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When You're Being Interviewed, Speak Like a Brand.

Prathamesh is a Professional Career Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Platform Skills Trainer who has trained over 2.5k students till date.

What is an Interview ?

A simple conversation with you to obtain your views into the company's growth and vision. Just to make sure you're climbing the correct ladder.


How do I showcase myself as a brand ?

  • By emphasizing my assets.
  • By demonstrating a desire to learn new things and master them.
  • By demonstrating my ability to multitask and my multitalented attitude.
  • By adopting a distinct work-centric mindset.
  • By emphasizing my abilities as a team player and a group leader.
  • By displaying a humble, wise, and thoughtful demeanor.
  • By demonstrating how I turn failure into success.
  • My ability to strive toward a specific goal.
  • My diverse skills in your company's many verticals.
  • By aligning my abilities and talents with the job role and the company's vision.

In a personal interview, how do you show off your personal brand?

Be SMART while interacting !


Speak about your unique abilities and characteristics that can help you expand your horizons at work in terms of productivity. Demonstrate why my special abilities will be a profitable enterprise for the firm.


Demonstrate the quality of your work by using quantitative analysis to back it up. Because of his incredible numbers (Stats), Sachin Tendulkar will always be remembered as a terrific batsman. Talk about your quantifiable accomplishments.


Make promises that you can keep. Don't accept everything that comes your way. Learn how to say "specific yes" in a professional setting. Attain the modest victories that will culminate in a major victory.


Speak plainly and to the point. If you're relevant, the conversation appears to be of high quality. Keep in mind that relevant data creates a trustworthy environment.


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Speak to the clock. Spending additional time on things that will not add to your hiring credits, is a waste of time. Tell them more about your company's value to them than on your personal experiences.


George Bernard Shaw

"Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." - George Bernard Shaw

Myths of an Interview

Myth: Your Resume is your face.

It isn't the case. It's just a piece of information about you. Your ability to interact and your actual body language convey you as a person there.

Myth: There are right and wrong answers

In fact, there are points of view that are aligned with the recruiting company's mission.

Myth: He is highly Qualified. He has better chances to get selected.

It's a feather, not a gate pass, that qualifies you. The parameters to be judged include your personality, quality thinking, vision, skills, ability, and so on. Qualification is frequently used as a criterion for a candidate's eligibility.

Myth: Do not tell about your weakness

There isn't a single person who is without flaws. Those who work hard to turn their weaknesses into strengths will be rewarded.



Please Vote SMARTly..!!

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