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When Handwriting Expresses Personality

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Suppose you write a letter to someone. And the recipient understands your personality by reading your letter. What surprised you? How did he understand? Do you think he is from Sherlock Holmes group? Nah.. it doesn't have to be Sherlock Holmes. It is possible only with some education. Because research has shown that a person's personality can be understood to a large extent through handwriting.

This field of study of handwriting is known as graphology or graphoanalysis. It is possible to understand the writer's personality and the writer's mental state at the time of writing with the handwriting of a person. Although the practice of graphology began around 1622, it became a subject of great interest to many people in the nineteenth century. Because at this time psychology began to be taken professionally. And according to psychology, there is a psychological aspect associated with human handwriting. According to renowned graphologist Kath McKnight – by analyzing human handwriting, a graphologist can infer more than five thousand different personality traits.

Americans generally celebrate January 23 as National Handwriting Day. In 1977, the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association designated John Hancock's birthday as Handwriting Day. John Hancock was the first signer of the American Declaration of Independence.

Let's know about some techniques of graphologists in determining human personality.

Format of writing

How is your handwriting? Large in size? Or smaller? According to America's National Pen Company, people with small handwriting are generally shy, discreet. They are always attentive and alert. They always want to keep their affairs private and perfect in their work. They are thrifty and frugal.

Text size

Text size

And those who have large letters in terms of size, they usually prefer to develop friendly relations with people. They like to travel in groups. Trying to become attractive to people. And by nature they are not stingy at all.

And those with moderate writing, are generally flexible in behavior. They can easily adapt to any environment.

Distance between two letters

If the letters of the writing words are attached to each other, then it can be assumed that the person is logical and disciplined. He takes his various decisions very carefully.

And if the letters are different, then it must be assumed that the person is intelligent. He usually prefers his own decision in any matter.

Distance between two words

Those whose writing has more space between two words are usually a bit free-spirited. They don't like crowds.

Distance between two words

Distance between two words

And those who write that the distance is less, they like to be with friends, that is, they like crowds. But they are not very aware about time management. They rush and try to do too many things at once.

Distance between two lines

Those who maintain regular spacing between lines are always aware of their limits in any field. They care just how far he should go or do.

Distance between two lines

Distance between two lines

Those with shorter lines are generally less aware of time.

Italics of writing

If the writing is tilted to the right, the person is friendly, sensitive and emotional. He gives priority to heart in any matter. He values ​​family and friends first in everything.

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The writing leaning to the left means that the person is introverted or self-centered. He likes to keep his affairs to himself.

Italics of writing

Italics of writing

And if the writings are not tilted in any direction i.e. are straight, then it should be understood that the person is rational. Does not indulge emotions. He is very active and determined.

Type of Writing

If the writing style is fine or pointed, then the person must be elegant, ambitious. Very interested in any new subject. They are their own harshest critics in most matters. They are very firm about themselves but patient about others.

People with rounded handwriting are usually creative and artistic. They avoid any kind of trouble as possible. However, they also appreciate human qualities.

Pen pressure

People who put a lot of pressure on writing while writing are people who keep talking. They take any matter seriously.

People who give more pressure, they are often nervous. They react very quickly to any criticism.

Those who write with light pressure, are sensitive and empathetic to others. But they are not too lively as people.


Slow and Fast

People who write quickly are impatient. They don't like time wasters just as they don't like time wasters.

Those who write a little slower, are usually a little organized and organized. They like to be independent.

Dot for lowercase ‘i’

Those who dot the English lowercase i just above, are organized and compassionate.

Those whose dot moves slightly to the left are imaginative.

And if the right is dotted, then they are imaginative and childish.

People with a high dot of i's tend to be very ambitious. They like to think out of the ordinary.

Dot for lowercase 'i'

Dot for lowercase 'i'

And if the dot is to the right of the slash (/). If they do, then it must be assumed that they are less patient. They are not interested in learning from mistakes caused by their lack of knowledge.

Also, if the capital I is unusually large than the other letters, it means that the person is arrogant and gives priority to his own opinion.

Cross of lowercase t

English lowercase t's cross, those who give the top, are basically ambitious and optimistic about everything. Their self-esteem is a little higher than others.

Those who give a cross of t in the middle, are comfortable being within themselves. Although they are confident as people.

Cross of lowercase t

Cross of lowercase t

Those with a slightly longer T cross are very determined, energetic and stubborn in nature.

Those who give short T crosses are generally lazy and do not show much determination.

Loop of lowercase l

If the loop of the English lowercase l is a little wider while writing, then it should be understood that the person is always relaxed and spontaneous. They are also somewhat generous.

If the loop is small or narrow, they are suspect. They generally avoid any work that requires worry.


Hook of lowercase y

Most people with English lowercase y hooks are wanderlust. Those who have a short hook in their writing are homely people.

If the hook of y is narrow, it means that the person is biased. And if it is wide, it can be assumed that the number of friends of the person is very high.

Hook of lowercase y

Hook of lowercase y

Clarity of signature

Those whose signatures are ambiguous usually maintain privacy. They like to keep their personal affairs hidden from the public eye. Does not express itself much. They trust people very carefully.

People with clear signatures are usually very confident. They love to express themselves among everyone.

According to many graphologists today, handwriting can also reveal the symptoms of certain diseases.

Also, when people write a lie, their writing is different from normal writing.

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