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Who Did we Leave Behind in this World of Science?

Where have we come, who should we leave behind in this world of science and who should we go to get, we have to know some important things.


What things have we found and lost in this world of science.

The Manner in Which Science Came Close to us was Pleasing

He expanded our lives. Gave us modern medical science. With its help, our sufferings were removed, saved the lives of many human beings from untimely death. New technologies of education made the knowledge and science of the world easy for everyone. Transformed the cot made of rope into a padded bed. People walking with the power of the feet started running and flying with the power of the mind, the slow sound got louder, the distance turned closer and the whole world came in our grasp but here the world came into our grasp, while we also fell into the grasp of science. Now we do not sweat, cannot tolerate cold, do not enjoy getting wet in the rain. The strings of the seasons of nature and the natural instincts of our body are broken. Nature is still doing its job. But we are keeping distance from nature.

Knowledge was available in our country from time immemorial. We were more civilized than the majority of the world's population. When people all over the world used to live like wild life. He used to live naked and used to fill his stomach by eating tuber. Then our ancestors used to wear clothes and used to eat food grains. We invented zero. The secrets of astronomy were with our sages. The ruins of Harappa and Mohenjodaro show how unique our primitive men were in the making of architecture. The world of our science considers iron in object creation. The muslin cloth is a shining example of our advanced technology. Our craftsmen have been incomparable in the manufacture of metal weapons and woodcraft.

Modern science did not hide the discoveries, but made them public. So that the technology of science can be used for change. Whereas in our country many wise men hiding their knowledge and achievements were burnt in the pyre. Due to this stubbornness to keep our discovered method a secret, our ancient scientific achievements could not be of any use to the common man.

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Whom did we leave behind, in this world of science, know about them.

There is one more thing, in the context of your country, our pace is very slow as compared to developed countries. Because our thinking adopts any change in faith and faith. The hesitation to accept change often stops us. And this hesitation forces us to act rather than move forward. By the time we adopt some innovation, science advances further And we fall behind in the race. Our educated society does not know how to take advantage of modern technology. Advanced technology shows the way of progress to the society, but the Indian public understands its positive use less, more negative. They make such a strange mixture of old tradition and modern discovery that if they remember the original invention of that genre, then they will start regretting their invention. Communication technology is a living example of this. It has worked human concern to a worrying level, in the matter of relations, we are moving towards anent.

Science is not absolute knowledge, it is a constantly changing process. What was known yesterday is the past, what is known today will be the past tomorrow. On the surface it seems so. That man is progressing along with science, but it is not so. It is not in the power of man to walk with the fast steps of science, the distance between the two is constantly increasing. Science has become the master and man has become its the last few years, science and technology has played a leading role in transforming our society. It has had a huge impact on our way of living and thinking. Geographical distances have decreased, but it has increased the distances from now on. It started slow, but now man has come under its grip. It is playing the skin role of crushing the human values ​​of man. A helper has adopted the style of a dictator. And he is forcing man to change as he wants.

The great news is that human concern is decreasing day by day, in the context of social science, we are continuously moving in the direction of decline. Gadgets like mobiles have made our generation lonely, everyone is busy in their own right. Like nobody cares about anyone. If there is a little conversation going on somewhere, then due to some compulsion, marital relations are cracking. The respect for mutual relations is dying out, the spirit of giving in families is dying out, only the effort of taking is being made, desires are becoming unmanliest. And uncontrollable. The sealed decency of behavior is disappearing. The group anthem of 'Meri Martin' is going on. Science never wanted humans to misuse technology. Science came as a boon to mankind. But we are all hell-bent on consuming ourselves. I hope. That we will all find ways to give positive mode to the negative use of science. So that the damage done so far can be repaired. And prevent future damage. It is certain that man can be crushed, but he cannot be defeated.

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