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Whistleblowers And Insiders Reveal The Veracity of Secret Space Programs

Full Awareness of our current paradigm is being exposed in many different forms through a network of whistleblowers, to expose the truth.

Secret Space Program Space Craft

Many of the Secret Space Program crafts are capably of interstellar travel, as well as LEO (Low Earth Orbit) and even moving through Earth's atmosphere.

Many of the Secret Space Program crafts are capably of interstellar travel, as well as LEO (Low Earth Orbit) and even moving through Earth's atmosphere.

Daniel Williams is Somethgblue

For those of you that haven't figured it out or simply don't know my alias on Hub Pages is Somethgblue but in reality my name is Daniel Williams. At the time I started writing for Hub Pages, my father was still alive and I did not want my extreme views on reality to easily be connected with him, so I created an alias. He had a very well respected career in the U.S. Military as an officer and served as a civilian judge for the State of Colorado and I did not wish to subjugate him to ridicule from people based on my radical viewpoints and articles and felt that creating an alias would serve to protect him.

I chose the name Somethgblue because for 10 years I worked as an umpire for softball and baseball games and we wore blue uniforms. Most of the players and fans used the nickname Blue, usually proceeded or followed by a variety of insulting adjectives, colorful physical descriptions and unique sexual practices involving farm animals. So I have pretty much been called almost everything, hence the term Some Thing Blue, I just shortened it because the full name had already been taken.

My father is now dead and I really have no reason to continue to use the name Somethgblue, except that I now have a following of regular readers and have thought that changing back to my real name may be confusing to some. Most people have already figured it out but to clarify things I wanted to make sure my readers read the not so secret, secret, from the horses mouth, so to speak. Also I have done interviews with the Secret Space Program Insider Elena Kapulnik, of which I have posted one below, to give my readers a voice to the name.

Secret Space Program

Recent research into the veracity of Secret Space Programs (SSP) by this author has revealed that a great many whistleblowers and insiders have been sharing what they know about this topic for decades, with very little recognition by the public. Only the overwhelming popularity of the new GaiaTV Show, Cosmic Disclosure with host David Wilcock and secret space program whistleblower and insider guest Corey Goode has brought this subject into the public eye. I hope to shed some light on the other Secret Space Program Insiders, that have very similar stories to Corey, in this article Whistleblowers And Insiders Reveal The Veracity of Secret Space Programs.

In the beginning of this show, Corey Goode explained that he hoped other whistleblowers and insiders would come forward to substantiate his claims. To date I can think of 10 or 12 people that fit that description and yet not one has ever appeared on the show or been confirmed as legitimate by Corey Goode, the self proclaimed expert on the subject. To this author, not including any of these other Secret Space Program Insiders, into the narrative of his story or having them appear on the show, raises many red flags.

Other whistleblowers and insiders have been sharing with the public their knowledge of these clandestine operations, since the early 50s but only within the last two and half years since, this show has been on the air, has the term Secret Space Program, even been recognized by the public. This show, Cosmic Disclosure claims to be the leading authority on all matters pertaining to the idea that many Secret Space Programs by various nations have been in operation since the Nazi's began the first SSP, during World War II.

Despite the many books, videos and articles created and written by countless other whistleblowers, SSP insiders, authors and researchers, the Cosmic Disclosure Show still refutes many of these claims. They claim to be the only true source of information on the subject. However they do rely on the testimony and research from a select few, to build their narrative around their version of events leading to this decades long secret operation.

Despite the claims by Corey Goode, that other SSP insiders are frauds and fakes hoping to gain notoriety or make a quick buck off the popularity of the Cosmic Disclosure Show, I submit to my reader that his claims has only help to motivate these other whistleblowers and SSP insiders to set the record straight. There are many reason I think this could be true but the main ones are that the Cosmic Disclosure Show tends to only reveal the positive aspects of the Secret Space Program, refusing to delve into the many criminal and highly dubious ethical and moral implications behind how these programs became operational.

These are important ideas to consider because if these Secret Space Programs are abducting humans from Earth to work as slaves in off word factories or to serve as personnel aboard spacecraft, on space stations, off world bases, or are involved in human slave trade with other Alien species, the public has the right to know about it. While the Cosmic Disclosure Show has touched on these ideas briefly, they for the most part stay away from discussing any and all criminal activity on the show.

Flying Triangles

Should we really consider those revealing a secret aircraft whistleblowers if magazines such as Popular Mechanics publish Secret Space Program spacecraft?

Should we really consider those revealing a secret aircraft whistleblowers if magazines such as Popular Mechanics publish Secret Space Program spacecraft?

William Tompkins

William Tompkins

William Tompkins, the author of Selected By Extraterrestrials, details many secret aircraft he designed while working for private corporations from the 50s through the 70s in the United States. Given permission by Admiral Hugh Webster to publish this tell all book about secret aircraft and Aliens he gives the reader a behind the scenes look at NASA and the Apollo Program.

Working for Douglas Aircraft Company in a 'think tank' during the 60s, he had insider knowledge on many advanced aircraft designs and propulsion systems, which he shares in the book. However, he never mentions in this so-called tell all book any insider information on Secret Space Programs being operational or having any insider information on such groups as Solar Warden or the ICC (International Corporate Conglomerate).

Yet once he is brought onto the Cosmic Disclosure show he does discuss these groups in detail. Why would he leave this information out of his book but be willing to discuss them on the Cosmic Disclosure Show, has remained an unanswered mystery to this author.

Whistleblowers & Insiders

I can think of at least ten people that would be considered SSP Insiders or Whistleblowers that have been sharing with the public information about Secret Space Programs and this does not include researchers, writers and UFO experts. Below is a list of these people and a brief description of their stories.

Many well known names within UFOology circles and the New Age Movement have been bringing these stories out into the public awareness and although they are not what I would consider Secret Space Program Inisders, they are whistleblowers in their own right.

Wikipedia defines a Whistleblower as A whistleblower (also known as a whistle-blower or whistle blower) is a person who exposes any kind of information or activity that is deemed illegal, unethical, or not correct within an organization that is either private or public. The information of alleged wrongdoing can be classified in many ways: violation of company policy/rules, law, regulation, or threat to public interest/national security, as well as fraud, and corruption. Those who become whistleblowers can choose to bring information or allegations to surface either internally or externally. Internally, a whistleblower can bring his/her accusations to the attention of other people within the accused organization such as an immediate supervisor. Externally, a whistleblower can bring allegations to light by contacting a third party outside of an accused organization such as the media, government, law enforcement, or those who are concerned. Whistleblowers, however, take the risk of facing stiff reprisal and retaliation from those who are accused or alleged of wrongdoing.

In fact some of the most recent whistleblowers in the last decade have been threatened with prosecution such as Edward Snowden, whom currently is exiled in Russia, Gary McKinnon, whom fought a 10 year legal battle to avoid extradition to the USA and of course Chelsea Manning, whose 35 year prison sentence was recently commuted by President Obama. The life of a whistleblower is a very dangerous proposition and anything but glamorous and yet Corey Goode, has never been indicted, arrested or even questioned over his alleged disclosure of secret information that could compromise National Security.

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Randy Cramer Interviewed by Alfred Webre

Four Groups of Alien Allies

The four groups of Aliens on Mars that are fighting together to repel a Draco/Reptilian invasion force.

The four groups of Aliens on Mars that are fighting together to repel a Draco/Reptilian invasion force.

Randy Cramer

Randy Cramer, a.k.a. Captain Kaye, tells us he was trained as a child to be a super soldier, a term used by SSP Insiders to describe the duties of some personnel abducted at an early age to fulfill roles as assassins, pilots and/or soldiers within the various groups that comprise the Secret Space Programs. He contends that after serving for 17 years as a soldier protecting five human colonies on Mars, within a branch of the U.S. Marine Corps, called the Special Section, he was recruited and served three years with the Earth Defense Force as a pilot.

He says he was trained at the Lunar Operations Command (LOC) to pilot six different types of space craft, with a variety of propulsion systems. Three fighter type craft and three bomber type craft with propulsion system ranging from fission and fusion nuclear energy, electro-gravity systems, temporal space drives to more traditional thruster systems. He also describes large mile long cigar shaped carrier type craft, that housed the bombers and fighters.

Cramer began sharing this information as early as April of 2014 and explains that their existed a strict rule of non-communication with Earth within these units. He says that all personnel were part of strict need-to-know regiment and were even given various cover stories to explain this lack of communication with Earth. However he goes into far more detail when interviewed by GaiaTV for episode 7 of the show Inside The Program Deep Space, in which he shares with us how the Mars Defense Force (MDF) has become allied with four different Alien species to defend against a fifth Alien race that has invaded Mars.

He explains how children are recruited for these programs by using jump-gates and quantum dilation technology so they can be taken right out of their homes for weeks at a time and returned within fifteen minutes of when they left. He tells us that these secret programs use Delta Wave Emitters to put entire neighborhoods asleep, during the time they are targeting a single child. While he openly admits that children will remember some of their weeks long training, the SSP relies on them not being believed or the fanciful dreams and imagination of children. He describes how many of the children are genetically engineered before birth to have certain skills and that the embryo are then inserted directly into a mothers womb during abduction type scenarios.

It is important to remember that these Secret Space Programs have been in operation abducting humans from this planet since the early 50s and so they have decades of experience and advanced technologies to ensure they can keep their programs secret from the public. They also have programs and technology, such as Looking Glass and the Orion Cube, that allow for recruitment from within the military and private industries. These programs are very successful because of the promise of money and the allure of working for Secret Space Programs. Once you agree and go off world, there is no opting out and no where to go and because most of the training is done underground, once a private citizen agrees they have little or no recourse to get out of their 20 year contracts.

Aug Tellez & LNM Radio Network

Aug Tellez

Aug Tellez has provided his readers with real time information on a variety of subjects concerning the Secret Space Program and other topics.

Aug Tellez has provided his readers with real time information on a variety of subjects concerning the Secret Space Program and other topics.

Aug Tellez

Aug Tellez is another whistleblower that was trained within the infamous ultra-secret MiLAB programs, that would essentially abduct young promising children with special "gifts" into secret training programs for eventual work within various sections of the Secret Space Programs. Like many other Secret Space Program insiders and whistleblowers, he initially chose to reject his memories of his training as a child in the MILAB and SSP programs, when they began to surface in 2010.

He tell us in an interview with Eve Lorgen, that he essentially lived for three years in a delusional state of denial, being monitored by two beings and a handler from a group related to the Secret Space Program called Solar Warden, which he was informed, he had served with. He tells us that he eventually surrendered and accepted these memories in 2015 and this began his retrieval of his full memories, in 2016.

Aug tells us that he was inducted into the MK Ultra program for gifted children because of his ability to lucid dream, remote view and astral travel. He says that he was observed at a D.U.M.B. (Deep Underground Military Base) at the age of 9, in a state of lucid dreaming and this recognition is what lead to his indoctrination into the MILAB program. Aug Tellez now has extensive memories of his time within these programs, which is rare, as most Secret Space program Insiders have a very difficult time retrieving these memories.

Aug has produced many videos and articles about his experiences but maybe a little difficult to understand for those just awakening as he tends to discuss events and ideas using very technical terms and jargon. His experiences with timelines and other dimensions of reality has provided, even the average skeptic with an abundance of food for thought but his expertise leaves no doubt that our reality is much different than what we are being taught through mainstream science.

More information on who Aug Tellez is and his story can be found by clicking on the link to his interview with Eve Lorgen, entitled Ex Milab Operative Discloses Time Travel, Artificial Timeline Manipulations and Breakaway Group Operations. He also has his own page that can be found by following this link Aug Tellez.

Elena Kapulnik's Antarctica Update

Elena Kapulnik with Daniel Williams

Star Traveler

The images and on Elena Kapulnik's website messages of a Star Traveler certainly seems to suit the information that can be found there.

The images and on Elena Kapulnik's website messages of a Star Traveler certainly seems to suit the information that can be found there.

Elena Kapulnik

According to the AICO (Alien Contact Intelligence Organization) database, Elena Kapulnik was abducted at very early age (2) to serve in the Secret Space Program by 14 foot tall Draco Reptilians, 12 foot tall Sharab Invictus Reptilians and another 14 to 16 foot tall humanoid. These Reptilians injected her with what is called femtites or nanotechnology that caused a variety of ailments, such as suppressing the natural immune system, growth cycles and psychic abilities.

Throughout her childhood she was used as essentially a lab rat for various experimentations into psychic abilities and brain functions. This was done to enhance her own natural abilities related to creating time portals, altering timelines and enhance remote viewing abilities. This kind of training, experimentation and enhancements were made over a ten year period of time from 1987 to the late 90s, which ultimately lead to her being inserted into the Monarch Program. This program was designed to breakdown the subjects ability to feel pain, withstand brutal torture and not break under extreme stress related to time travel. It was also used as a form of mind control to implant memories, subconscious orders that could be triggered with code words, sounds or symbols too commit brutal acts of violence and fracture personalities.

Elena was very stubborn to these types of control mechanisms and could not be easily influenced by these mind control techniques or implanted memories and triggers. In 2000, she was trained in the quantum leap programs at two secret underground CERN bases, located in the United States, that had mini hadron colliders, for the purpose of participating in a 60 year and back time warp projects service within the Secret Space Program.

She was stationed on ICC Mars bases until 2014 doing security database analyst description and encryption of classified files, building neurolink technology for computer telepathic interface with ships, linguistic translations during ET confederation meetings, and overseeing the monitoring of the cybernetic labs testing of the human slaves being spliced together with the cyborg technology on the Mars bases.

She felt a need based on her experiences to come back and try to balance the energies on our planet and help awaken the population of Earth to the reality, that has been hidden from us for so long. She is currently using her enhanced remote viewing abilities to gain valuable information about secret instillations here on Earth and in the solar system and sharing this information in articles and videos on her websites.

For more information on this complex story you may visit her own website at Messages Of A Star Traveler, go to her Facebook site called awakening Cosmic Reality Show or read this article Database Information from Elena Kapulnik ACIO records on File for MILAB and SSP dealings.

Space Craft

Most UFOs spotted by the citizens of Earth are SSP space craft. The idea that these craft were of Alien design was promoted in the early 50s, as cover.

Most UFOs spotted by the citizens of Earth are SSP space craft. The idea that these craft were of Alien design was promoted in the early 50s, as cover.

Andy Pero

Silva Mind Control

This is what he has to say about the Silva Mind Control course and what he learns from it.

"Anything that we do as human beings, whether it be a sporting event, starting a business, going to college or simply deciding to venture out on your own away from home for the first time. ANY TASK YOU CHOOSE TO UNDER TAKE, OR ANY FIGHT YOU CHOOSE TO FIGHT. 90% OF WHAT IT TAKES TO ATTAIN YOUR GOAL, NO MATTER WHAT THAT GOAL MAY BE, IS ALL MENTAL. AND FROM THAT FEAR IS THE KEY TO IT ALL! IF YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR FEAR YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR MIND, AND IF YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR MIND YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR LIFE. If you can understand that everything we do as human beings is 90% mental, and 10% physical, you understand the secret to life. And you will do well, at what ever you choose to do! For myself, somehow using the Silva Mind Control methods, I had the ability to picture myself performing extraordinary feats on the playing field, and then somehow accomplishing them in reality with ease, just like it was second nature. Don't think, just do."

My thinking is that this Silva Mind Control course actually helped him to begin to remember his suppressed memories because of the techniques it uses allowed him to go within to find answers to conflicting memories and memories bleeding through his programming into his conscious mind.

Andy Pero

As I research this article, I find more an more odd characters and sources, that to the average human would seem completely unbelievable or something out of a Hollywood movie. And then their is the story of Andy Pero, a self proclaimed Super Soldier that came on the scene in the late 90s through an introduction by Preston Nichols of the Montauk Project, at a lecture of the CIREAAP group. With those unfamiliar with the Montauk Project you can read about it in my article Montauk, America's Greatest Unknown Conspiracy.

Andy's story, while not unique in the Super Soldier program, does provide the reader with some evidence that is shared in many other stories of a similar nature. What is a little frightening to this author is that so many of these Super Soldiers are dependents of military officers or enlisted men. My father was a United States Air Force Officer for over twenty years, could my interest in these kinds of stories be due to my own suppressed memories, I'm curious but almost afraid to find out. After all many of the traits these men and women exhibit, I too have experienced, such as destructive behavior, addiction, missing time and an extreme almost uncontrollable temper, bordering on psychotic, along with above average athletic skills.

Andy's father, Michael A. Pero Jr. graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1963 and was stationed in Hueneme, California at the Construction Battalion Center. The family then moves to Fallon, Nevada as his father is transferred to Fallon Naval Air Station Nevada as a LT. Commander, Andy is born on November 25, 1969 and named Michael Andrew Pero III, in 1971 his father retires from active service and begins work in the private sector, the family moves to New Jersey.

He tells us in an article entitled A Victim of the Illuminati's 'Super Race' Projects and Montauk Experiments Speaks Out, that, his memory becomes confused and the story he gets from his parents are contradictory, after his father moves the family to Munich, Germany, where the family lives from 1974 to 1976. His confusion is centered around his memories concerning two schools, one German and one Military, that he attended, yet both his parents remember things different from him and each other, odd to say the least.

After the family returns to the United States, Andy develops a stutter and can barely complete a sentence, this leads to problems in school. However the entire class is given competency exams, which were standard back then and Andy's score is the highest, bordering on genius levels. About this time his parents are having problems and decide to separate. He tells us he cannot remember when he began stuttering but that when he speaks German (which he is fluent in) he doesn't have a stutter, despite his parents telling him he didn't attend any German Schools while overseas. This is important because, the two main languages spoken in the SSP is German and English, being able to speak both fluently is a distinct advantage.

In 1981, his mother enrolls him in the Silva Mind Control course, which he excels at, so much so that he is introduced to some military men that are interested in him. He is now 10 or 11 years old and enters the sixth grade but why this is important is that the Silva Mind Control course allows him to do anything he wishes simply by thinking about it. He tries out for 8th grade soccer, baseball and basketball teams and doesn't just make the teams but becomes the best player, his mind over matter skills are off the charts.

In an interview with Eve Lorgen, entitled Interview With Andy Pero, Montuak 'Superman' Programming Victim, he shares, that his first initial memory was triggered by an advertisement in a bowling alley about Rhino bowling balls. His Mind Control handlers had nick-named him the Rhino because of his amazing off the charts strength. The reaction his college roommate had to him verbally expressing his nick name as these memories came flooding back, made Andy intuitively suspicious that this man, was in reality his handler. He soon learned that his roommate was actually part of a team to keep him from recovering any bleed through memories and would periodically put him into a trance through suggestive commands and trigger words, to reinforce his programming.

He talks about how the disassociation conditioning works to breakdown the conscious mind and separate it into compartments, it works best on young children. They are then reprogrammed for a variety of skill sets such as assassination teams, remote viewing, psychic warfare, telepathy, time travel and even super-human strength. He says they can then program these sections of the mind to carry out a variety of criminal tasks and then erase any memories of the event. They use other operatives as handlers that they insert into your life as friends, workmates and even lovers, to monitor and manipulate memories and erase any connections that may bleed through.

Many SSP and Super Soldiers, may have as many as 25 to 100 different personalities or alters, buried in their subconscious minds. Trying to recover that many different personalities back into one cohesive consciousness, can be a daunting task.

Andy tells us that once this initial memory came through it was like opening the floodgates and his recall came tumbling out. His handlers tried their best to stop the flood but he began to make notes and hide them from his handlers as they would often reprogram him. This reminds me of the movie Memento (2000), starring Guy Pearce.

His journey to unlock the truth eventually lead him to come forward in the late 90s and expose what he knew in a series of interviews. This lead to incarceration on a various trumped up charges and now almost twenty years later he has been almost completely removed from the picture.

Aurora Craft

Many Secret Space Program space craft exist today and are mistakenly identified as UFOs, on purpose, to keep the public in the dark.

Many Secret Space Program space craft exist today and are mistakenly identified as UFOs, on purpose, to keep the public in the dark.

Mark Richards Interview by Project Camelot

Battle of Dulce

Captain Mark Richards was essentially chosen to command this historic raid because of his experience as a test pilot and his integrity. The son of the legendary Air Force Intelligence Officer, the "Dutchman" Ellis Loyd Richards, Jr., who was present at the historic but censored meeting of Aliens and humans at Holloman Air Force Base in 1964, would lead this attack because he was the only man that could fly the recently created prototype X-22 attack craft that could infiltrate the defense perimeter undetected.

According to an article based on an interview of Mark Richards in November of 2013 called 1979 Battle at Dulce NM To Free Sex Slaves by Alfred Webre, upon being briefed by the Intelligence Agencies involved in Alien contact, then President Carter, was so outraged by the abductions of thousands of young women by the MIC and their Alien allies, that he formed a new ultra-top secret group within the NSA, called Department Z, to combat the Alien threat within the borders of the United States.

This new department, part of the NSA ultra-top secret internal Department X, create to gather intelligence on the Alien threat to humanity (what the popular X-Files TV Show, was based on) was created specifically to attack and free the thousands of sex slaves that had been abducted since 1953, when then President Eisenhower entered into a Treaty with Aliens, that would allow them to abduct humans for a hybrid breeding program to save their race from extinction, (at least that was the excuse given, at the time) in exchange for sophisticated technology.

To be fair, when the Treaty was signed, the United States did not have the technological sophistication to stop the Aliens from doing anything they wanted, in fact Eisenhower wanted to nuke the Dulce base as soon as he had realized what was going on there but was persuaded not too. Part of the persuasion was that the base had been established thousands of years ago and wouldn't really stop the Aliens, as it was only a small part of a huge global network of DUMBs, and would really only be akin to putting a Band-Aid on a massive wound.

Department Z, had one major advantage working for them, surprise. The Aliens had been established for so long with little or no opposition on Earth, only internal conflict between the numerous Alien groups involved in their nefarious experiments, that they simple could not conceive that humanity would have the technology or audacity to attack them, let alone infiltrate their sophisticated holographic defense system and penetrate the base itself.

To make a long story, much shorter, the attack was carried out but what was found was so horrible, that the forces involved were not even remotely prepared to rescue more than a few thousand women. Under constant attack the Navy Seals and Delta Force raiders were forced to rescue as many as possible but in the end, were ordered to destroy the base and as many Aliens in it as they could. Well more than thirty thousand humans were being held in cages, in various stages of mutilation and despicable conditions, the only humane thing to do was to put them out of their misery and so the order came down to do exactly that. This was carried out with the Aliens own technology which essentially vaporized all living matter.

The main problem centered around the realization that this base was just a small hub in a huge underground operation of bases and network and that thousands of Alien forces were pouring in to defend the small attack force, causing them to retreat under huge overwhelming forces. The condition of the humans in this massive underground base were so deplorable and disgusting that, death was considered the best option over continued enslavement, experimental sexual abuse, perversion and mutilation. Needless to say, if the public were to realize how our own fellow humans had conspired against them for decades it could very well create a conflict that would undermine the benevolent factions within our Government to bring about change.

Attack Craft


Mark Richards

Mark Richards, whom is currently imprisoned in the United States for murder, was an officer within the Secret Space Programs and even commanded a star ship. What perhaps he is most well known for within the New Age Community, is his role in the battle of Dulce. While this mythological "Event" has been kept a dark secret from the public, there is a large amount of circumstantial evidence, that during the Carter Administration a battle took place beneath the town of Dulce, New Mexico between human and Alien Allies and a variety of Alien forces, predominately the Grey's.

The NSA and Military Industrial Complex (MIC) had learned, that a multi-level Alien DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base) was being used for a sexual pleasure center (whorehouse) and experimentation lab, that had abducted and imprisoned more 30,000 American women for nefarious purposes. Factions within the Intelligence community that disagreed with these practices covertly planned and carried out a raid to free these women and destroy as much of the facility as possible, even though it had been learned that it was interconnected to numerous sites all over the USA and the World.

This raid was so Top Secret, that only a very few people with in the MIC and NSA knew of it or were involved in the planning because all factions of our Government were known to have been infiltrated by Aliens and Secret Society groups allied with those Aliens running this facility. The officer in charge of this historic raid, still kept secret from the public, to this day, was none other than Captain Mark Richards.

Little is known about the life of Captain Mark Richards outside his military record as he has been imprisoned for over 30 years for a murder that was committed while he wasn't even on the planet. According to him this was done to keep his involvement in this battle and his extensive knowledge of the Secret Space Program a secret by Reptilian Aliens, that really run the SSP and their many different groups. Although interviews have been allowed to be conducted recently, the thinking is by the ruling elite, is that the general public will never believe anyone that has been imprisoned for over 30 years.

I think these interviews of Captain Mark Richards are now being allowed to happen because of a shift in power within the Secret Space Programs and our own Government to allow humanity to become aware of the atrocities that have been committed for decades. My feeling is a very real power struggle is happening behind the scenes and in secret that is allowing this information to come forward, slowly but surely. It is up to those of us awake to share what we know in our hearts to be true, with others that are either sitting on the fence or unsure of how to proceed with their own awakening.