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Where did Popcorn come from?


Popcorn, Everyone's Favorite Snack.

Where did it come from and how did it make it to our snack bowl?
Did you know that popcorn has been dated back over 5,000 years? It's true.

Even though popcorn has been traced back to India, China and Sumatra. Popcorn was found to originally be from Mexico centuries before European Settlers showed up on the North American shores.

In 1948, Ears of popcorn ranging from 1/2 inch to 2 inches long were found in the Bat Cave in Mexico. These ears of popcorn are dated to be over 5,600 years old. These ears are the oldest known Popcorn ears to be recorded.

Popcorn for Exercise

 It has been written that in the early years of popcorn, the kernels were placed on the hot rocks that surrounded the fires. Once they popped, they would fly in many directions. This simply became a game to the children. The object of the game was to try to catch the popped corn before it hit the ground. Talk about the imagination! LOL. 

Side note: Can you just imagine if we did that today with our kids? Tell them before we watch a movie we have to go out side to "gather" our popcorn. LOL

Popcorn Popper

1492 The Ocean Blue, Can we have Popcorn too?

 Christopher Columbus wrote in his diary that the young Indian girls would pop their popcorn and then decorate ceremonial headdresses and also make popcorn corsages. Popcorn was also one of the main items that were bartered between the European Visitors and the Indians.

The Love of Popcorn

 Popcorn has not only been just a snack. It is also responsible for certain cereals. Settlers loved popcorn so much they would eat it every morning with sugar and cream for breakfast. This became the start of puffed breakfast cereal.

As of last year, Over one billion pounds of popcorn kernels are consumed yearly by just Americans. Can you imagine how many pounds are consumed world wide?


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