide their massive emotions that often don't quite fit into society. They come off as delicate flowers, but they have hard centers. They don't want people knowing certain things about themselves, so they may set boundaries by creating layers of who they are. You'll find with an INFJ that to get to know them, you'll have to constantly peel layers. They'll be annoyed often (though probably not going to tell you) that if you're not as intuitive or emotional that they don't understand why you can't read them more easily. They see everyone fairly naked.

This personality is dedicated, studious, and disciplined. This constant seeking for truth and wisdom can give them access to refining their skills to have psychic like moments. They're not just intuitive -- they're badass intuitive -- which means their sensory skills for the present can frankly suck. As mentioned before, walking into walls. Don't be surprised, however, by their sudden impressive and out of this world observations. Like if you moved one object on a table to a new spot. They may notice the sudden change and wonder why it was done.

This personality both loves their prophetic qualities and also finds them burdensome. Sometimes they can follow something so perfectly and know that they need to step up and say something to somebody that it can cause great anxiety. It feels weird to tell people they're going down a wrong path and then only have esoteric information to back themselves up. They'll feel worse if they don't tell you. There's almost always a penalty for not telling someone something. So they'll want to tell you and hope you won't disregard it. They're messengers. They try not to get too deeply into your business, but sometimes find themselves at the bottom of that barrel anyway. Some immature INFJs will be all up in anyone's business because they are so intrigued.

INFJs are completely aware of the harms of gossip. This is another reason they're private and meticulous about how they live their lives. They will try to keep all the dirt on their selves out of sight for others. This can cause them to have perfectionist qualities and forget they're human.

For your own entertainment, here's some Disney princesses who rock the INFJ personality.



Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on November 13, 2016:

@Christy McKee

So glad this was helpful! It's difficult to use this ability on yourself. You have to become really objective of who you are, and that isn't easy because to think outside of yourself.... you're still essentially going to be you. It's much easier when you can look at someone else with pure eyes. Other parts of ourselves can get in the way and make it difficult to discern what we need and where to go. Practice being kind hearted and it will open up your intuition and make it easier to see yourself. It's a really hard thing to do.

Christy McKee on November 13, 2016:

Oh, wow! It has a name other than empath or a clair. Im amazed almost to tears by this article! Thank you! As far back as I can remember, well 13 or 14, the memory thats always stayed right there with me is, ive always had people, adults approach me and unload their problems or life story on me. At 13-14 i had a lady lay some shit on me and i thought it was odd her being an adult and me so young. I thought the reason was because I didnt gossip...? Also I always seemed to know the reason, the solution and what the likely out come would be, which path a person would take to either resolve or further their situation. For most of my life I thought it was "common sense" and all people were this way. I was wrong (kind of, i believe we all have the ability). When answers, to questions i dont know if i really had (if that makes sense), to put it another way, happening upon articles such as this, i started happening upon confirming what I had thoughts of but am modest and didnt think i had such abilities. So, this personality sure did come in handy as a bar tender. I grin when I tell people who dont believe me that I almost instantly see and know a person either better than they know or will admit of theirselves. The eyes truely are the window of the soul. And it can be very hard to deal with because you cant just approach anyone and everyone and pull out and display what they hide deeply and fear more than anything it being exposed (shame based things that are not their fault, its heart wrenching and i wish i could go around veing the crazy lady that reaches out and gives a loving hug to complete strangers! Haha, true story!) And then there are the oblivious fake asses that must provoke being cocky arrogant assholes, at the same time trying to empress or hit on ya, and the more they try to hide who they truely are the more i see and if pushed i will reach in and pull it out, right infront of everyone. Though they get their big ego bruised and hate me forever, they will deny it of course but prove it with their actions, and dont come back for more. All little humility never hurt anyone especially if their blessed with being humbled by the experience (it happens, but rarely). Its a relieving feeling for me to find such an article. I guess I dont feel like im crazy! Sometimes thats a question though im aware of messages i receive for people and being 100% spot on as confirmed when im inclined to tell them. Im heavily thanked and its appriciated, though i tell them im just the messenger, thank your angels as well. My problem is, it seems i dont pick up on anything for myself or I disreguard it. All of it is a fine tuning. Has been for me thus far. Is a blessing reguardless. I no longer think im crazy or un-modest by thinking it was weird that it seemed i can walk into any space full of people and alter the mood of the place. Which, like I believe we all have the capability to do so. Awesome article. Another piece to the puzzle that is me answered. Grateful!

An INFJ on July 29, 2016:

This is really sweet.

Here are a few areas I didn't fully relate:

"Not only that, but as they absorb more of the situation, they'll know how to ask the right questions or coax people in conversation unknowingly to give them the kind of information they seek."

I don't actually ask alot of questions or do anything to coax people into giving me information- I just kindof pick up on things. It's super abstract and hard to explain... I just observe things that I think alot of other people miss. I am somehow able to put these things together into an accurate depiction of what is going on, based on... other "feelings" or observations I have made over time that have turned out to be one thing or another. I am usually right... though, I don't actually know alot of times what to do with the information to help people (yet) I am still working on that...

The 2+2= 3,928 (or something like that)

It's more like we are saying 2+2=4, and lining up the sticks into two groups of two then counting them all and showing them and people are saying "nah, it is still just two groups of two". It takes all of the sticks being finally mixed together in a pile and then counting them for them to actually say "Ooooh, now I see what you were telling me all along". The most frustrating thing about this, is that when we are telling them 2+2=4, we are trying to often times protect them in some way shape or form...or to remedy a situation/problem that will happen that hasn't happened *yet** so they don't see the big deal. (Hope that is making sense)

They will keep the dirt on themselves from others

Not really. I think I went forward more than just about anyone at altar calls as a child. I would repent that I thought a very mean thing, like, that I almost hated someone who was mean to me at school. I would do this over and over and over again. I was told I had a very soft heart. I have learned in adulthood that sometimes really nasty people will try and take advantage of that, so... I do try and not always be so publicly soft/vulnerable.

Something really accurate was that we would choose sleep over food. That is ridiculously accurate for me, and has been for... pretty much all of my life :P I do need my dreams! :)

Thank you for writing this.

Tricie on July 07, 2016:

So, so true

DrWho on June 06, 2016:

Well written and thought out!! Thanks!!

Lynn on June 07, 2015:

This is so spot on its incredible.

Carisa on March 28, 2015:

Fellow INFJ here.. The description of that intuition thingy is spot on. In fact if I drank a shot every time I read the word intuition.. Oh wait- as mentioned alcohol is not my friend.

Buildreps from Europe on March 28, 2015:

Doesn't matter, Serenity! Thanks anyway.

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on March 27, 2015:

I'm not sure if I can delete the first one since I already approved it. Now I've accepted all of them? I might be able to delete them on a computer browser rather than my phone.

Buildreps from Europe on March 27, 2015:

Nice subject! INFJ types are great. My wife is an INFJ type. I wouldn't exchange her for anyone :)

Buildreps from Europe on March 27, 2015:

Oh shit, thanks for the correction! Can we start all over again? I'll post a new comment. Can you delete my other two ones? Thanks!

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on March 27, 2015:

I'm pretty sure you meant wouldn't. :)

Buildreps from Europe on March 27, 2015:

Nice subject! INFJ types are great. My wife is an INFJ type. I would exchange her for anyone :)

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