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Who said Mew or the Holistic Method in Learning Foreign Languages

Nikolas likes animal and plant world. He is interested how it is reflected in arts, especially in literature, and uses it in teaching

Our Culture and Life Are Impossible Without Cats

The image of the cat in human culture has a long history. In enigmatic Egypt it was playing the great role. Its sculpture of bronze with gold, silver and precious stones impresses us. Cat as a sacred animal remains in Asian countries. Moreover, in Europe artists address this image to underline the human features. No doubt, the British proverb “Dog for man, cat for woman” has a gender basis. The range is wide: from the angry creature at Goya “Dream of mind generates beasts” to Kustodiev's “Merchant's wife” with a lazy cat. In contrast, we'd like to pay your attention, foreign learners, to a little known series of paintings. It says about British artists of XVIII century where the cat is a central figure in the dynamic of their pictures.

Kitty Fisher by Nathaniel Hone, 1765



You may suppose this painting would be titled in honor of the cat which checks enthusiastically with its paw in the aquarium with goldfish. In contrast, it is not true. Here, it is a play of words and their meanings. Kitty Fisher is the name of the dame with the mocking smile on lips. This is the famous courtesan of the XVIII century. She is the protoimage of contemporary glamorous maidens. Artists and aristocrats wanted to conquer her attention. Ballads and feuilletons were dedicated to her. Her portraits were spread and socialites were studying and copying her ostentatious gowns. The movements of cat underline her unusual appearance and readiness to overpass the everyday life.

Harmony With Fowls and Owl by Jacob Bogdany

Fowls and Owl

Fowls and Owl

Disharmony with the Cat

Cat among roosters

Cat among roosters

British Painter G.S.of Chichester (1714- 1776), His Painting Cat.


The Cat Makes the Still Life More Animated

In this picture the cat animates so-called still life. Moreover, the enemy is defeated, loss is one egg! You can see that the meaning of Still Life in English is wider than the French Nature Morte, i.e. Dead Life.

Which of These Proverbs Could you Choose as the Title for Given Pictures?

They didn't forget the cat in their comments

How to Draw a Cat? The Arttherapy While Learning English

Cat and Butterfly by the Chinese Painter Xu Beihong



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Essay Waits for You

Write the Comparative Essay about Cat in British and Chinese Paintings Using the Given Words and Phrases, 100 words


Adjectives- watchful gray, creepy golden, awful yellow, unblinking, bottomless, eerie, greenish, passionate, dangerous, haughty, keen, cold, blue, narrow, enormous

Nouns with prepositions- Tail up, tail down, tail moving rapidly back and forth, tail moving slowly back and forth, ears forward, ears straight up, ears turned back, ears turned sideways or back, ears back and flat against head, dilated pupils, constricted pupils, stare, slow blinking, arched back.


Everything in home belongs to the cat; cats always think ahead; they are usually prepared for any situation; cats are strange like creatures from another planet; they like fish but fear water; cats look down their noses at us; we love them.

After writing this essay, check out your work through the correcting programs, such as:

1. Spelling - Word;

2. Grammar - Grammarly;

3. Syntax - Hemingway.

Then you may send your creative work to the suitable site for the World Cat Day, on the Eighth of August.

  • In your essay you can use all above proposed information.

For the Psychological Relax. Let's Smile!

Cat with butterfly

Cat with butterfly

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