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Whole brain posture: The effective way to get affirmations to work

Many of us want to change our limiting subconscious beliefs. We’ve been told by many people that the way to change a belief is to chant affirmations, and we chant them till we are blue in the face and we give up because nothing really seems to change.

The reason why affirmations just done on their own do not seem to work is because most of the times we do not engage the whole brain in the process of change. Also we seem to have a lot of resistance to accepting change. Change takes place the fastest when all parts of the brain are integrated and participate in the learning process.

We have all heard and learned that the subconscious mind is very powerful and a lot bigger than the conscious mind. There is also something that is called the ‘super conscious mind.’ All these three have to be in synchronization with each other for effective learning to take place.


Brain waves- beta, alpha, theta and delta

Let me just give you a brief recap of what I learned about the conscious mind and the subconscious mind and the different types of brain waves associated with them.

Let me first talk about brain waves.

According to scientific research major brainwave activity from life in the womb until age two is Delta. We can liken this state in an adult is with a deep and dreamless sleep.

Then, from age two up until age six, the major brainwave pattern changes to Theta. This state is a highly imaginative, dreamlike state. This is the stage at which many children have imaginary friends, friends such as fairies and goblins and can describe events that you know never happened with great detail and clarity.

Finally, from the age of six to twelve a child experiences Alpha brainwaves, which is a super-learning and creative problem solving state. Adults can normally only consciously access this state in a phase of day dreaming and just when they are about to fall asleep and then only just about because an adult normally fall asleep, rather than being consciously focussed, once their mind is in an Alpha state of consciousness. Most adults cannot really hold on to this state of mind.

After the age of twelve, brainwave activity in teens and in adults becomes mostly  Beta. This state of mind is the more limited and narrowly focused state of consciousness that most of us experience on a daily basis.

The subconscious mind is more easily accessed with theta or alpha brainwaves, the super conscious mind with delta brainwaves.

Biologist Bruce Lipton says that some researchers estimate that the subconscious mind is processing about 40 million bits of information, in the same time frame that the conscious mind can process only 40.

In other words, if your are driving on the road and someone almost hit you and sped away, while your conscious mind is still dealing with the shock, your sub-conscious mind has already processed and registered the make, color, number plate of the car and details of the driver. It is that much faster and powerful.

The main reason that just parroting affirmations just does not work is because the affirmation is being practiced by the weaker conscious mind, in a Beta state of consciousness and has no impact on the beliefs, compulsions and emotions held deep in the powerful subconscious mind. The beta state of mind is also incompatible with tuning into thoughts that are encoded into memory while in Alpha, Theta or Delta brainwave state. Thus in order for the new affirmation to take root, one has to be able to access it in the slower brainwave state of alpha, theta and delta.

For example, we may consciously expect success, but if we have different subliminal expectations with regard success or failure, in health, business, prosperity, or in personal relationships, our subconscious will be working at all times to ensure those expectations come to pass. Thus, it is important that our subliminal expectations are in harmony with our life goals.

The concern is that what you consciously believe that you think and feel may be at odds with what is ingrained and what you feel in the deeper reaches of your mind.

video for whole brain posture

Brain gym

How to access alpha, theta and delta: the more relaxed states of mind

There are many methods of accessing the different brainwave frequencies. Meditation is one of them and hypnosis is another.

I recently came across something called the whole brain posture where in you simple cross your feet at the ankles, right over left and then hold your arms out in front of you, palms facing outwards, cross then at the wrist, left over right, now your palms will be facing each other and simply clasp your palms together and place them in your lap and relax. Place the tip of your tongue behind your upper front teeth. The governing and central meridians meet at the part behind the upper front teeth, but there is a little gap. The tongue helps close that gap. Breathe deeply, from your belly so to speak. You can also do this whole brain posture by crossing the left ankle over the right and then the right wrist over the left. Just test to see what is more comfortable for you. There are some more details in the video link on this page.

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The action of having your limbs cross over the central meridian does something to connect the two hemispheres of the brain. You instantly can feel your mind and body begin to relax.

Now say your affirmations while holding this posture. Be aware of all the negative or conflicting thoughts that come up, and just let them go. Simply bringing the negative belief to light is sometimes enough to just let it go. You really do not have to know where it came from.

Then when you are done, uncross the limbs and place your palms with the fingertips touching each other. Hold this posture for about ten seconds or so and then just relax. Let it all be assimilated in the mind.

As with all energy work, be gentle on yourself. Drink lots of water, even if you do not feel thirsty and keep yourself hydrated.

You can also do physical exercises called brain gym to connect and balance both the hemispheres of the brain and then do a relaxation technique.

In fact doing brain gym and holding the relaxing whole brain posture for a while will also help students study and learn more effectively and improve their grades in school.


Gabriel on February 18, 2015:

I understand that. But what if I had a niche that wasn't seeahcrd for very often? What if I had a hub that was well written and had great information but was only of interest to a small niche? I don't really care if it was only getting 10 hits a month. The combined hits were starting to make money. I honestly don't believe that the idle hubs are going to help hubpages because a truly pathetically written hub can still get traffic if it is getting lots of backlinks (which can be created). You're not doing anyone any favors in my opinion. I'd rather work with a site that will allow me to make my own decisions about what to keep.

Vibhavari (author) from India on April 17, 2012:

Hi Stormme,

I'm not sure what 2beans tried either, but it is known that when people cannot digest change it sometimes gives them indigestion.. :)

I'm happy to know you found the information you need.

Thanks for your feedback. have a nice day!

Stormme on April 17, 2012:

I'm wondering what exactly 2beans tried that made them sick? Was it the first video or the second or something else?

I'm totally fascinated by your article! It has just the right information that I needed. Thank you very much!

Vibhavari (author) from India on January 30, 2012:

Hi 2beans,

usually practicing this posture re-wires the brain. it is changing certain conditions in the physiological body. It takes some getting used to. I'd suggest that you try it for just under a minute at first, get comfortable with that, then increase to a minute then a little more, so on and so forth.

2beans on January 30, 2012:

I tried this for the first time and it made me feel incredibly sick - I really thought that I was going to vomit - does anyone know why?

I am going to try again when I am closer to a somewhere to be sick!

socio-literature from Ireland on December 16, 2011:

nice intresting article....

Vibhavari (author) from India on February 27, 2011:

Hi Kim,

Thank you for your feedback! I appreciate it.

Have a good day!

Kim on February 26, 2011:

Thank you for this clearly written article. I use the Whole Brain Posture almost the same way to great effect, loved the explanation about WHY to have tongue be at teeth on roof of mouth (that's so often bypassed). Thanks for the video from the nurse practitioner as well. I do distance group energy balancing work and I'm just so glad to see the word getting out more and more about this wonderful, free exercise for folks! I tell everyone I can about it. Thanks again for this! Great service to the public.

(The url is for my blog that's not QUITE ready to be up and running but will be soon.)

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